Monday, May 3, 2010


So, let me see if I have this straight.

Even though EVERY (that's right: you get that? EVERY) element of Arizona's "new" immigration law has ALREADY (did you get that? ALREADY) been tested in the courts and found to be Constitutional, and even though well over 60% of U.S. citizens approve of the legislation, Hispanics STILL think they should be able to be in this country ILLEGALLY, just because they want to be.

There's a really good series of articles about this over at Blue Pitbull. I highly recommend them to you.

OK, you liberals, do you believe that EVERY person on earth should be afforded EVERY privilege that EVERY American citizen enjoys?

If that is so, why don't they ALL do what we did: revolt against their government and recognize those rights in their own countries?

"Well, Joe, old buddy, old pal, because many of them would be killed in the process. Even a dummy like you could figure that out."

Is that so?

Have you ever heard of the Revolutionary War?

I have never spoken to a single conservative who does not believe that we should welcome immigrants with open arms, afford them a path to citizenship if they want it, and honor their desire to have opportunities they cannot get elsewhere.

But if Hispanics can achieve ILLEGALLY, what others must achieve LEGALLY, where is the "fairness" in that?

I know, love, appreciate and respect dozens of Hispanics in our Southwest Florida communities. Every one of them has properly "gone though the process," many having become American citizens.

They are wonderful, earnest, freedom loving people who respect the opportunity afforded them by the United States.

Not one of those protesting the "plight" of ILLEGAL aliens in Arizona, or anyplace else, for that matter, has ANY business aiding and abetting those who deliberately entered this country ILLEGALLY.

In fact, they should hang their heads in utter SHAME!

Furthermore, they should be at the head of the deportation line...ALL of them.

"But Joe, think of the boon to the economy these people afford us."

Boon my hind leg!

They, in fact, present us with a net DRAIN on our economy as we are forced to feed them, clothe them, heal them, incarcerate and educate them, without an proportional benefit to society (only to a relatively few farmers and the like. think a person "earning" below minimum wage on some vegetable farm or someone earning a poverty wage in some other work environment is somehow an economic boost to the economy?

If you think that, I encourage you to go back to 4th grade and learn math all over again.

But this is much more than "just" an economic issue.

It is a matter of the integrity of our nation.

How many times have I heard liberals object about one topic or another, "We are a nation of laws!?"

Yeah, as long as they are laws they like.

Hopefully, Arizona is the first of MANY states (including my own state of Florida) that will wake up and do what SHOULD be done with respect to ILLEGAL immigrants...send them back where they came from.

"Racial profiling," I hear you scream.

Well, then so be it.

It is not fair skinned Norwegians ILLEGALLY crossing the border from Mexico into the U.S. It is members of the Hispanic community.

If it WERE fair skinned Norwegians crossing the Atlantic to ILLEGALLY enter this country, I would say the same thing: round them up and send them back.

There is a it!

Don't like the process?

Work to change it.

In the mean time, OBEY THE LAW!

How come I have to obey the law and they don't? Hmmmm?

Come on, Americans! Wake up!


ablur said...

Watered down, cheapened that is the liberal intent. They have lost sight of the value of their citizenship because they don't understand the sacrifice of the founders nor realize the effort that should be given to keep it sacred.

What Is Your Citizenship Worth?

Joe said...

Your article is SO good. It resonates with true patriots, but I'm afraid that the liberal left just scoffs at the freedom the framers fought for as though it were meaningless.

Following the prescribed proceedure for entering this country seems such a small price to pay compared to what the framers paid to make it possible.

I would like to link to that article, if you don't mind.

tha malcontent said...

Exactly the same way the Left profiles ALL Conservatives and Patriotic Americans as being RightWing Domestic Terrorists and Nut-Job Racists! There is a vast difference between Profiling and Bigotry. And the inventing of lies about spitting at Blacks.

I've said this many times before, the Left say, “We don't like this law, so we will continue to break it!”

Anonymous said...

Right on Joe..I cannot understand why anyone who either came here legally or has family who came here legally would support ANYONE coming here illegally.

Get It Right said...

I looked at a lot of the protests over the weekend and couldn't find ANY conservatives marching with signs that said anything that could be interpreted as racist.
I did, on the other hand, see lots of leftists marching with signs that said in effect 'We demand political correctness, and if you don't agree you are a RACIST or a NAZI!'

Leticia said...

And furthermore, the president of Mexico needs to stay out of our business.

He is interfering because we are taking care of the needs of his people and in turn they send their money home to Mexico. He wins either way.

And if his people get deported it becomes his responsiblity again.

Excellent post!

ablur said...

Link away.
Sorry it took me so long to get back. Work is always very long on Mondays.

Janie Lynn said...

This issue is making me nuts.

Reporting on it has been atrocious, lies, misrepresentations, and inflamatory rhetoric has become the norm.

Is it possible the left can find a single issue that does NOT prove conservatives are racist?? I doubt it.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

The "May Day" rally in downtown L.A. was such a mockery of everything Americans should hold dear.

The illegals were bussed in from dozens upons dozens of cities, which is the only reason so many people were in the streets.

There was even a fleet of buses that picked wetbacks up in Pasadena. It was disgusting.

Ginsu said...

Why not come illegally? Americans are too stupid to protect themselves. They elect the leaders they deserve. Don't blame the illegals, blame the American people who are too apathetic to protect themselves. Let's sit on the couch and eagerly vote for "American Idol" and numbingly vote for the incumbent who is stealing our liberties. Yep, you deserve what you get.

tha malcontent said...

Well oh well, so they caught the Times Square Car Bomber and he was a Pakistan named Faisal Shazad an a plane header for Dubai. And what do ya know, he was NOT a tea party guy!
I'd bet that Sue and Shaw thought that it was Sarah Palin, or a pro-lifer!

Joe said...

tha malcontent: "Law?" What is the meaning of the word. Isn't it like "truth"...sort of relative?

TCoaC: Nor do I. It is beyond understanding.

GiR: Agreement with them is all those "open minded" nebobs care about.

Leticia: Yep, but he never will. After all, we are NOT a sovereign nation, but one ruled by all other countries in the name of diversity.

ablur: I did. You're in my "Features" side bar. Thanks.

Janie Lynn: We are all "racists." That's according to them.

PCC: It was a joke. If the Tea Party movement had done that, it would be heralded as dispicable.

Tap: In the eyes of Mexico, and just about every other nation nowadays, we are considered fools.

Ginsu: What cynicism! I LOVE it!

Krystal said...

Had a friend who had come here illegally from England. She was lilly-white.

She got deported.

Got nothing else to say.

Susannah said...

Joe~ Excellent, as usual!! Bravo!

Krystal - ouch. So, if you're of caucasian, or Western European heritage, you must obey or face the ultimate penalty.

If anything else, you're the Left's pet project & you're immune b/c the whole wide world is against you, poor lamb...

No such thing as 'reverse' racism? My eye! Your comment says it all.