Thursday, May 27, 2010


Notice the rage and anger of the Tea Party members and the calm, politeness of the larger May Day protest crowd.

Notice the May Day protesters' intelligent spelling: "IMMAGRANT" as opposed to the vile and ignorant portrayals by the Tea Party members.

Notice the vulgarity of the Tea Party members up against the suave, sophisticated demeanor of the May Day protesters.

Notice the reasoned arguments put forth by the May Day protesters compared to the unintelligible rantings of the Tea Party members.

Notice the number of Tea Party members who had to be arrested for use of deadly weapons as opposed to the May Day protesters who were calm and civilized.

What? You didn't notice all of those things?

Maybe it's because the truth (what actually happened) shows exactly the opposite.

The May Day crowd typifies the way liberals behave when confronted with reason.


Leticia said...

Hey! Someone call La Migra!! They are all together, hall em off! LOL!

Seriously, that was pretty nasty behavior. They were chanting "racists go home!" and "get educated" when they are guilty of what they are chanting. Education, is needed, indeed.

All we want is for them to come into our country legally and be docmented. How is that being a racist? Because we want them to pay taxes, pay their own medical bills, pay for their own food and homes, not to mention education.

So if that is being a racist, I guess I am.

Joe said...

Leticia: Me, too.