Monday, December 14, 2009


Thanks to Economic Swim for the following video.

Watch it with an eye for learning something.


Z said...

Incredible ..Once Levin gets started, who can stop watching?
I wish I was as optimistic as he is...I get optimistic but then I remember the indoctrination of our kids and I think "It's five or ten years away from Socialism....if Soros's/Obama's thugs had waited a few years from now with this health care bill, etc., they could have taken us over much more easily" and that scares me big time.
Thanks for posting this; it's a public service. xxx

Joe said...

Z: Thanks. Things are about as critical as they can get right now. I sorrow for myself, my wife, my kids and our country if this "health care" bill passes and if we become a totally socialistic nation.

Janie Lynn said...

Mark Levin 2012!