Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Oh! WOW!

Now I understand!

Don't you?


Anonymous said...

Culturalism is bacterial whereas racism is viral.
They both make you sick, but the OTC Pharmaceutical industry profits more from the viral afflictions.

Ducky's here said...

I may have wondered Joe but Marion Barry has never been my guide.

sue hanes said...

Well yeah! Joe - I 'm glad that we got that cleared up.

Now I get it.

Don't we all.

Thanks - Joe.

Mark said...

Asian restaurants are stereotypically unclean. I understand what Barry is saying, and, I know from experience in the pest control business, there is some truth to it, like it or not. But it's not always true, and fortunately, due to the awareness of health concerns over the last couple of decades, the percentage of Asian restaurants that fail health inspections has dramatically decreased.

However, that said, Marion Barry is still a scumbag. He is proof positive that many black voters vote on the basis of color and not character.

IMHO said...

Mark said...

Asian restaurants are stereotypically unclean.

That is the most stupid thing I ever heard of.
Maybe where you come from they are but in New York they are not.

Mark said...

B.S. Everything in New York is dirty.

I repeat. I was in the pest control business and the Chinese Restaurants we worked were the dirtiest restaurants on our route.

But, as I also said, they have improved tremendously over the last couple of decades.

But all such generalizations are false, and Marion Barry is a scumbag.

Xavier Onassis said...

Oh please! Marion Barry has no power, no influence and his opinions mean nothing to anyone.

Great "Get" ReasonTV! Now go interview Barry Gibb on how colorectal cancer comas influence the rankings on pop music charts.

Joe said...

XO: He is a well known, stereotypical, black racist.