Monday, July 27, 2015

Does the concept of "Sanctuary Cities" make sense to you? Then you are an irrational liberal.


Glenn E. Chatfield said...

We need more men like him in our government.

sue hanes said...

Joe - I am an irrational liberal.

Ducky's here said...

The intention was to make it possible for undocumented individuals to report crimes without fear of deportation. Keep crime down. Makes sense.

San Francisco has evidently lost sight of the concept.

The problem is how to resolve this without caving to extremists like Glenn who make a solution so much more difficult. Nice work, Glenn.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


Yeah, my solution is to punish criminals. If you are here illegally, you get sent back. Period. How is that a difficult solution? Every other country seems to have no problem. Try getting into Mexico illegally and see what happens. But your ilk is lawless, which is why you voted for a lawless president.

Dave Miller said...

Glenn, you have no idea of what you speak...

Everyday thousands of US citizens enter Mexico without the proper documents, I.E. illegally. Then they stay for years.

And many of these people are the ones who decry Mexicans coming to the US without proper documentation. Any one in the border areas of Mexico for more than 3 days without a VISA is in Mexico illegally.

Please, please, get your facts straight before commenting.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


I do know what I'm talking about. You are being intentionally stupid. The U.S. people are normally going there for vacationing, etc and aren't always smart enough to do the proper documentation. That isn't the same as invading with the intent to live there, and those that come from other central and south American countries to invade Mexico are the ones analogous to the Mexicans invading here.

You leftists do anything to deny the invasion of the USA by illegals.

Dave Miller said...

Interesting Glenn that it is okay when Americans break the laws of other countries. I noticed you did not address the crux of my statement... That they, or we, stay in Mexico for years living illegally.

You see, like all of us, you pick and choose the laws that anger you when they are broken. You just won't see, or admit that. If its wrong to break a law, it's wrong, no matter how trivial. Or, to put it another way, sin is sin. Period.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

I guess you didn't pay attention to what I said.

There is a vast difference between not being smart enough to get proper documentation but living within the rules of the country while there (sin of omission) and invading a country knowingly illegal and committing crimes while there (sin of commission).

I allow for ignorance and stupidity, not for criminal intent.

Dave Miller said...

Glenn, you are avoiding simple facts. People who bought homes in Mexico, yet live there without an FM3 visa, or as a legal resident, are not committing a sin of omission. They are willfully choosing to live illegally in another country.

How is that not a sin of commission?

Your understanding of the situation, which is wrong, is based not on personal experience, study, actual events or interviews with people. It is simply an uninformed view, that chooses to willfully ignore easily verifiable facts.

Would you allow that people that overstay their VISAS in the states are ignorant and stupid, but not guilty of criminal intent?

Your compassion, as expressed many times towards people here without papers, or illegally, rivals that of Victor Hugo's Javert.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


I guess you must know all sorts of people living in Mexico illegally. I bow to your superior knowledge.

But the point you fail to understand is that there is a vast difference between people living in a country illegally while being productive there, and the invasion of non-productive criminals enter the USA over the Mexican border. A huge majority of these are the cause of much crime in the SW USA, as well as throughout the rest of the USA. And huge numbers of Muslims and other terrorist types are coming across and we give sanctuary to them!?!?!

If Mexico wants to round up Americans who are living there illegally, then let them do so? But they don't go after those types because they are productive. Now how about the USA do the same - go after the criminal element and quit pandering to them.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Another example of why we NEED to get rid of these illegals and close that border, no matter what you bleeding heart liberals think about sanctuary, etc.

Dave Miller said...

Glenn, can you cite some objective evidence that a majority of people here illegally are the Donald Trump criminals and rapists.

What evidence do you have, or can you cite, that supports your claim of Muslims and terrorists coming across the Mexican border?

This is the issue with many conservatives. Charges are made and then when asked for proof, it is never given.

Look, I'm a strong supporter of legal immigration. I don't think folks should cross borders illegally. Period.

But vilifying people, without understanding the issues, serves no purpose.

I await your links, facts, stats or any other form of evidence you have.

As for you other comment, yes, there are some here illegally who are criminals, as reported in your Blaze article. Some.

Why are you demonizing an entire people group over this?

Is it fair when people make broad assumptions about us Christian folks based on the bad actions of a few, like Westboro Baptist?

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


Well, almost weekly you see article about Muslims who have come across the Mexican border, some arrested others not. I'm sure it would be easy enough to Google - if you really care about the truth of the Islamic invasion from the south.

As for the criminal illegals, again, LOOK AT THE ALMOST DAILY NEWS to see all the crime by illegals - rape, murder, mayhem of all sorts and a lot of gang-related stuff. Good grief, do you even look at the news except for the liberal talking points?!?!?

The only people I "vilify" are those who come across the border illegally because our current administration especially sanctions them, and then they get all sorts of free (our taxes) rides from medical help to public school education. There is absolutely no excuse for our open border policy - NONE. Too many people wait in line legally and we screw them over while pandering to the illegals so the Demokrats get votes.

Westboro Baptist isn't even a good comparison -- they aren't even Christian to start with.

And a huge percentage of the illegals are criminals either before or after they get here. Just look at the stats in the daily news. Do your own research. I read the stuff as it happens, but you obviously prefer to remain oblivious to the true dangers.

Dave Miller said...

No Glenn... you are making baseless accusations without providing any evidence. I think Jesus might have something to say about that.

I guess you could make a case that the very act of coming, a misdemeanor, is criminal, and therefore that qualifies, but you have not asserted that yet.

You stated that a huge percentage of the "illegals" are criminals before they get here. That is a charge that simply cannot be sustained by anecdote. Provide some factual evidence. Please. Anything else is bearing false witness.

As for Westboro, you have done what many conservatives do when presented with unfriendly comparisons... you've essentially said that's them, and they are a true conservative/Christian/Republican/believer like I am, thereby absolving yourself of any connection.

The truth is, it is not fair when people make comparisons between a majority of Christians and the Westboro folks. Just as it is wrong to demonize an entire group based on the actions of some of the people crossing the border illegally.

I'll await your objective facts/stats/links.

Or I;ll assume you gave up, because they simply do not exist.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


I know, the news reports you read are far superior to any that us stupid conservatives read. I've seen many, many, many statistics over the years about the percentage of criminals coming across. So they must all be wrong because you have the actual data. Everyone is wrong but you. I bow to your superior intellect - I don't have time to waste with your leftist ideology when it comes to the border. Take them all into YOUR home and off the tax rolls.

As for Westboro, you are 100% in error. They have been condemned as a non-Christian cult for decades, but LEFTISTS like to lift them up as representing the Church. They no more represent Christianity than does the KKK. The "absolving of connection" with them is no different than absolving the true faith of Mormonism or Jehovah's Witnesses or Christian Science - -they are all non-Christian cult which should NEVER be held up as representing Christianity. Your statement is foolish.

Dave Miller said...

Glenn, I have no ideology on the border.

I'm not a fan of illegal immigration... I think most people have no clue about what is going on, much less any personal connection or experience working on the border. I think we should find a way to seal the border and work out a fair, just and compassionate solution for those already here.

While I am not in agreement with your charge that a "huge percentage' of illegals coming here are criminals, I can be persuaded, if those making that charge present some factual evidence.

Where is trumps evidence? Where is yours?