Wednesday, July 29, 2015

From the You Can Choose Your Opinions, but You Can't Choose Your Facts Department


Craig said...

Where do you get this stuff, Joe? According to FBI stats there were 500 homicides in Chicago in 2012, not 1807. You keep publishing lies, when are you going to learn?

BTW, In 2014 Chicago had 407, a declining rate. Houston—239

Texas’ largest city was one of the few across the U.S. to see a dramatic rise in murders last year, up from 214 in 2013, a 12 percent increase.

Chicago is still #1 in total homicides for big cities but Houston is #6, with a bullet.

Drew DeSilver said...

First off, let's start with the fact that any time the NRA tries to claim that Chicago's "unreasonable gun laws" don't do any good, it ignores the fact that Chicago is surrounded by unreasonably loose gun laws, and anybody who wants a gun just needs to drive an hour to get someplace where they can buy one without a problem. So, you know, that part's crap - Chicago's laws have minimal effect because those laws have been nullified. Or, if you really want to look at how it works":

More than a quarter of the firearms seized on the streets here by the Chicago Police Department over the past five years were bought just outside city limits in Cook County suburbs, according to an analysis by the University of Chicago Crime Lab. Others came from stores around Illinois and from other states, like Indiana, less than an hour’s drive away. Since 2008, more than 1,300 of the confiscated guns, the analysis showed, were bought from just one store, Chuck’s Gun Shop in Riverdale, Ill., within a few miles of Chicago’s city limits.

JULY 14, 2014
Despite recent shootings, Chicago nowhere near U.S. ‘murder capital’

We know this blog is a "fact-free zone," but especially fact-free when evidence is presented that is contrary to what the blog owner believes. He sticks with his "false facts," even when positive proof is presented.

So we expect to hear snark and "you're a poopy head" as a rebuttal to this comment.

Joe said...

Craig, DS & DRS: My sources are better than yours.

Drew DeSilver said...

"Blogger Joe said...
My sources are better than yours."

That's nice dear.

But mine are more recent than what you published.

And you've lived up to what has been reported about this fact-free blog.

Tyrone Slothrop said...

These liberal and progressive monsters at Planned Parenthood have been exposed for what they all are: monsters. Monsters who sell body parts to the highest bidder, and lose not a minute of sleep after committing the most hideous murders every day. In fact, these monsters sleep like babies (or at least, like babies that they haven't murdered and then harvested their organs).
This is what these creeps do.

Joe said...

Craig: Where they got the guns is irrelevant. They weren't supposed to have them, regardless of where they got them. But they did. And while 500 might seem better to you than 1,807, with Chicago's gun laws, there should not have been ANY, because gun laws keep these things from happening.

Maybe the problem is not the guns, but the people who decide to use them for illegal ends. Could be they need anger management, a new heart and/or respect for their fellow man.

Go teach them that, will you please?

DDS: Maybe you like this statistic better. Chicago, 2014 Total Shot (Murdered and wounded): 2,619. Good thing they have tight gun laws! That total would have probably been 175,000,000 without them.

Drew DeSilver said...

"Maybe the problem is not the guns, but the people who decide to use them for illegal ends. Could be they need anger management, a new heart and/or respect for their fellow man."

A very good question to ask the white supremacists and angry white mass murderers who've slaughters innocents in schools, theaters, churches and malls. I think we should profile young white males who have an inordinate fondness for mass shootings. So yes, they need to learn respect for their fellow humans. They've done far too much damage to this country.

Joe said...

DDS: "I think we should profile young white males who have an inordinate fondness for mass shootings."

I agree...especially those who display aberant behavior or who have known mental problems. We are so politically correct that we let people with extreme mental disorders roam the streets, afraid to offend them or family members by suggesting institutionalizing them.

Ducky's here said...

Joe why not use New Orleans or Birmingham?
Both have easy access to guns.

Also you try to make a comparison based on gun laws and say that where
they got the guns is irrelevant?

If you have any integrity you'll admit you got spanked, again.

Enough is enough said...

Recent conversations between Biden's associates and Democratic donors and operatives have led to speculation that Biden will challenge front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton for the party's nomination, and individuals close to Biden have started looking into the options that might be available to him if he were to run, such as potential staff in Iowa and the filing deadlines for entering the Democratic field.

I'm waiting with baited breath.
As a lifetime Democratic, I just can't and won't pull thT lever for Hillary Clinton.
Enough is Enough.

Call me Hank said...

Is there a Republican who isn't crazy?Huckabee's gonna call in lthe FBI and National Guard to stop a legal medical procedure, Christie's gonna punch the teachers in their faces, Jeb!'s gonna end Medicare and Social Security, Walker's gonna face down ISIS the way he faced down teachers unions, because they're exactly the same thing, Graham kills his phone, and Trump is gonna get the Hispanics to love him after he insults them all!

There isn't a loony bin big enough to hold all these damn fools!

Dave Miller said...

Joe, you okay? Not like you to miss a Sunday Respite post...

Anonymous said...

I watch the History Chanel a lot and it's a great way to learn about the different cultures in the world. What I like about the show is its nonjudgementalism. They had a segment on witchdoctors for example, I forget which country but the producers just documented the custom, made it interesting for the viewer without passing judgement.
It also sows how the Mexicans cross our boarders in the hundreds every day and how our boarder patrol just stand around and don't do any thing to stop them. Because of orders handed down from the president

Dave Miller said...

Actually Anon, facts about Mexican immigration contradict your statement.

Currently, there are about 5.9 million Mexicans here illegally, or without papers. That is down from its highest point in 2007 under President Bush when the number was 6.9 million.

As candidate Jeb Bush has said repeatedly, and the facts bear this out, we have been at net zero illegal immigration from Mexico for the last few years.

The rest of the nearly 5 million illegal immigrants come from other countries.

The Truth Seeker said...

Yes Dave Einstein , I agree, send all those illegal Mexicans the HELL outta here. They are a cancer that’s killing our country! These people are illegal, don’t you understand what the word “ILLEGAL” means? It means that they are breaking our laws!
There is no LEGAL reason why America should put up with illegal immigration. We have laws for a very good reason. The illegal’s had a good thing going here for to long, they don’t pay any taxes, and the don’t contribute anything to this country, so now it’s time for them to go home. And if Obama won’t do anything about iot, and I know that he won’t, then we must elect someone that will.
And don’t bother me with any of your liberal rhetoric or hyperbole. Because I will not waste my time responding to you.. Don’t hide behind your typical weasel crapola blaming George Bush and the Republicans! The ball has been in your Messiah’s court now and has been for 7 years. ...You can Bow Down to him and kiss his ring, but I don’t intend too. To me he is just a fraud and you have been conned by an imbecile for the past 7 years.
In any other logical thinking country included Mexico you can be deported or imprisoned for coming into a country “ILLEGALLY”.
And if YOU or your poor Mexican Immigrant buddies cant respect our laws, and get your act together then go back to picking berries.

Dave Miller said...

Well Anon, that's quite a response...

First off, here's a reality check... we're not deporting 11 million illegal immigrants. It just isn't gonna happen. The majority of the American people are not in favor of it and every candidate with a chance of being elected is in favor of a path to legalized status. Sorry.

By the way, we live in and are citizens of this great country together, and generally, the majority gets to determine public policy. In this case, you are in the minority.

As for changing the subject, you did that. There was nothing in Joe's post about immigration. You brought it up. The fact is, you don't like when people rationally challenge your views with verifiable facts, in plain English without swearing.

Truth Seeker, can you cite any evidence that people here illegally do not pay taxes?

Regarding Pres Obama, no president in history has deported as many illegal aliens. The numbers of illegal immigration to the US are the lowest in years and continue to drop. All empirical evidence shows that illegal immigration has virtually stopped during the Obama Admin.

Pres Obama has been far from perfect, and in some cases, even effective, on many issues. But immigration is not one of them. Why do you think Hispanics are not completely sold on him?

Finally, where in anything that I wrote did I blame George Bush? Can you provide the quote, because I've reread my comment many times and have yet to see where I blame him for anything...

A Fed Up American said...

The UNDERSTATEMENT of the centry !.

"Pres Obama has been far from perfect, and in some cases, even effective, on many issues. But immigration is not one of them.

And who gives a rats ass if the Hispanics are not completely sold on him?
The point IS that the Americans are fed up with him, and his Lies, and his socialist ways.
Good riddance to him, and his wife as well.

Opinionated Me said...

Oh,here we go again. Another delusion comment by the Marxist Liberal Preaching, Mexican Loving, Wannabe Minister!
C'mon, Reverend Jose Miller give us something to work with here, besides the fact that your man Obama has been nothing but a disaster and a complete failure. What’s your favorite of Obama’s failures?
You pick it, the economy, foreign policy, domestic policy, race relations, national debt, Federal Unfunded Liabilities, border security, or the real biggie the Benghazi cover up! ? And the list goes on and on.. ,... I'm kinda busy at the moment with some “real
important work, but this ought to get your critical thought processes salivating.
Bottom line...He sucks. That should be Obama's legacy. and that pretty much sums it up for me. And Madam Hillary will even SUCK more.

But in your slanted pathetic mind, George Bush will forever be remembered as the “Failed president”

Are you still here? Or are you taking a nap, like all the rest of the Free-Stuff Grabbing liberals?. You deluded bi-polar delusional, Koolaide drinking , Liberal idiot!

Like all the rest of you crackpot Progressive Eruptions fans, your constantly foaming at the mouth Today’s liberals have taken to calling themselves "progressives" instead of liberals. Why? Is it because of the FACT that Liberals have been proven to be pathological lairs or is it because you people are viewed as "crackpots" in nature!
Or is it that you don’t want to be connected with or associated with that other bunch of deluded bi-polar bunch of Low Life Lefties with their criminal activities the "Occupy" protesters!
To sum it up, nobody's buying the crap that you libs are selling anymore. Obama’s a failed president, and it ain’t Bush’s fault anymore! Get used to it.

F. Lewis said...

It's not very often that I have something this important to say. biy this must be said..
The commenter "reverend. Miller" has a history of being a blame gamer.
I would describe him as someone who just can't accept responsibility, just like Barack Obama.
Geeze, can't you liberal's wake the hell up and smell the stench that this man has brought to America?
What is wrong with you people? Our country has sunk lower, and lower every year that this inept FOOL has been in office. I just can't wait until we get him out off office and hopefully out of American politics.
He has been an an obomination since the very first day he came into power.

Joe said...

DM: Working long hours. Very tired.

Dave Miller said...

Be safe Joe... take care...

A liberal said...

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were walking down the street when they came to a homeless person. Trump gave the homeless person his business card and told him to come to his office for a job. He then took $20 out of his pocket and gave it to the homeless person.

Hillary was very impressed, so when they came to another homeless person, she decided to help too, and walked over to the homeless person and gave him directions to the welfare office. She then reached into Trump 's pocket, got out $20. She kept $17 for her administrative fees and gave the homeless person $3.00.

A Man Called RN said...

Let a Libertarian explain:
I love Donald Trump because he exposes everything about the Republican Party that I have frankly come to hate. It is just filled with people who are crazy, and stupid, and have absolutely no idea of what they are taking about. And the candidates, no matter how intelligent they may be, just constantly have to keep pandering to this lowest common denominator in American politics.