Saturday, December 19, 2009


Remember back when the "snitch email" site was set up for us to report to the White House those who weren't on board with President BO and a bunch of us conservatives began turning ourselves in?

I sent 50 or 60 emails to tattle on myself.

I guess they enrolled me in "Organizing for America."

Imagine my surprise when I got the following "Holiday" card from the President, himself (yeah...right). (Just put in your first and last name and he will personalize a message for you.)

That President BO would take the time to personally wish me "Happy Holidays" is just more than I ever expected.

I'm just beside myself. Believe me, that takes up a lot of room.

I wonder whether he knew how offended I am by that greeting.

I don't celebrate this time of year as the holidays. I celebrate it as Christ(The Annointed of God)mas(birth)...Christmas.


Lone Ranger said...

Just in time for Christmas -- the perfect April Fools joke.

Joe said...

LR: Great thinking!!

Janie Lynn said...

That was painful. I guess only turning myself in 3 or 4 times didn't rate a card. And boy am I glad!

Joe said...

Janie Lynn: Sorry...I didn't mean to hurt you.