Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I want to make sure I've got this straight.

CBS's David Letterman can make a joke about Alaska Governor and former Vice Presidential nominee, Sarah Palin's daughter getting "knocked up" by Yankee, Alex Rodriguez, and that's funny.

Did I get that right?

Well, today I heard a nationally syndicated talk show host (you know...the one with 20 million listeners), tell about the similarity between President BO and God.

Neither of them has a birth certificate.

Is that funny? Why or why not?

Or how about the difference between President BO and God?

God doesn't think He's President BO.

Or maybe: God only requires 10 percent.

In my mind, Letterman was vicious, mean spirited, tasteless, insensitive and constituted unsportsmanlike conduct.

That's something no liberal would EVER let a conservative get away with being, but would see as perfectly alright for he/she, himself/herself to be.

Now, don't go getting all pontificatory on me.

Contrary to the popular "religious legalistic" point of view, making humor with or about God, in good taste and with obvious tongue-in-cheek, is not sacrilege.

But none of those "jokes" about the comparison of President BO with God are vicious toward either party, nor are they intended to be hurtful to either one, they are playing on the popular (among conservatives, anyway) idea that President BO has been thought of by some as messianic.

The Palin thing (where Letterman also referred to her as having a "...slutty flight attendant look...") is intrinsically hurtful, and all those other things I listed above.

Jokes about raping a 14-year-old are despicable, not funny.

If you are a liberal, and you can't understand that, you are the poster-child for the rank sociological ignorance of liberalism in today's society.

If you are a liberal and you think Letterman's top-ten list on Palin was funny, you stupidly miss the point of what real humor is about.

Don't give me that "satire" jazz. Satire is not ridicule, it is mis-direction.

Gulliver's Travels was satire.

David Letterman, like Saturday Night Live, is sophomoric ridicule...poorly done at that.


TAO said...

I am glad to see that you understand that Letterman is a comedian.

Since you relate Limbaugh to Letterman you are then calling Limbaugh a comedian.

Glad to know that a comedian is controlling the political direction of the Republican Party.

Lone Ranger said...

Liberals don't understand humor. Since they are haters, anything mean-spirited is funny to them. To be funny, humor must be based in fact. So, a joke about BO being God would be funny (he's even told a few himself). That would not be humorous to liberals because they actually believe it. A joke about Reagan cheating on his wife would not be funny, because everyone knows that Reagan was a man of integrity. Libs don't get that. Simply watch any liberal comedian and you will see how profane, hateful and mean they are.

By they way, Rush freely admits that he is a comedian. And if Rush truly controlled the direction of the Republican Party, they would have won last November.

Joe said...

TAO: You seem like such a debonaire fellow, that biting sarcasm just doesn't seem to fit.

Did I relate Rush to Letterman?

My bad.

Rush is an entertainer and a commentator, not a comedian, and I certainly never called him one.

Come to think of it, though, a comedian could do a MUCH better job of controlling the direction of the Republican Party than some of the self-appointed clowns trying to do so now.

Once again, you have missed the point of the post, which I really DID make clear. The point was about the difference between true humor and filthy, abased insult.

But I suspect that a man of your great intellect already knew that.

Am I correct?

BTW, you failed to answer my questions?

LR: Like George Carlin, liberal comedians think their humor is rooted in their ability to "shock" the audience with vulgarity.

Sadly, Carlin was just as funny in his "hippy-dippy-weatherman days as he was on stage, and he was so without seeking the lowest common denominator of language.

His contention that "'s JUST WORDS..." was stupid, unless one decides that words have no meaning, in which case nothing matters anyway.

Lone Ranger said...

Words. Just words. Hmmm, where have I heard that before?

shoprat said...

Now he's trying to back out of it, and do so without an apology.

cary said...

Letterman's top ten on Palin was, for the most part, tasteless, but I did like number 7.

sue said...

I think Letterman crossed over the line this time.

Anonymous said...

I was so ticked when I heard what he said. I don't watch him because I already can't stand the man and let me tell ya, this didn't help.

This isn't comedy TAO and I really thought this was above you.

His apology was lame, not that you could call that an apology.

We all know that if this was said about Michele and her daughters or Hillary and Chelsea that everyone would be up in arms like they should be.

Oh that's right, it's okay because it's Palin and her family that they are making fun of and putting down. This bothers me not on such a political level but as a woman and a mother!

Um....where are all the liberals condemning it??

Z said...

olbermann's vicious, come the media doesn't skewer him like they do Rush?

Where are the women's groups?
Too busy giving free abortions in honor of Dr. Tiller? (Did you hear about THAT?) or maybe they just don't care because a Republican woman's daughter got so insulted?

Hi, Joe...I hope you're feeling well. xx

Anonymous said...

I think the "Slutty flight attendant" comment about Palin was pretty damn funny.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it would be very funny if it was about your mother, wife, sister, etc!

The fact that you thought it is very telling.

Joe said...

Annonymous: What do you suppose flight attendants thought of it? I guess they kinda like being called sluts, right?