Thursday, June 16, 2011


If you choose to comment on this video, be certain you have watched it first, because I will delete any comments that do not derive from its content.

Furthermore, if you choose to comment on this video, do not point out Condell's philosophical mind set, instead focus on the facts put forth in the video, if you know how to do that. (If you don't know how to do that, please don't take up my blog space with inanities.)

Personally, I think he has hit the proverbial whatever on the proverbial wherever.


Ducky's here said...

"When you get to the stage that anyone criticizing your beliefs has a mental illness, that is a sure sign of mental illness."


"Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder"

Who started that one, Michael Savage? Anyway, rabies radio picked it up across the board.

Condell fails o mention that the O.T. is more violent than the Quran and that what we all should be criticizing is fundamentalism including the American southern variety.

When he talks about Sharia he fails to mention which school. He also fails to realize that what is considered sharia is confused with regional law and custom and varies widely throughout the Muslim world.

An example would be female circumcision which is a practice in Africa and the mid East which carries across religions. Ethiopian Jews brought it to Israel which has been an issue.

The world is large and complex but thaks to simpletons like Condell the right wing won't have to worry about challenges to their dogma.

Joe said...

Ducky: "Condell fails o mention that the O.T. is more violent than the Quran."

Factually inaccurate.

(Translation: you are wrong on this one).

Joe said...

Ducky: Oh, wait! It IS true that he did not mention that the Old Testament is more violent than Quran. He did not address the issue at all.

The REASON he did not mention it is that is would have been untrue, and whatever else Condell is, he is a truth-teller.

Z said...

Joe, if you mean NAIL and HEAD, you're right. COndell's amazing..and, apparently, quite threatening?

Ducky, read this and learn something.
What a stinking anti semite you are. Please link where anybody in Israel but a BEDOUIN ever had circumcision, okay?
Here's a sentence from the link:

"Bedouins have become more westernized since Israel's independence in 1948. Israel's Bedouin demographic data shows that health care, school attendance, school years completed, and literacy have continued to improve over the last 15 years and may be associated with the long-term decrease in FGM since 1995."

'When he talks about SHaria'...he's supposed to mention each "School" and do thorough analysis, right? :-)

So sorry that we "simpletons" just kept being swept into the truth you choose to cover with your slams on anyone Conservative and your pseudo elitism.

Lone Ranger said...

You don't have to read Michael Savage to learn that liberalism is a mental disorder.

Condell is a simpleton? I am again validated. Immutable Truth About Liberals #13. Liberals have an inflated sense of self-worth. They are like house flies that criticize the air-worthiness of a Stealth fighter. (Sarah Palin, George W. Bush, ad infinitum are morons.)

I guess it's easier than thinking. Talking Point #2. There is nothing so impenetrable as a closed mind.

Leticia said...

I really appreciated that he mentioned the genital mutilation of 2,000 girls. That number is staggering. Then he said something that should hit home with any person with a conscience. The police and social workers do nothing because they do not want to offend the Muslims, and would prefer to keep community harmony. (I paraphrased, can you tell?)

So, maiming and destroying a little girls body is more acceptable? I can't believe this.

Excellent video.

Btw, I was asked by one of my readers to not post anything about Muslims, since I noted that I would not tolerate Christians, Jews or soldiers to be ridiculed, etc.

He basically told me to delete my last post which had a video of Muslim children being hit by their teacher. Facebook and Youtube disabled it. So, that's why it's gone.

Z said...

I wish you had an email address on your website, Joe...I'd love to send you information on Chrislam and Wycliffe Bible translators...I'm a little too nervous to blog it but I may.

Joe said...

Z: Try

Joe said...

Z: Never mind that email address. It no longer works. Instead try jscoggins

sue said...

Joe - It appears that what we have here is a failure to communicate. You might say 'a stalemate.'

Our views differ on politics, the way we approach our faith, music, you name it.

But - we both like Billy Joel.

So, Joe. Maybe there is still hope that we can find some civility in America. If we can all find at least one piece of common ground to work together on.

(Oh yeah, and you and I are both honest - almost to a fault.)

Yes, maybe there is still hope.