Thursday, January 27, 2011


There are an estimated 254.4 million registered passenger vehicles in the United States according to a DOT study.

That does not count commercial trucks and other types of vehicles.

Let's just say 300,000,000, for the sake of discussion...OK?

President BO said in his SOTU address that in the next 15 years he wants 1,000,000 electric vehicle on American roadways.

So he wants about 1/300 of vehicles to be electric over in 15 years! About 67,000 new electrics per year.

Oh! Don't forget to allow for attrition, as some of them (maybe MOST of them) won't last 15 years and will have to be replaced.

What a lofty goal!

Never mind that Americans don't want these vehicles.

Never mind that they have to be plugged into those little magic boxes in the know, the ones that find their source of energy from those coal burning power plants.

Never mind that you get about 40 electric miles on one 12 hour charge.

Never mind that SUVs are the fastest growing segment of vehicle sales in the U.S.

Never mind that these cars are more unsafe in ANY collision than almost any other vehicle.

Never mind all of that.

Don't worry!

The government will use their hard earned money to help subsidize these fake cars for us.

What's that you say? The government does not have one red cent of hard earned money?

Wait a minute!

I thought the government had trillions of dollars!

Well, yes, but they didn't earn those dollars...they took them from you and me...without even asking and under penalty of law if you don't let them have yours.

(Harry Reid calls that "voluntary.")

Oh, and don't forget, the Volt is manufactured by the "grace" of government money and its sale will be subsidized.

1/300 of the vehicles on the roadway in the next 15 years...about 1/500 increase each much of a dent in the so-called toxic emissions is that going to give us did you say?

More form without substance!

I'm changing his name from President BO to President Don Quixote


Scotty said...

That one gave me a laugh too. Like you said nobody wants 'em!!

Let them feel important as they drive them, the gas they save I'll gladly burn in my hot rod!!

When' the last time you were in the Keys, Joe? Last time for me was about 7 years ago and I was up to my armpits in those little two seater cars....I'd be embarrassed to be seen driving one!

Lisa said...

what a sputnik! All for the greater good my a--!!!!
More like great for Green Capitalism.

Joe said...

Scotty: Most of those sold will have been bought by the government for their bureaucrats to drive.

Lisa: He is a sputnik, isn't he?

David Wyatt said...

But bro. Joe, you may have overlooked some very important positives of these electrics! Think how much quieter drag racing & NASCAR will be! lol

Lone Ranger said...

They can spice up NASCAR by putting bubblegum cards in the wheels.

Scotty said...

Think how much quieter drag racing & NASCAR will be! lol

Now yer depressing this old hot rodder!

Lisa said...

Lisa: He is a sputnik, isn't he?

That's for sure,lol!!!

Mark said...

Of course, in 15 years, electric car technology may be at the point where electric cars are as dependable as today's gas fueled cars.

That said, I don't care. No one, not Obama, or anyone else is going to tell me what kind of car I can drive.

Unless they buy it and maintain it for me.

David Wyatt said...

Scotty, it depresses me too, that's why I gotta keep laughing! But nothing will ever replace the good ol' '57 Bel Air or '55 Fairlane Victoria!

Joe said...

DW: Electrics at Indy! What a picture of boredom!

LR: The name will have to be changed to ENASCAR.

Mark: "...electric cars are as dependable as..." maybe in 150 years...maybe.