Saturday, June 20, 2009


A neighbor was upset that so much fun was being made of President BO over his treatment of a fly (see video in previous post).

So I hereby issue a challenge to all liberals and those who think the starboard (right - the opposite of the title joke...get it?) is petty.

Make me a list of the things you made fun of about President George W. Bush.

Just one rule (besides the general rules of this blog---see right): be honest. (That means don't pretend it didn't happen, and don't say you didn't when you did.)

Remember: the truth is not what you say happened; the truth is what actually happened.

You can start with his name (Dubya), his accent or wherever you want to start, but see if you can come up with six things.

If you are a conservative, you can list the things you remember the left making fun of about President Bush (2).

Try not to duplicate someone else's list.

(Why do I have this feeling that no liberal thinks he/she ever made fun of Bush without cause, while the same people think any fun made of President BO is without cause? Hmmmm?)


Tom said...

I do remember several political cartoons over-accenting President Bush's ears. But then again, that could be shared with President Obama.

Besides, our Liberal "friends" can dish it out, but they can't take it.

sue said...

If I'm honest about how I made fun of Bush, then I don't want people to jump all over me.

Also, I have to admit that since Obama has been made fun of I have been thinking back to Bush - turnabout's fair play. But it doesn't feel good.

Here it is:

I've always griped that he drank in his early days and went out with the boys.

I called him an idiot many times (obviously if he got through 8 years that would not be true)

Laughed every week on Letterman's
Great Moments in Presidential speeches

Misson Accomplished

The time he was in some foreign country, walked over and tried to get out of a door but it was locked.

What I said about him only applied to his being president. I don't doubt that he is and was a loving husband and father.

That's all I can think of.

Joe said...

Tom: You are correct. There are always severe political cartoons, no matter who is president.

Sue: I commend you on your honesty, and on understanding exactly what I was asking for.

"It doesn't feel good" is a statement we could all learn from.

And not too many idiots make it through Yale, no matter the major.

(Though I have to admit that there are a great many "educated idiots" in the world.)


sue said...

Joe - If you ask me to give an honest statement, that's what you'll get.

Of if you don't ask me to be honest - that's what you'll get.