Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Tiger Woods might be an example of sexual lust, with his 14, plus or minus affairs, but his pales in comparison to what is going on in the Senate and Congress these days.

Do you remember a time when you wanted something...really wanted it, so much that it consumed your every thought and action?

Then do you remember when it looked as though that thing you wanted so badly was about to come to pass?

Can you remember the excitement that welled up within you, making your heart race as the adrenalin freely flowed when the time for "its" arrival drew near?

Liberals have had just that kind of lust for control, and they are about to realize it.

As the vote on health care legislation draws near, liberals in the Senate and House can hardly contain themselves.

When this legislation is passed, they will have taken the first big step toward transforming this nation into full fledged oligarchy, and they will be the elitists in control.

By definition, and oligarchy involves the absolute rule of a few.

One of the reasons I believe conservatives in the legislative branch of our government have refused to stand up and fight vigorously against this crippling legislation is that they, too, have the same power lust in their hearts, can't get it on their own and are content to play second fiddle to the liberals if it means they can move closer to the power they crave.

Soon the two houses of government, the House of Representatives and the Senate will form a committee to iron out the differences between the two bills they have produced and upon the resulting bill being signed by President BO we'll have forgone our constitutional government.

Once it becomes clear that the constitution no longer has any vestige of influence in what government cannot do, it is gone forever.

Precedent will dictate that we do not have to abide by the dictates of "a tired old document that has seen its day."

We have been convinced that health care is a right, that the government confers rights on the people and that they have done a service by enacting this nation-crushing legislation.

Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the rest of the liberal leadership will be giddy with power, and thus will begin a wholesale usurping of our individual rights and freedoms.

As the real meaning of this power grab becomes evident, most citizens will wonder what happened.

"Why can't I do this any more?" they'll cry out.

"What happened to my right to do that?" will be the mournful whine.

"After all, this is a free country, isn't it?"

Not any more it isn't.

You decided to give up freedom for "free" health care.

Yes you did. You elected these vile, power saturated nere do wells to congress.

Their lust will never be satisfied, and their emotions will rule day after day.

I will miss my liberties and freedoms.

I had kinda gotten used to them.

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Tom said...

Merry Christmas, Joe, despite what the Senate did this morning.