Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Tonight we will find out.

President BO will give the State of the Union address...we know that. What will he say?

Well, I have some predictions.

He will say that the state of the union is strong.

Every president says that.

It goes without saying, so they say it.

He will say that we have some problems.

All of the problems are the fault of George Bush (which President BO will now call "the previous administration.")

We need to produce more jobs.

He'll say that, but he won't tell us how he'll go about accomplishing that.

Remember, he has no experience creating jobs of any kind...ever...anywhere.

There will be form in creating jobs, but no substance.

He'll tell us that every American now has access to health care.

That will be a lie...flat out...but he'll tell us that anyway.

He's an accomplished liar, and can do that with an earnest, straight face.

He'll tell us that we need to work on reducing the size of government.

Before he leaves office in 2012, he will have grown the size of government more than 30%.

All in the name of the "good of the people."

But he won't tell us that tonight.

He will tell us of how the stimulus saved millions of jobs and how much worse unemployment would have been if it hadn't been for him.

That's like saying how much worse your head ache would have been if you hadn't had so many cups of green tea.

It is simply unmeasurable...a figment of an overactive imagination.

He will say that we are headed in the right direction; that the economy is beginning to recover and it's all because of his policies.

While Gabby (as well as the other wounded in Arizona) recovers slowly in a hospital, he will tell us that we are safer.

He will not mention the dozen or so police killed in the line of duty this past week, or the extraordinary inconvenience at airports.

He will tell us that we are making "progress" in becoming a green nation.

Never mind that the fastest growing segment of automobile buying is trucks and SUVs.

Never mind that the Volt can only go 40 or so miles before it becomes as un-green as all of the other vehicles on the road.

Never mind that the Volt gets charged with electricity generated by fossil fuel burning power plants.

In fact, never mind about almost anything.

Republicans are evil and Democrats are god's.

But if Republicans will just give up their standards (which he will call "cooperate") we will move neither right nor left, but forward.

And he will say that with a straight face, too.

He will lift his chin, adopt an air of superiority, point to himself and his policies a hundred times or more and will lie through his teeth.

And the state of the union will be strong because we will largely ignore him.

That's a good thing.


Lisa said...

that was really good Joe I love it.

And all the lefties will be oozing with awe.

Lone Ranger said...

I plan to avail myself of Netflix. I'm in the middle of a King of the Rocketmen serial. We all know Obama's speech will reflect anything but reality.

tammy said...

Yep. Didn't have to watch it to know what to expect. I'm sure you nailed it.