Monday, June 16, 2014


From one of my commenters, excusing the behavior of the militants in Iraq: They have always been tribal societies held together in various forms by strong, dictatorial, tyrants, warlords and kings.

These leaders served 2 main give the people a sense of identity and to keep the enemies at bay.
That is their history, their culture, and all they have ever known.

Here are those poor victims of the culture at work, behaving like the only culture they have ever known:

Ethnic Shiite and Sunni Turkomen raise the grim specter of large-scale atrocities by Sunni militants from the al-Qaida-inspired Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL, who have killed hundreds of Shiites in areas they captured last week.


sue hanes said...

Joe - I was shocked and sickened when I saw these pictures on the news. These people are for sure barbarians.

Lisa said...

Joe they always excuse violence. Like that knockout game ,they excuse it by their silence.
With liberals it depends on who is committing the violence.
Like that video I posted,they always side with tyrants even if it is indirectly

Dave Miller said...

Lisa, Joe and others... What do you propose we do now in Iraq? And I'll make you a deal... We all agree to not lay blame on former presidents...

Just tell me what your solution is...

Lisa said...

Dave that is not up to us,we are just commenting.
Just keep letting them slaughter each other and the set up more training camps.
Anyway where is the UN? Useless organization

Shaw Kenawe said...

As usual, Lisa avoids the challenge to discuss the topic and instead changes the subject to the UN, proving once again that she and her fellow bloggers only know how to insult or avoid issues they are unable to deal with.

Dave, we've seen that there are no military solutions, (except for the barbaric one some on the fringes have suggested: bomb them back to the Stone Age).

Are there diplomatic solutions? Doubtful. I'm not sure diplomacy with crazy jihadists would work.

So, no, I don't know what would work.

Lisa said...

Maybe you should ask this guy

Lisa said...

So Shaw apparently you have no solution either. The way you avoid the challenge is better because you preface it with 'there are no military solutions" and you are "doubtful diplomacy would work."
That is no better or that matter any different than my response in terms of solutions.

Dave Miller said...

Lisa, what purpose does commenting have if it is not aimed at solutions?

Doesn't it then become just an exercise in bitching, or partisan bickering designed to make us feel good?

If people are going to be critical of what happens in Iraq, and want it stopped, they are essentially calling for more military action.

Paul Bremer, former Commander in Iraq for the Bush Admin, essentially admitted as much this morning, saying we will need troops on the ground again in Iraq, as advisors.

If people are critical, that's fine, advocate for a different course of action, explain it and defend it.

Shaw offered no solutions. She also offered no criticism. She just stated her position.

You dod not do that. You criticized non action. What is it you are advocating?

Can, or will you tell us?

Dave Miller said...

Lisa, you also have little or no credibility since you do not believe President Barack Obama is an American.

Do you have any real facts, or proof of this, or are you just spouting unprovable lies?

Lisa said...

Oh Dave I can always depend on you.
About Obama being an American perhaps you should ask Hillary Clinton who originally put it out there. You know once it is put out there you can expect people to have legimate questions
Don't you find it odd that there are many questionable things regarding that though?
You can bet though if Bush had his college records sealed the MSM would have already somehow had them dug up

Dave Miller said...

Lisa, what's your point? You assert, without any proof, that President Obama is not an American.

It is 100% people like YOU who are tearing at the fabric of America. If you, or anyone else had any evidence, just present it for the world to see and judge.

As for his college records, I've seen what you and others have said about Obama's college years at Harvard, even questioning whether or not he ever went there, or graduated.

What evidence would you accept? Literally there is no evidence that birthers accept about his US birth, or his college experience they are willing to accept.

My brother in law was at Harvard studying law with Obama. Obama was in his third year and my brother in law, his first. He was very disappointed when Obama was made Editor of Law Review, because my brother wanted to be the first African American to get that prestigious title.

Is that proof enough that he went there? probably not.

But again, you avoided any proposed solutions to what is happening in Iraq.

What would you do?

Dave Miller said...

BTW Lisa, your slam of the Clintons is, of course hearsay, a classic someone overheard someone say... totally unprovable...

It is also based on an opinion not supported by the facts.

Do you have any factual information regarding Obama's citizenship?

You made the charge, now back it up.

Lisa said...

Oh Dave I would be interested to see the articles he wrote as editor of the Law Review.

And his GPA while you are at it being you have all the right connections

Lisa said...

DaveI never said he didn't go to Harvard .Still doesn't answer the question of why his transcripts are sealed. Does your brother in law have that answer?
I knew 2 people who killed other people,doesn't mean they didn't do it.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Lisa, I've given you several links to sites that refute your claim that President Obama's school transcripts are "sealed."

Myth: Obama’s College records are sealed from Occidental College, Columbia and Harvard

Reality: Pursuant to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, it would be illegal under federal law for Occidental, Columbia or Harvard to release the records of any student to reporters or member of the general public without specific written permission from said student. Obama has not released those records, but neither has any other presidential candidate in history.

Is President Obama Hiding His College Records?

Under federal law, no university is able to release a former student's records to the public without written permission from that student. President Obama has not given written permission and has not stated publicly if he intends to do so. One version of the claim states that Obama's college records are "sealed." The fact the college records are not normally available to the public anyway negates that claim.

Has There Been Controversy Around This Claim?

Entrepreneur Donald Trump offered to donate $5 million to the President's charity of choice if Obama released his college applications and transcripts to the public. A few days after Trump's offer, President Obama dismissed the request on an appearance on a late-night talk show. For the sake of comparison, the previous U.S. president, George W. Bush, refused to release his college transcript in 1999. However, Bush's transcript eventually leaked publicly from an anonymous source.

President Barack Obama's college records have remained private as per federal law. The President has given no indication that he is hiding the records, while claims that the records are sealed are false.

Shaw Kenawe said...

So the Clintons started the rumor that Barack Obama was not a citizen and therefore not eligible to be president, so says the link Lisa provided.

Nine years and thousands of "investigations" later, nothing, zero, nada, nil, niente has surfaced to confirm that rumor (which, of course, was always a lie).

Yet the Tea Party extremists keep at it like an EMT trying to breathe life into a drowning victim.

Dave Miller said...

Lisa, editors edit, as opposed to publish, at least as it relates to the Harvard Law Review...

We're still waiting for any suggestion you might have regarding Iraq...

Oh, and any proof you have that Obama is not an American...

Absent that proof, you are just lying...

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...
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Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Oh blah if he were named Ben Carson-R you would be all over it or Mitt Romney which the MSM made sure to go back into his teen years or the team of lawyers the DNC sent up to Alaska trying to find dirt on Palin which they couldn't.
Democrats are evil

Shaw Kenawe said...

Lisa, no one has ever questioned Ben Carson's citizenship. We do criticize his positions on marriage equality and his ridiculous statements on the A.C.A., where he calls it the worst thing that has happened to this country.

Normally, people can argue and point out the silliness of such statements without suggesting that the person making them is anti-American and bent on destroying our country. The reason you lose creds is because instead of attacking a policy or statement, you and your friends make outlandish claims.

I've never slandered Dr. Carson. But I have questioned his statements.

For example, claiming the A.C.A. is the worst thing that's ever happened to this country is just plain nonsense. A serious man doesn't make silly statements like that and expect no one to call him on them.

Joe said...

sh: They are horrible examples of humans.

Lisa: "With liberals it depends on who is committing the violence."


DM: "What do you propose we do now in Iraq?"

One of the best things we could do would be to find some really nasty, anti-American, AQ members or Taliban at Guantanimo and let them out. Sounds like a good ideas to me. PBO liked it.

sk: "(except for the barbaric one some on the fringes have suggested: bomb them back to the Stone Age)."

I certainly agree that there are no military solutions (short of bombing them back to the stone age).

"So, no, I don't know what would work."

There is no solution we can impose upon them.

"For example, claiming the A.C.A. is the worst thing that's ever happened to this country is just plain nonsense."

If it isn't the worse, it is way ahead of whatever is in second place.

Dave Miller said...

Lisa... it was the GOP and the Bush campaign that ran ads in So Carolina suggesting the John McCain has an illegitimate black child for the sole purpose of driving his numbers down in that state during the 2000 primaries.

There are numerous events like this attributed to the GOP and Republicans.

To claim disgusting campaign tactics are the sole purview of Dems, and to label the evil based on this, is just a decision to ignore facts.

What the GOP did to McCain, who i supported back then was evil... and racist.

Dave Miller said...

Again Lisa... any evidence of your charge against Obama?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, there's no hope of engaging in an honest conversation with someone who writes this:

lisa says:
June 16, 2014 at 7:31 am
I think the mood of the country would be better except for liberals because they are never happy anyway. I think we would see less protests by the ” Give me” crowd and the ME would probably be better behaved because they know republicans don’t put up with their BS. And I think the economy would be doing a lot better due to a more business friendly environment.
Plus I would prefer an American President anyway

You just can't reason with someone who truly believes that our president isn't an American. Leave it alone. It's hopeless. The extremists on the right, like Lisa, live in a bubble, and no amount of reality can penetrate it.

She really, really, really believes President Obama is not an American.

And I really, really, really believe she's hopeless.

Duckys here said...

Lisa, pace yourself.

You're not going to have anything left to go after President Warren.

Duckys here said...

Food for thought, Joe

Joe said...

Ducky: Yeah, ISIS is probably just a bunch of sweet peace-lovin' old grandmas.

Duckys here said...

No, Joe, hey are violent insurgents.

However, before we get all worked up it would be a good idea to understand the exact nature of the photos.

Who benefits from having the photos published?
Why no video?
Are these insurgents allied with Obama?

Questions worth answering. I assume we all want to know the facts of the matter.

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Shaw last time I checked this was America where free speech and thought and opinion were allowed.
Just ask this crazy woman

Fredd said...

I'm with Lisa. Keep it up, Lisa: chew em up and spit em out.

And you're right: liberals are never happy. Have you ever read a happy comment from a liberal on one of these blogs?

Liberals will tell you to your face that they like Pherell William's 'Happy' tune, and then once they are alone in their parent's basement (where most of them live), they will stomp on the CD (if they make CDs anymore, what do I know)

Lisa said...

Fredd and if yu say anything against Obama they act like you are attacking their mommy

Duckys here said...

I've never lived in my parent's basement, Fredd, so I wouldn't know.
However, it does sound as if you have some experience.

I was perfectly happy yesterday.

Went to Lynn beach. Tried to get a few good photos but nothing much happened. The weather was spectacular, however.
Checked my e-mail when I got home and my niece had sent me some snaps of my grand niece.
Fixed a felafel salad with some fancy date flavored dressing for a late lunch. Tasty.
Checked online to see the Criterion releases for September and was quite happy to see that Sundays and Cybele is being released. Brilliant film that has been ignored and was in danger of disappearing.
For some reason I also went to Amazon and found that the NYRB has reissued John Collier's Fantasies and Goodnights so I ordered a copy.

Perfectly normal day. Small simple pleasures.

What did you and Lisa do?

Duckys here said...

On the matter of "happy" songs Fredd, mine depend on what genre I'm interested in at the moment:

Classical -- Probably early Baroque, Vivaldi or Telemann

Jazz -- If it's summer, it's bossa. Go for the Getz/Gilberto album.

Pop -- Summer music again, Congolese rumba or some "palm wine" style acoustic.

Folk -- Carter Family, Keep on the Sunny Side

What are some of your favorites?
Lisa? Come on, when you aren't thinking about how to impeach the communist, Kenyan, Muslim usurper you must enjoy some music.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Fredd and if yu say anything against Obama they act like you are attacking their mommy"

And if anything negative is said against Dr. Carson?

You just don't see that you can be described as a worshipper, do you?