Thursday, June 9, 2011


While watching the NBC Today Show, I saw a segment on Anthony Weiner in which some supposed "expert" was commenting on the latest developments in the picture/Twitter scandal.

Various Democrats were paraded across the screen decrying the antics of the tail-weary congressman.

Then some genius in the news department decided they should get the opinion of a real expert on the subject of sex scandals.

So they sought the opinion of... are you ready for this?...they sought the opinion of won't believe this...they sought the opinion of William Jefferson Clinton!


Bill Clinton.

You remember him.

He used to be president or something.

You read correctly.

They sought the opinion of Bill Clinton!

Bill Clinton!

Can you say, "Monica Lewinski?"

Bill "I did not have sex with that woman" Clinton!

There are lots of people on this earth that I would not have cared what they thought about a sex scandal.

Bill Clinton is at the absolute peniscle (oops...I meant pinnacle) of that list.

Frankly, asking Bill Clinton about a sex scandal sucks.

To be more accurate, Monica Lewinski su...well, never mind.

Do you know what BJ Clinton said?

He said, "I am disappointed in Anthony Weiner."



President Clinton, the Former, set the standard for sleaze in government.

I mean under the desk in the Oral Orifice! (Ooops! Make that Oval Office. I seem to have some sort of digital lysdexia today).

I could be wrong, but I don't think Twitter, FaceBook and other unsociable media were around in the BC/ML days, else we would have been treated to a show we didn't want to see.

Aye, aye, aye, aye aye!

Who are these perverts, anyway?

And here you thought "evolution" was in place to improve nature.

It is, after all, a sad, sad tail (Oooops! Make that tale).


Mustang said...

Joe, I think you misquoted President Clinton. What he actually said was, “I’m disappointed in Anthony’s wiener.” I believe he was referring to Anthony’s failure to “close the deal.”

Of course, I understand why you would title this post, "A Tale of Two Weeners," but doesn't that really depend on what the definition of the word is, is?

Joe said...

Mustang: Is the definition of the word is what I think it is or is there some other definition of is? Is you sure?

Anonymous said...

I don’t see what damage there is to the party. It’s really nobody’s business what ANY politician does in their sex life unless it’s illegal or they’re being a huge hypocrite. He didn’t do anything wrong, and I’m not saying that as a supporter of Weiner because I’d never heard of him before today. The media is making it worse than it actually is, which is getting people all riled up over—what? A few pictures that are actually fairly tame. Like I said, it's no big deal.

Anonymous said...

The Republi-cons have zero credibility zero none nada credibility. The only way he should step down is if a he committed a crime.

Hey wait didnt David Vitter commit a crime? he had to pay prostitutes to get laid I thing thats a misdemeanor. Or is it a felony??

How did the Republi-con senators give him a standing ovation when he came back to the senate?

What Anthony did is between him and his wife. What he does behind closed doors is up to him

Joe said...

Anons (both of you): "Like I said, it's no big deal."

Actually, it is.

I wouldn't expect you to have the intelligence to understand, but I'll explain it anyway.

If there is an area of a person's life (like yours, for instance) that I can't trust, then he'll have to provide me with a list of what I CAN trust him on.

If Weiner can't control his personal life, what evidence does he present to convince us he can handle some other part of his life...say his business life, or his political life.

It's about trust.

I don't trust a man who hides things and lies about things...any things (no mater the Party...I'm an equal opportunity disdainer).

That's why I don't trust you.

A person is either worthy of trust or he/she is not.

You and Weiner are poured from the same mold. Neither of you can be trusted.

Leticia said...

Quite frankly, the Wiener man needs to resign

So, Clinton is now the expert on extra marital affairs and sexual perversion...well if the hot dog fits in the bun, then yes.

Okay, so I am not great at colloquialisms, but I tried.

Lone Ranger said...

All I can say is it's about TIME the democrats and the lamestream media turned to someone with experience for advice.

ablur said...

What so many have failed to recognize, and you pointed out, is political offices are based on trust between a person and their constituants. This is not a shallow trust that can be turned on with switch or recognized by wearing an appropriate hat. We are talking life altering trust given to a person to carry your opinion and vote to an issue. We, as the constituants, need to feel the person clearly understands our point of view and would act representing us and our views in all matters for the season in time so selected to serve in that capacity.
Is this man, given our current information, up to that level of service or is he somehow different then what we had believed when placing him in office?

Z said...

He is disappointed in WEINER!?
That he can say that without conscience shows a LOT about CLinton! My GOSH!

sue said...
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Joe said...

Leticia: Agreed!

LR: No one has any more than BJC.

ablur: Trust...that's the key.

Z: It brings up the question of whether in the liberal mind character matters at all.

sue: What were you doing up so late?

tapline said...

Joe, I think most of the Mess Media have missed the most serious point about this whole situation. National Security!!! If a politician tried so hard to deny what was already in plain sight,,,What would one do if it was uncovered by a foreign agent who wanted information on subjects discussed on national security issues?????? just asking...Beck is the only person I have heard on this subject. So, to me one can make light of this whole situation, but there are other things to consider......stay well....

tha malcontent said...

I really hope that the Weiner doesn’t resign. We need a pervert like Weiner as a poster boy, for Obama’s re-election campaign. Maybe it’s not enough that we have unemployment at 9.10 percent and a tanking economy and a shrinking dollar, and a housing market that can’t find the way up. Obama running the nation along with the economy into the toilet. , Obama's approval rating at 47% and falling like a rock. There are lessons to be learned here and just in case that’s not enough, we’ll have the poster boy for perverts in the House.

WomanHonorThyself said...

can they out do each other in how low they stoop!

Ducky's here said...

This is all basic. Politicians have always looked for ways to behave badly and Tiny Tony just came long when the technology to have shots of his junk go viral on Youtube or Facebook became available.

Nothing but the march of progress.

sue said...
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sue said...

Joe - Not that late. I live in an earlier time zone.

Joe said...

sue: I wish I lived in an earlier time zone. It gets late so early here. Sometimes I look at the clock and say, "Wow! look how late it is so early!"

It's hard to imagine a place where 8:00 pm gets there at 5:00 in the afternoon.

Lisa said...

I find it ironic that the the guy who acts like the biggest hot dog is named Weiner.
And besides he acts like he is so morally superior dragging Gold Line in front of congress just to go after Glenn Beck and spouting off with his obnoxious tone all the time. Did I mention "Hot Dog"?