Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Our amateur president pulled a fast one on me in the SOTU address.

He proclaimed this a "Sputnik" moment.

First of all, what the heck does that even mean?

Secondly, how many Americans even understand the metaphor?

Sputnik happened in 1957!

President BO said that the country needs to “reach a level of research and development we haven’t seen since the height of the Space Race.”

I remember those days. I was there.

One thing I remember is that public schools were really public, not the government imitation learning centers they are today.

And they produced capable graduates.

They're the ones who put us on the moon, to which we have not been back since.

Surprise! "Government" does not equal "Public," no matter what you may have been taught.

Not only did President BO surprise me with that amateurish metaphor, he actually made one statement of content.

"Over the next ten years," Obama said in the State of the Union, "... we want to prepare 100,000 new teachers in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math."

Let me do the math.

Click, click. Punch, punch.

Well, given that there will be a lot of retirements, fewer recruits from college and some natural attrition, that's an interesting goal.

Ten thousand net new science...teachers per year.

Does anybody know how many new teachers per year we hire now?

According to a California report, they hire about 17,000 new teachers per year.

In California alone, in ten years at that rate they will hire 170,000 teachers.

What percentage of those do you suppose teach in science...?

So, what's with this "100,000" new science...teachers crap?

It's a number that sounds big, so he used it.

That's the way President BO works.

All sound and fury, signifying nothing.

That is what the whole speech was.

But you liberal/progressives fawned all over it, didn't you?



tha malcontent said...

You mean to say that you watched that CRAP?

Joe said...

the malcontent: Actually, no. I did hear exerpts, though. That was one of them.

tammy said...

Great post. Idiots is right. They just hang on every word that comes out of his mouth while not seeing that a lot of what he says is just impossible. But hey, it sounds good.

Scotty said...

I watched it as there was nothing much on TV and the recorded list on my DVR was empty. A few things stood out to me.

After the elections of 2010 he missed the message that we want no more the first thing he expounded on was what he was going to spend money on.

He wants to simplify our taxes which in political speak means, they're going to take away more exemptions.

And the best one, to me at least is, he's going to take away tax exemptions from some companies so that he can lower the corporate tax rates. Over simplified by me, I know but, it made about that much sense to me.....

The last one, he's not going to sign ANY bill that has earmarks....was there an echo in the room from one of his campaign promises????

Lone Ranger said...
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Lone Ranger said...

The sputnik moment refers to the shock this country felt when the Soviet Union put the first satellite into orbit. It's what triggered the space race that eventually put us on the moon. Pretty ironic statement from a president who has gutted our space program and canceled our return to the moon. And, it isn't even original. He made the same statement in a speech in December, I think.

The key word in that speech was "investment," which is liberal-speak for spending. He hasn't learned a single thing in the last two years. He is still determined to spend us into bankruptcy. How will a high-speed rail system solve our deficit problem??

Mark said...

I don't buy a word of it.

Leticia said...

I didn't watch it either, I had better things to do.

I heard some tidbits on the radio and of course he HAD to mention gays in the military. What is up with his obsession with gays?

Joe said...

tammy: Thanks for the visit! Loved your Trump vid.

scotty: We don't have cable, so President BO was everywhere.

LR: Investment equals more spending and higher taxes. How does he think we think he can do both

Mark: Oh, you'll buy alright, you'll buy. (Can you say higher spending and more txes?)

Leticia: What? Doesn't "gay" mean happy?

Lisa said...

and the stupid idiots defend every word like it's their Gospel. After all Obummer is their "God"

Such collective ignorance I never thought we would see in these modern times.

Like my avatar?

Joe said...

Lisa: Cute!