Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Some questions for you (with assist, in casy you don't know the answers).

1. Did David Axlelrod really say, "Don't let a crisis go to waste?" Answer: No, that was Rahm Emanuel. The exact quote in context is: "“You don’t ever want a crisis to go to waste; it’s an opportunity to do important things that you would otherwise avoid.”

Nevertheless, as a principle, has not the administration lived and ruled by the axiom "Don't let a crisis go to waste?"  Answer: Yes.

2. Did Tim Geitner really not pay his taxes on time? Answer: Yes, he did NOT pay his taxes on time and got caught. Cost him nothing, though.

Did the CBO really conclude that the economy, if kept on this track, will cease to function by 2027? Answer: Yes.

3. Did Nancy Pelosi really respond to a question about the Constitutionality of making American buy something they do not want by saying, "You can't be serious?" Answer: Yes.

Did she REALLY say, "We have to pass the bill so we can find out what's in it?" Answer: Yes.

4. Has the Senate passed a budget in the past three years? Answer: No.

Is passing a budget one of the basic functions of the Senate? Answer: Yes.

5. Did Eric Holder say, "We must brainwash Americans against our right to self defense?" Answer: Yes.

Did he put guns in the hands of Mexican Drug Cartel? Answer: Yes.

6. Did President BO (the child president)'s mother die because she couldn't afford health insurance, as he said? Answer: No. She actually HAD health insurance.

7. As editor of the Harvard Law Review, how many law reviews had he written or did he write? Answer: None.

Then how did he get to be the "Editor" of the Harvard Law Review? Indeed.

8. As a man from a "poor" family, how did President BO (the child president)afford to go to Harvard? Answer: Good question.

9. Did President BO (the child president) have ties to Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko (convicted on several counts of fraud and bribery in 2008), Rev. Jeremiah Wright and other anti-Americanites? Answer: Yes

10. Can American citizens be detained without trial or even charges? Answer: Yes, after the signing of the National Defense Authorization Act.

11. Did he really offer to lay down America's missile shield? Answer: Yes.

12. Is this REALLY what you want from the "leader" of the free world and his administration? Answer: That's what you have to decide.

Choose well, my fellow Americans. Choose well.


The Debonair Dudes World said...

Simply put, NO! I had more than enough of this Bozo already.

Joe said...

TDDW: You Got that right!

RussVet said...

Obamacare is discourage hiring.

Inflation as well as gas & food prices are all but wiping out more discretionary consumer spending.

Businesses and investors don't like Obama orthe Democrat Party rule by "executive order" policies.

The fake debt stimulus borrowing or executive EPA.

It seems like Obama's Politics will now be ruling the Supreme Court

If Obama is returned to office, this will be a major blow to the economy. The bad policies from the administration and the Federal Reserve have been holding back the economic recovery.

He promised transparency in the negotiations among other tings for the Healthcare bills, and that they would be on C-Span, and that NEVER happened.

With almost no facts, he called the Cambridge police “stupid” for arresting a belligerent supporter of his, but said we shouldn’t “jump to conclusions” when a Muslim murdered 14 Americans while shouting “Allah Akbar.” He called the al Qaeda Christmas Crotch-Bomber an “Isolated Incident.” And is doing the something with the George Zimmerman case.

The fact is most people voted for him because he’s black! Lets not forget that he went to Rev. Wright’s church for 20 years without every discovering that Wright was anti-American and a racist.

sue hanes said...

Joe - If President Obama is as bad as all of that - that you maintain he is - then certainly he should not be elected for a second term.

But what worries me - is - if he is not reelected - who will be?

And if Mitt Romney should be elected President - what will happen to our country?

That bothers me - a lot.

Mitt Romney in charge of our country?

That not only bothers me - but I'll go so far as to say that it worries me.

Mark said...

Off topic, Joe. I'm back and blogging again.

I kind of agree with Sue. Mitt Romney? Still better than Obama, of course, but Herman Cain would have been my choice.

Joe said...

sue hanes:"Mitt Romney in charge of our country?"

See, that's the issue. The president is not SUPPOSED to be in charge of our country. President BO (the child president) thinks he is (as do most Democrats).

Our country is led by three separate and EQUAL entities, the Legislative Branch, the Judicial Branch and the Executive Branch (presidency).

None is supposed to be more powerful than the others.

Mark: Glad to hear you're back! ABO!

Anonymous said...

".....As a man from a "poor" family, how did President BO (the child president)afford to go to Harvard? Answer: Good question......"

Answer: (for me at least):
Though it wasn't Harvard.

Joe said...

ALTC: "Scholarship!"

Well and good. Is that something you are proud of? Most people would be. But President BO (the child president) does not want us to know.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

My answer to the question is, not "no" but "HELL NO!"

Anonymous said...

Maybe the President thinks it is none of your cotton-pickin' business! And for 'your' I mean the American public.
I am quite proud of my scholarship - I worked very hard to earn it. And I did not have to perform certain 'favours' like many do in order to 'earn' scholarships in my adopted Third World country.

You Yankees just don't know how good y'all have it!

Ducky's here said...

Chatfield, now that L'il Ricky is out of the race we can wait and see if Romney picks some fringe right moron who queers the election with one moronic statement about contraception.

My guess is he picks the cracker governor of Virginia and that will seal it.

Doesn't really matter. Little difference between Mittens and Obama.

Anonymous said...

Ducky's here said...”Doesn't really matter. Little difference between Mittens and Obama.”

Pretty stupid thing to say Dwucky..
This guy Dwucky ranks right up there with rest of the stupid, and nutty progressive bunch

Lisa said...

ALC You worked very hard for your scholarship. nuf said.
Actually it is our cotton picking business that's what our system of government about. It's supposed to be about transparency that is what Obama ran on."I will have the most transparent administration" Either he is purposely withholding certain info to keep us distracted and if so that just proves who he really is and if he is keeping it from us because he doesn't want us to know then that too shows who he really is.

So to answer your questing Joe"A Big Fat No" How is it a 2 term governor and successful businessman not be qualified but a street agitator speech reading pot stirrer is? Go figure if this what our country has been reduced to.

One Term Obama said...

sue hanes said...
"Joe - And if Mitt Romney should be elected President - what will happen to our country?"

Let's see, let me flip a coin.
Mitt Romney= wins, we get a Republican president who will restore America to the powerful nation that it was prior to the Clown who is on office today. Who will cut government waste and spending. Who will firm on his stance towards Iran. Who will oppose the DREAM Act. And have a immigration plan that makes sense. Who will will secure our borders. Who believes that the number one job of the Government is to keep its citizens safe from terrorism. Who will support Israel.

Obama= Wins, We get a Socialist Country.
More Unemployment.
More dept.
More homes foreclosed.
More racial tension and a divided nation.
Our country cannot afford four more years of President Obama.

Fredd said...


Asking this question to a bunch of numbnutted liberals is much akin to asking the Wolfman if he would like to rip your throat out.

I think their answer would be a unanimous 'yessiree Bob.'

Ducky's here said...

Two term governor? Are you referring to Governor Olympics, Lisa?

He was out of the state most of his second term. Tommy Finneran was running the state as Speaker until he got indicted.

The guy's pretty much a stiff.

Lisa said...

yeah unlike Obama Ducky who has been spending his entire presidency golfing,vacationing ,campaigning speaking at colleges and throwing extravagant parties in the people's White House at the People's expense..