Monday, June 20, 2011


The following is from one of my heroes:

Did you know that music is forbidden by islam?
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - June 18, AD 2011 7:27 PM MST
Yes, that's right. According to the koran and hadiths, music - ALL MUSIC - is "haraam", which means forbidden.

Musloid citation HERE.

So, a world completely dominated by islam and under Sharia, which is their oft-repeated goal, would be SILENT except for the raging raving of men, the braying of the imams, and the muffled whispers of the females and children. No music. No sound. No joy. Just hopeless, despairing silence.

No more people coming together after a lifetime of instruction and practice to make harmonious beauty that touches the soul and lifts the spirit. No more of this, ever. EVER. EVER. EVER.

No, all of those people would be executed for doing that, as would all of the people there listening and enjoying it. As would you for enjoying its reproduction. Stop and really think about that. Imagine the flautist guy, or the harpist or the first violin guy being drug from their chair right there on the stage, forced to their knees by muslim "morality police" and executed with an AK shot to the head, or a knife across the throat, right there. Look at those people and then imagine them laying face-down on the stage bleeding out through their jugular. BECAUSE THEY PLAYED BEAUTIFUL MUSIC. That is what islam is. That is what islam commands. That is what is coming if we don't stand and fight.

The only modulated sound would be this vexatious, demonic, grating, shrieking filth . . . FIVE TIMES PER DAY.

Anyone who would call that hellish noise "the prettiest sound on earth" must be demonically possessed. You hear me, Barack?


Lisa said...

the real in is a religion and/or a culture that treats people particularly women the way that they do.
Thanks for the reminder Joe. We can never let this become "any" part of our culture.
It's a cruel culture and instead of kissing up to it we need leaders who aren't afraid to address it's evil.

sue said...

Joe - I cannot imagine a world in which I couldn't listen to the music of the Master Composers, and even Billy Joel or Michael Jackson (but of course never Bob Dylan.)

But I have to say that there is some music here in our American society that is not far from the description you give in your post
- shreiking and demonic!

sue said...

Joe - Although I thought the theological discussion was important, it definitely was offtopic.

I'll try to watch that in the future.

Leticia said...

Ach! My poor ears. It's madness I tell you! Madness!

I guess if I was listening to Demon Hunter, I would lose my head?

Joe said...

Lisa: It is already on its way to becoming a part of our to speak.

sue: I never liked Michael Jackson and never heard a whole song by Bob Dylan (that I know of). Billy Joel I like along with great artists in various musical art forms.

But that screeching from the Islamic tower is just piercing.

Leticia: You would lose your head if you didn't start hiding your face.

Ducky's here said...

Hmmm, let's take a look at my iPod genres ...

Consuelo Ruiz
Farida Marqam Ensemble
Munir Bashir
Musicians of the Nile
Oom Khartoum
Radio Tarifa
Souad Massi

... that's a sample

Also quite a bit of Pakistani Qwalli, Turkish classical, a separate section for Moroccan.

Indonesia is a Muslim county but I have a lot of gamelan.

Ever hear of Oom Khartoum, Joe (of course you haven't) she was so popular that Sadat made the mistake of scheduling a speech opposite her concert. Nobody heard him. She was probably the most popular singer in the world, magnificently expressive.

I try Munir Bashir, the Iraqi string player. Very "classical" feel to his playing. I suspect you'd enjoy him.

Once again, Joe, you aren't even wrong.

WomanHonorThyself said...

yet they have palestinian rappers shrieking hate..good grief!

Ducky's here said...

... Joe, pick up a copy of Bahan Ghobadi's "No One Knows About Persian Cats".

It's about the rock scene in Tehran.

Joe said...

Ducky: Murder is forbidden in the U.S., but that does not mean it does not happen...does it?

"According to the koran and hadiths, music - ALL MUSIC - is "haraam", which means forbidden."

Is that a true statement, or isn't it?

I listened to some of your selections. They all sound like the shrieking of the tower guy.

When I pulled up the translations, I found that they were all political in nature or undertones.

Sort of like Elvis' "Blue Suede Shooes," right?

Much of the music of the west has those tones. Would that be a fair statement?

Music like Beethoven's Fifth Symphony; Handel's "Messiah" and so on.

Ducky's here said...

The fact that you don't enjoy Middle Eastern vocal music is not relevant Joe.

The singers are quite popular and record extensively and have extensive touring schedules.

Now, the ditz you quote states that they would be shot or would have their throats cut in Muslim countries. Absolutely asinine. If you knew extreme Arab Muslim doctrine you'd know they would have hot lead poured in their ear. But you know nothing.

Just as you don't allow yourself to be governed by Leviticus (except when you want to discriminate against gays, of course) the Muslim world is not governed by the most extreme interpretation of the hadiths.

None of the artists I cited sound anything like the adhan. In fact Consuelo Ruiz is a Cuban Jew who sings a variety of Middle Eastern styles. None political.

As for your point about political content in the music, I don't know what you are saying. Is Tanburi Cemil Bey a "political" composer? I don't think so.

Which style of the adhan do you prefer? I prefer west African, Lebanese or Moroccan.

Lone Ranger said...
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Lone Ranger said...

"Since I was 18 years old, I've been making films. I was nervous 90% of the time about censorship. When I was writing a script, my mind was not free. Every day I had to go to the Ministry of Culture. For 10 hours, I was waiting at the Ministry of Culture. I was not thinking about the storyboard of the film. All of my time, I was like a soldier in the Ministry of Culture. I'm sick, I'm angry about that." - Bahman Ghobadi

Yes, what a wonderful culture.

Once again, Ducky proves Immutable Truth About Liberals #24. Liberals are incapable of attacking the message, so they always attack the messenger.

There was nothing in his comment about WHY he liked this nail-grating music. It was just an opportunity to attack someone again. If you aren't wild about HIS type of music (not that I believe any of that is on his iPod) there's something wrong with you. Where is the Native American music (some of which I enjoy)? Where is the Gospel music? Where are the polkas and country? Hmmm Ducky must be a bigot.

As for me, I've always thought I was born after my time. While the other kids in high school were listening to the Beatles, I was listening to 40s music. I've always thought that if I lived back then, people would be talking about me, not Brace Beemer.

And this country was much freer then.

Ducky's here said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ducky's here said...

Yeah Lone Ranger, censorship is a disgrace. Odd that for the last few decades Iran has had a much more vital film industry than the Hollywood crap we consume.

If you have a Netflix account queue up Ghobadi's "Time of Drunken Horses".

Of course the topic here isn't censorship. It's Joe's belief that performing music in a Muslim country would result in your having your throat slit. Joe, like many right wingers, only stiffens in his ignorance when shown his error.

I wonder if the new right wing hero, David Mamet, is crusading for Jafar Panahi.

My iPod, gospel. Love the older stuff, lots of shape note singing.

Country, I have the full Hank Williams and Carter Family box sets. Lots of old time American folk, the real stuff.

Buddhist temple exorcism, Chinese classical, Central African rumba, palm wine style, morning and evening ragas(I've got the modes figured out for each). The Beethoven string quartets, couple of operas. Burmese piano music. My iPod scares people.

Everything but contemporary pop junk.
What's on yours?

Ducky's here said...

By the way Lone Ranger, there is quite a bit to like in Persian culture.

The government is terrible but unless you're a right winger you should be able to separate the two.

Joe said...

Ducky: "It's Joe's belief that performing music in a Muslim country would result in your having your throat slit."

Please show me anywhere in the post where I said anything remotely resembling that remark.

I have a $2 million dollar check for you if you can show it to me.

Ducky's here said...

"...forced to their knees by muslim "morality police" and executed with an AK shot to the head, or a knife across the throat, right there."

Pretty obvious.

Joe said...

Ducky: You dunce! I didn't write the post, Ann Barnhardt wrote it. I just asked what you like to listen to...The title and a statement fo what I think of Ann...that's all I wrote.

I set you up, dude. Were you to dull to catch that trap?

It's a question of mind set.

Like the old, famous, but little known question: Do you pronounce the second day of the week, Tyusday, or Toosday?





Neither. The second day of the week is pronounced Monday.

Ducky's here said...

So you don't stand by what you post on your blog.

Joe said...

Ducky: Some of the things I post on my blog are for the expressed purpose of generating thought, controversy and to find out about my readers.

But you probably can't understand such a thing.

Lots of bloggers post things they disagree with in order to demonstrate the benality of the thinking of others...hadn't you noticed?

One of the things I've notices about leftist/liberal/progressives is that they are quick to decide what others mean, and it's always seen as stupid...which is in-and-of-itself stupid.

Notice the title: "SO...WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO LISTEN TO?"

Does that even suggest in your mind that I might be digging for a response?

Maybe a little?


Well, that just proves what I've said about you all along.

Thanks for the confirmation.

BTW, Ducko, I have not and do not deny that I find the screeching of the "Call to Prayer" offensive. I also find most opera offensive to my ears.

But that has nothing to do with the post, which is about your reaction to the music and the possibility that much of certain culture would be done away with under strict Islamic law, just as it was under Hitler's reign.

sue said...

Joe - You are not as close minded as I originally thought.

You are more like: narrow minded.

If President Obama is re elected, and it turns out that he is the second coming of Hitler,then you can say(and rightfully so):

'I told you so.'


If we should find a Republican in the White House in 2013, then at least show some generosity in spirit by listening to a Bob Dylan
song all the way through.

May I suggest:

Blowin' in the Wind?

Lone Ranger said...

Yeah,a problem with that. Once Hitler got LEGALLY elected, it was too late.

Lone Ranger said...

"By the way Lone Ranger, there is quite a bit to like in Persian culture."

No doubt you're talking about Persian rugs -- where children are chained to looms 12 hours a day because their tiny fingers can tie small knots.

Persians have been a pain in mankind's backside for all of their history. Did you not see the movie 300?

There was quite a bit to like in German culture -- except for that Jew burning stuff.

There was quite a bit to like about Aztec culture -- except for all that human sacrifice stuff.

There was quite a lot to like about Imperial Japanese culture -- except for all that brutality and trying to take over the world stuff.

I could go on and on. SANE people look not at the good in cultures, but at the evil that is threatening not only that culture but all those around them.

I don't care if Hitler was a non-smoker and was responsible for the Volkswagen and Autobahn.

I don't care if Mussolini kept the trains running on time.

I don't care if Hirohito was a botanist.

I don't care if Muhammad is considered a prophet of Allah.

These people were all evil and should have been strangled in the cradle (or, if it is more palatable to liberals -- aborted).

And the cultures they created deserve to be wiped from the face of the earth.

And so does the culture that has killed tens of millions of unborn babies in this country.

John Wayne Gacy used to dress up as a clown and entertain children.

Leticia said...

Good point. Note to self....never visit any Islamic nation.

Ducky's here said...

Persians have been a pain in mankind's backside for all of their history. Did you not see the movie 300?
You believe that piece of junk was historically accurate. Please.

You and Joe probably believe the Persians in that film were Muslim.

sue said...

LR - Yeah, well if President Obama is in fact' Hitler Resurrected' then it is already too late - since he was legally elected in 2008.

sue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Great post Sir. May I suggest that ALL readers of this blog write to their congressman ASAP?
Good day.

Joe said...

Ducky: You Nimrod. You said:"You and Joe probably believe the Persians in that film were Muslim."

I've never even heard of the film, let alone watched it.

You are the personification of assumption.

tapline said...

Joe, Although music is not allowed, it is overlooked in most of Islam. Maybe, someday they will have a reformation that will bring the religion into the 21 century...I'm not making excuses for Islam, but I think it helps one understand where these people are coming from. It's like coming into the light...they have been kept in the dark for centuries and their religion dictated their every action..It told them how to do everything, at least, that's my understanding.

Lone Ranger said...

Yes, the events in the movie were historically accurate. But, I assume we are both connected to the same Internet. You can research the Persians just as well as I can. Oops, I forgot Immutable Truth About Liberals #6. Liberals feel, conservatives think.

Lisa said...

The left have been trying to transform this country for 60 years. In 2 years they succeeded in checking off alot of their wish list. I don't care to see them have 4 more years to do any more.
Frankly 2 years was too much.