Friday, June 20, 2014

Telegraph Media Group

Iraq crisis: Isis jihadists 'seize Saddam Hussein's chemical weapons stockpile'


Saddam Hussein's what?

Saddam Hussein's chemical weapons stockpile?

The Isis jihadists are lying!

We know beyond any shadow of a doubt that they are lying!

As every Democrat knows, Saddam Hussein HAD NO CHEMICAL WEAPONS STOCKPILE!


Duckys here said...

The facility still contains a stockpile of old weapons, but they are contaminated and hard to transport, and officials don’t believe the militants could make a chemical weapon out of them, the Wall Street Journal reports. In the aftermath of the U.S. invasion a decade ago, the U.S.-impaneled Iraq Study Group determined that the facility was sufficiently dismantled and that the remaining chemicals were useless.

Silly Joe, getting worked up over nothing.

Joe, everyone in the region had chemical weapons. We gave them to Iraq to use against Iran. They weren't very effective.

Now don't go getting all wound up because they rebels grabbed a decommissioned facility with a bunch of degraded mustard gas shells.

Did you give Obama credit for getting Syria's chem weapons destroyed? Of course now he's using straight chlorine at times but it's not that effective. Still an improvement.

By the way, these are not WMD. The question was, did he have nukes.

Dave Miller said...

An old chemical weapons plant... no one doubted he had chemical weapons Joe... the Reagan Admin sold them to Saddam.

Even Bush admitted there were no usable WMD's, including chemical, in Iraq.

Sorry Joe, as much as you may want to lay this on Obama too, it's not gonna hold weight.

Joe said...

dm: "Sorry Joe, as much as you may want to lay this on Obama too, it's not gonna hold weight."

As far as I know, I did not lay this at Obama's feet. I tried, but I could find no way. Democrats? Now that's another matter.

Lisa said...

It must have been an aspirin factory

Lisa said...

Just ask Hillary

Lisa said...

Or we could always ask these people