Friday, December 11, 2009


In terms of talent, he was the greatest golfer in history. His issue, though, was one of character. His was all low, and he proved it.

His character issue manifested itself on the golf course in anger. Lots of golfers get angry, but Tiger Woods got angry like few others. He cursed, sometimes loud enough to be heard on TV, he threw his clubs, he stomped like a child and he kicked dirt, all with great fervor.

His talent ran deeper than we could imagine. So did his character flaws. He believed his own hype, and that because of his position could do anything he wanted, any time he wanted, anywhere he wanted, with whomever he wanted and nobody could tell him otherwise.

Like all of us, Tiger Woods had impulses. Unlike most persons of character, he believed he had no responsibility to control those impulses. He projected the image of "strong family man" all the while living an opposite life-style.

Tiger has lost many of his corporate sponsors, not because they are so squeaky-clean and never have moral lapses, but because his "new image," that of philanderer, is not good for their image or their sales.

Tiger Wood's is a sad story and a sad commentary on celebrity. But it is a story that demonstrates the absolute truth revealed in Scripture (Romans 3:23) "...for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" That goes for you and me, too. It is the nature of fallen mankind.

There is one, and only one, solution: a changed heart brought about by a personal encounter with God through Christ Jesus.

That's true whether you are a sports celebrity, a politician, a movie star, or just a regular Joe, like me.

Otherwise, we just throw it all away.


Bryan said...

"There is one, and only one, solution: a changed heart brought about by a personal encounter with God through Christ Jesus."


Lone Ranger said...

It's a good thing Woods is removing himself from temptation by possibly leaving the country. Because we all know there are no gorgeous, blond women in Sweden.

Joe said...

Bryan: Amen, indeed.

LR: Tiger has fallen prey to what many celebrities fall prey to: a sense that they are so powerful that they can do whatever they want.

Tapline said...

Joe, Great pictures and post.....It appears that some of your commenters have never been away from home for periods of time.....Not that that's an excuse, but.......As Christians we can point to scripture and say "There has no temptation taken you but what is common to man, but God is good and with that temptation make a way of escape that ye may be able to bear it"//// stay well.....

the malcontent said...

Tiger Wood's is a sad story and a sad commentary on celebrity?

I don't know... this guy was a closet moron, and a wise ass all his life.

This didn't shock me in the least.

Ducky's here said...

Who cares? He's some guy who plays golf.

Get off this celebrity kick, America.

Joe said...

Tapline: Thanks and well said.

the malcontent: I hate to disparage him after the fact, but I saw TW for the first time when he played at Pebble Beach. I didn't like him then and I don't like hime now.

Ducky's Here: This is a stressful day, as I find myself agreeing with you.

ablur said...

I have often wondered why his grin was so big.

Joe said...

ablur: Good Point!

Ducky's Here: Here's the thing: I had not commented on Tiger Woods' woes. Since I have an opinion on just about everything, and since everybody is doing it, I thought I would take a swing at it.

There is a hole in one part of his story, if not many parts, and he has landed in a trap from which it will be hard to emerge.

His actions are not on par with the rest of society, and he has given his wife the shaft.

A little birdie told me to tell you.