Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Embarq has been playing havoc with our DSL.

We've lived here since 1995, and had DSL since it became available. This is the first trouble we've had with it, so I guess we shouldn't complain too much.

It turns out that lightening struck our already corroded underground DSL lines and the whole junction box had to be replaced.

I'm sure hoping President BO recognizes our plight and provides a government take-over of Embarq.

Think about its efficiency after that!

Now let's see whether I can get back to posting on my blog.


shoprat said...

That will be followed by a take-over of your computer, television and bookshelf.

Bryan said...

"...and the whole junction box had to be replaced."

Are you also talking about what needs to happen to the government? :0)

Keep pressing on!

Embarq Joey said...


Did replacing the box fix the problem or are you still having trouble? If you are, can I help? If you send me your phone number via email, I can check things out for you. If you need to verify my identity, check out my Twitter page, http://twitter.com/EMBARQ_Joey.


Joey H.
EMBARQ Customer Outreach

Joe said...

Shoprat: My bookshelf? Oh no! Not the bookshelf!

Bryan: Good idea.

Embarq Joey: All seems to be well, now. (Operative word: seems)Thanks.

Embarq Joey said...

That's great. Please let me know if it acts up again and I'll be more than happy to help.

Susannah said...

"the whole junction box had to be replaced."

You mean you didn't get your voucher for this? Everyone's getting government vouchers to get hooked up to digital cable. Heck, the Prez thought it was so important, he moved the date from Feb. back to June! Guess it takes that long to hook up the Obamamedia propaganda machines...