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Dave Miller said...

Joe, Joe, Joe... yes, the graphic you provided is correct.

What it fails to explain is that in the late 19th and early 20th century, the GOP was considered the progressive party, and the Democrats the conservative party.

Most GOP supporters today voice disgust for the policies of TR, a great progressive of the GOP.

Joe said...

Anonymous Titan Youre Famous: Thanks for the totally irrelevant comment. Must take a lot of brain power to be that irrelevant.

EM: Thank you for your wisdom. I always knew that you think you are smarter than I. I neglect to explain things.

But since you already know them, why do you insist that I explain them?

Dave Miller said...

Actually Truth, I do live here, half the year.

Regarding illegal immigration, believe me, I understand the immigration issues better than most as I see it from both sides of the border. It is incredibly complex and not an issue with a quick, easy answer, no matter how much we might want.

We could seal the border off tomorrow and we would still have 11 million people in the US without papers, or illegally, whichever term you prefer. But few if any conservatives have put forth a single realistic solution to this. Yes, i know many shout we should just deport them all, but that's not going to happen. EVER.

So how about a different suggestion?

And that is where our country is at.

I agree that conservatives have some legit complaints with the system that we have now. But the way they discuss them, ala Donald Trump, and even folks like you, make it impossible for a conservative candidate to be taken seriously by the millions of legal Latino voters who should, by their generally conservative beliefs, be part of the GOP.

When you insult someones family, they're not gonna be rushing to be your friend, or vote for your candidate, and all the demographic data shows that with winning a significant portion of the Latino vote, no candidate can be elected president.

It that simple.

Dave Miller said...

Joe... was my comment incorrect, or factually wrong?

Carlos said...

Hey amigo, I am sorry people only come to places like this in other to find an excuse to argue. I am a Mexican and this didńt offend me one bit. Yes, silly use of words but I didńt even notice till I saw a bunch of USenians moaning about it in a group. See, people dońt want to focus of the good side of content but the little mistakes you make so they can come and make you feel like crap. If they put all their energy and focus on it, you can imagine how unhappy and unbalanced their are.
It doesn't change the fact that Mexicans are still being targeted as "the illegal guy. ". Just because racism is sugar coated in "funny" stereotypes doesn't make it okay
No mames! relax you dumb dude! stop being so annoyinglly sensitive to politically correct rules! thats why nobody cant get along, you take it all too seriously!
i would add to the list that us mexicans dont care about updating our politically correct terms to refer to people or situations in a non potentially offensive way. If you are fat we will call you "gordito", if your blond we will call you "guerito", black - negrito, short- chaparrito... its just keeping it real and none of that is meant in a bad intention. The closer the friend the more crap you can talk to him and this is something to laugh together about and wait for the comeback without bitching about it. No te agüites.

Tú sí que estás generalizando de una forma negativa. ¿Entonces los mexicanos no podemos escribir con buena gramática u ortografía? Esto se me hace más ofensivo que el artículo (que en mi opinión no utilizó nada en forma despectiva). Si vivieran en México sabrían que los mexicanos no nos tomamos estas cosas tan a pecho.

Veo que aquí todos hablamos español, tu, yo y los
anónimos. Primero quiero decirte tal vez estamos en contextos
diferentes, creo que eso hace que mi comentario quede fuera de contexto. Realmente mi mensaje está dirigido a la autora, que en otro foro fue cuestionada por otros extranjeros radicados en México. En ese sitio, la misma autora admite que el título tiene una connotación peyorativa. El problema, dice, es que para que la publiquen el editor del sitio tiene que elegir el encabezado. Te repito, ella misma lo identifica como un titular elegido en un sentido peyorativo, no es interpretación, ni alucinación mía.

Por otro lado, mi desacuerdo no van el sentido del contenido del texto. Lo encuentro divertido y creo que cualquiera puede identificarse con lo que dice. Mi problema tiene que ver más con
la responsabilidad editorial de sitios como este, escritos desde una
perspectiva sumamente etnocentrista en un contexto global en el que todos somos lectores. Creo eso sí, que normaliza etiquetas y categorías que en lo medios deben ser tratadas más responsablemente. Creo que no hubiera sido difícil poner otro encabezado en el mismo sentido y con el mismo efecto. Te repito, el contenido para mi está bien. Sí, somos diferentes, sí somos divertidos, sí, no somos normales. No lo tomo personal
Personalmente creo que eres demasiado sensible, deberías venir a México más seguido pa que se te quite lo nena. Yo valoro lo que tenemos aquí el sentido de amistad, de familia el compartir. Cosas que los países de primer mundo no pueden ni soñar..

Joe said...

Is Dave Miller the only one here who can put together one coherent sentence?

Dave Miller said...

Apparently Joe, reading and writing are not part of the average curriculum that people need to graduate these days...

On that, and your comment, we can agree!

My Rusty old Jaguar. said...

Apparently Dave Miller isn't to well liked on these blogging boards, And after reading his posts on other blogs, I can understand why.

Joe said...

MROJ: I like old Dave, in spite of the fact that he is wrong on so many counts, both about the facts and about me. I think he is honest with himself, and that's important.

Anonymous My Rusty old Jaguar. said...

Well go ahead and like him... He needs some love.

Dave Miller said...

Joe, I don't think I have enough info to form much of an opinion about you personally. Of course I don't always agree with you, or the way you frame things sometimes, but as you pointed out, it goes both ways.

I'm usually a guy who thinks if folks met in person, there'd be a lot more agreement. It's so difficult online.

Besides, I know you're a God man, as am I, and that means a lot to me, even in disagreement.

Thanks for the kind words.

Now, it's off to camp here in Southern Mexico... 200 kids over the next three weeks.

A right winger , Con, GOPer , or whatever you want to call me said...

GO, and STAY there, Please

Ducky's here said...

Dave, they have to find a way to rewrite the history of the Dixiecrats.

They don't even know the history of their own party. Or it embarrasses them.
Not sure which.

Now they ant us to be ashamed of supporting a step toward guaranteeing health
insurance for all.

They're lost. Truly lost and it is sad.

Rev. James Suckaweed said...

You're a Man

Mrs. Anderson said...

NO, Commies wanted here!

Joe said...

Ducky: "... rewrite the history of the Dixiecrats."

No such thing. The Dixicrats were Democrats from the south. But they were Democrats, none the less. So was the Ku Klux Klan. It's a history you're proud of. Otherwise you would not have said we "...ant us to be ashamed."

Democrats still want to enslave minorities, only they have changed the word "enslaved" so that it looks "respectable." Their new words have been: entitlement; contribution and so forth.

Craig said...

Democrats still want to enslave minorities

In 2012, Obama got 93% of the black vote, 73% of Asians, 71% of Latinos. Are they too dumb or naive to see what you see? Maybe it's all the goodies they get. That's a lot of "Obama phones". How's that minority outreach working out for the Repubs? Calling them moochers or enslaved doesn't seem like a good strategy.

BTW Joe, SS and Medicare are entitlements. You paid into them and you are entitled to the benefits. I guess that makes you a slave. It's not nice to slap Massah's hand.

For 2nd amendment guy, Trump fact check. Very little of what Trump says is true. Thank you, though. It's true patriots like you who will keep him around long enough to debate. He will do to the Republican brand what he's done for his own.

Joe, Dems don't shy away from the racist elements of their past. The party struggled with it openly and purged them. Listen to one of my heroes, Hubert Humphrey at the 1948 Dem convention. He was a champion for civil rights. It was Truman who desegregated the military and LBJ who pushed for and signed the Civil and Voting rights Acts with the help of moderate Repubs from the north.

Republican references to civil rights begin with Lincoln and end in 1965. What have they done lately? Purged the moderates from their party. Clearly, not all or most, Repubs are racist but most racists are Repubs/Conservative. It's time for your party to do some purging. No signs of that happening anytime soon.

Joe said...

Craig: Not too dumb, too brainwashed. And too used to the "free" stuff. They not only have entitlements to almost everything, they are conditioned to expect them and therefore are supportive of anyone who promises them to them.

I not only paid into SS and Medicare, I am still paying into them. They take it out of every paycheck. But the key word is "paid." Everything is paid for. The only question is who pays for it.

Your contention that most racists are Republican/Conservatives is totally unfounded. We stand for the power of the individual, no matter his race or creed. Al Sharpton is a racist. Jesse Jackson is a racist. The NAACP is racist. They are all Democrats.

I have kin from the north. They are Democrats and racists. They call Blacks by offensive names, make racist comments when they pass "one" in a store and tell jokes about them at the drop of a hat. They associate with other Democrats who are just as racist.

They make me sick.

You need to open up your mind and see the truth. But it will NEVER happen. You don't have it in you.

Joe said...

A Reader said: Off topic comments are subject to removal.The post was not about Trump, it was about Democrat history versus Republican history. If you have something to say about that, come on back. If not...