Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I work in a physician referral call center. People call me to the tune of 150-220 calls per day. There are 35 people in the call center I work in handling the same number of calls. That's between 5,250 and 7,000 calls every day.

The number one question they ask, usually the first words out of their mouths, is "Since my doctor no longer accepts my insurance, can you find me a doctor in my area who does."

That used to be straightforward and relatively easy. Not any more.

Now, I have to make outbound calls to several doctors to find one who accepts the insurance of the person who calls - the "new and improved" ObamaCare insurance.

See, the thing is, you can't keep your doctor unless your doctor conforms to the requirements of ObamaCare for your area. If the doctor you had doesn't, you have to change doctors.

More and more of the doctors on our service have become concierge practices, where their patients pay a set amount per month for unlimited care. It's a trend of the future.

Has anybody been helped by ObamaCare? Probably. My numbers, based on about 900-1,000 calls per week (more people than are included in most surveys), indicate that most have not been. Maybe it will improve now that everybody who will ever be on ObamaCare has it, the ever-changing "deadline" for enrollment having passed.

But I doubt it.


Xavier Onassis said...

There are at least 7 million people who disagree with your perspective.

Joe said...

XO: Let's see...7/360. Not too shabby for a leftist program.

Unknown said...

Joe: Actually, that would be 7/313.9, but that's OK.

Your argument seems to be that the 306 million Americans who didn't sign up for Obamacare is because they don't want it.

That is nonsense. They didn't sign up for it because they didn't need it because they already have adequate health insurance through their employer or by their own means.

Thanks to a "leftist program", 7.1 million people who couldn't get affordable insurance before (because they didn't have the means to make rich doctors richer) are now covered and don't have to choose between health and bankruptcy.

Not too shabby for another successful leftist program.

Duckys here said...

More and more of the doctors on our service have become concierge practices, where their patients pay a set amount per month for unlimited care. It's a trend of the future.

And that is caused by the ACA and not the growing wealth disparity?

Lisa said...

7 million is the new "Hope and Change".

Funny how the unemployment rates came down just in time for the 2012 election.

You can bet if Obama had an "R" after his name the media would actually be doing it's investigative work.

Where is Valerie Plame when you need her?

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

To Answer Ducky's Question

Just rec'd this e-mail form our Human Resources Dept

Our current medical plan is due for renewal as of May 1, 2014 and as you know, the cost of health insurance continues to rise at an alarming rate. The Affordable Care Act has also contributed to these increases due to additional coverage mandates, fees and taxes.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

In regards to the "7 million" claim, Charles Krauthammer hit the nail on the head:

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

More information about the phony "7 million" number. Apparently only 23% of those are people who were previously uninsured:

Joe said...

Unknown: "Actually, that would be 7/313.9..."

Oh, yeah. You're right. That's much better. I must have been thinking of degrees in a circle, not PBO (tap)'s degrees in economics.

"Your argument seems to be..."

How can someone possible say, "...seems to be...?" That would reveal immediately that the person did not understand the argument.

Would you please reveal the figure that represents the number of people who lost their health insurance policy and compare it with those who now have it who didn't before.

Ducky: "And that is caused by the ACA and not the growing wealth disparity?"

Well, you finally got one right! It IS caused, in the main, by the ACA.

Lisa: There are tens of thousands (maybe hundreds of thousands) of stories just like that one.

GEC: You might think that a convincing argument. But, even though it is 100% true, it will convince no one, because none of us has the power to give sight to blind men...Not even with ACA.

Joe said...

BTW: Fewer than one million paying customers were previously uninsured.


Lisa said...

Joe I love how the left always claim they have the facts yet the only facts they have are from the WH not real life.
I never saw so much love for our government before. It's so cult-like creepy

Duckys here said...

Joe, is the ACA responsible for global warming?

Glenn, when do we get your review of Noah?

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


If you care, my discussion about the unbiblical rubbish about "Noah" is at my blog.

I hope to have time to post a follow-up article tomorrow.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


Here's a great article on the subject. The Leftists here would think it is so great because they abhor the truth.


Shaw Kenawe said...

"Joe I love how the left always claim they have the facts yet the only facts they have are from the WH not real life.
I never saw so much love for our government before. It's so cult-like creepy." --Lisa

Written by a woman who posted a false story about the FLOTUS waving the Chinese flag, which was debunked by Snopes.

She belongs to the "Hate All Things Obama" cult.

sue hanes said...

Joe - I hope that people are being helped by ObamaCare. I mean if it's here to stay then I hope that it is helping people.

Lisa said...

Shaw so glad to see you still have so much love for the 2 elitists.

Xavier Onassis said...

G.E.C. - It takes a whole other level of hypocrisy and disingenuousness to review a movie you haven't even seen and admittedly refuse to see.

I read your review, and your follow-ups, and the comments. I haven't laughed so hard in a long, long time!

You never cease to amuse me.

Lisa said...

More Obamacare casualties

Duckys here said...

Glenn, I'm not a real big Aronofsky fan but Noah seems consistent with his previous work.

He is concerned with characters who are obsessed. The obsession of a man who believes he has been saved while God purges the earth is an obvious topic.

My guess is it's too much of a special effects extravaganza to deal with the topic in a way it deserves.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


I don't know how it can be hypocrisy or disingenuousness to rely on reviews. I don't need to see a porn flick to know from reviews that it is a waste of brain.

Perhaps you are too stupid to understand that.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


and by the way, on MY blogs you have to have something intelligent to say to get comments posted. Your ignorant, intolerant and insane ad hominem attacks are just deleted.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Ducky, the man totally misrepresented the story. He wouldn't dare do that with Islam.

Xavier Onassis said...

G.E.C. - I don't leave comments on your blog expecting them to be posted. I only do it as a way of communicating with you, directly, knowing they will be deleted. But I hope you will take what I said to heart and seek help from a mental health professional. I have never encountered anyone on the internet or in real life more in need of evaluation and treatment. Well, there was that crazy chick I dated for 3 months a couple of years ago. But other than her, you are definitely #1 on the Wacko List.

Joe said...

XO: "I have never encountered anyone on the internet or in real life more in need of evaluation and treatment."

You don't read much on the Internet, do you?

What are your credentials for making such a statement?

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


I read the first couple lines and deleted. So your communication didn't get read beyond that.

I have an email address posted on my blog if that is your real goal - to contact me, that is.

Interesting the hate you have for those of us who follow the God of the Bible rather than the god the liberals have made up. Why such hate for a God you don't even believe in? And if he isn't real, why be so hateful toward us - shouldn't you rather pity us?

You liberals are all the same - you can't refute our arguments so you label us as "wackos" and marginalize us. That does nothing but demonstrate your rank ignorance.

Now, how about going back to the topic of discussion rather than the rabbit trail Ducky took us on.

Xavier Onassis said...

G.E.C. - "And if he isn't real, why be so hateful toward us - shouldn't you rather pity us?"

Actually, I do pity you. Just as I would pity a schizophrenic or a drug addict who is living in a delusional world that they have created for themselves that has absolutely no basis in reality.

That is why I have encouraged you over and over again to SEEK HELP! You're a sick man. I fear you may be a danger to those around you.

The fact that you can't see how delusional your world view is makes you even more dangerous.

I know you own guns. You should give them to someone you trust to keep them safe and out of your reach until you can get the help you need.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


The only delusional person here is YOU.

I have owned guns for over 40 years and never hurt anyone. In fact, I spent five years having fun with Uncle Sam's great guns --- oooohhhh, I loved that M-60 machine gun! I am an expert marksman, used to be on a rifle team. Oh, and guess what, I was also a combat demolition specialist. And scariest of all - I WAS A POSTAL WORKER!!!!!! So are you really scared now?!?!

I pity people like you who have rejected God and will spend your eternity wishing you had listened to us!

Joe said...

XO: Hey! Look! I'm over here! Hello! Are you deef (It's an old southern expression)? Can't you read? I asked a question! Was it too complicated for you? Why won't you answer me? You act like I don't exist! Come on! Give it up! Tell me your qualifications! This inquiring mind wants to know!

Xavier Onassis said...

Joe - ROFLMAO! Sorry man. "Tell me your qualifications! This inquiring mind wants to know!"

I'm a rational human being with a healthy brain who recognizes completely insane goonbabble when I hear it.

When I hear someone constantly falling back on a paranoid "Cloward-Piven Strategy" and suggesting that the President of the United States is out to destroy America...I don't need a degree in psychology to recognize how completely insane that is.

When I see someone claiming that some supernatural Sky Daddy spoke a word and brought the entire multi-verse into existence, created man from dirt but had to create woman from a man's rib, gave man Free Will and then committed genocide as punishment for allowing them to exercise the Free Will that He gave them, and decided the only fix was to magically impregnate a virgin human so she could give birth to his son who he would then kill to atone for the original sin that he allowed them the freedom to commit....

That is INSANE! Nothing about that nonsense stands up to any level of close scrutiny and anyone who claims that the Bible is the literal and infallible word of a supernatural being cannot be taken seriously.

Lisa said...

At least Christianity is the real "Religion of Peace".
Catholism has done more around the world to help people unlike Islam that has created more despair around the world.
Catholics may be against abortion and gay marriage but they are not anti-gay and don't spread terror by killing innocent people including babies and children and treating women like property.
When people have no food to eat they don't go to a Mosque,they gi to a church.

Xavier Onassis said...

Lisa - "When people have no food to eat they don't go to a Mosque,they gi to a church"


When Muslim's don't have any food to eat, they go to a Mosque, not a church.

And I might remind you, it was the Catholics who mounted multiple Crusades against the Muslims that put current Christian/Muslim relations where they are today.

Christians have a history of barbarism and cruelty that is unparalleled. There are nu Muslim actions that come anywhere close to the Crusades or the Holy Inquisition of even the current war against women.

Christians can claim no moral high ground.

Duckys here said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Duckys here said...

Lisa are you aware that charity is one of the seven pillars.

Of course you aren't. You prefer to wallow in ignorance.

It's called, zakah. Study up.

Lisa said...

XO the crusades are not happening anymore.Islamic extremism is in this 21st century.
Talking about charity and actually doing charity are 2 different things.
I guess Catholic charities are one of the seven pillars then.

Lisa said...

There is no war on women. That is a total BS made up wedge issue the democrats use because like minorities they believe that women and minorities can't stand on their own or are too dumb to think for themselves.

Lisa said...

By the way if Any religion us hungry they can still go to a church.
I guess you don't follow "current"events because if you did you would know that muslims are killing Christians throughout the ME

Xavier Onassis said...

Lisa "...the crusades are not happening anymore.Islamic extremism is in this 21st century."

You may be able to wave off history like that, but in the Muslim nations the Crusades are just as real and raw to them as 9/11 is to you.

"There is no war on women"

Sure there is. Republicans want the smallest government possible until it comes to a woman's vagina
and womb. Then they want the largest government they can shove up there controlling everything that goes on.

"I guess you don't follow "current"events because if you did you would know that muslims are killing Christians throughout the ME"

And Christians aren't killing Muslims??? Are our soldiers Christians? Are you really so stupid that you can't see how idiotic you sound?

Do you know what is going on in Iraq and Afghanistan? Do you get your news from anywhere other than Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes? Do you even know who they are?


Dave Miller said...

XO... Relax, Lisa has said in the past she uses "false facts." Maybe that's what she's using here...

Many Americans cannot understand how a particular group of people could still be mad about something that happened years ago, but your Crusades comment is accurate.

Lisa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisa said...

Lisa said...
XO the war on women is on the dem side. Making it easy to have an abortion like a teeth cleaning. Yes some women are made to believe a fetus has no rights especially when it inconveniences their own lives. But the war is on society both men and women when we can dispose of something so easily and men no longer have responsibility for their actions as well.
I know we can never go back to where we were in that regard but it
Is the democratp party who choose
to use womens vaginas as a campaign issue and have Sandra Fluke practically promoting promescuity. As a woman I find that insulting.
Abortion has long term psycological effects on some people. At least those with a conscience,which is why there is nothing wrong with counseling prior to having one instead of just treating women like cattle. Every election season the dems go hunting for more "victims"

Joe said...

XO: "I'm a rational human being with a healthy brain..."

Would you please substantiate that claim?

Joe said...

People: Could we please mitigate the personal attacks?

I always ask politely...the first time.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


Your ignorance of the Crusades is abominable. The Crusades were mounted to stop the terror of Islam. Islam was taking over everywhere, and if you didn't convert you were killed. If if wasn't for the Crusades you'd be speaking Arabic - IF they let you live.

Islam is the most violent religion ever, and if you think otherwise it only shows that you know absolutely nothing about history and Islam. It is the MUSLIMS who put the relationship with the WORLD as what it is today. It is Islam which has perpetrated - and continues to do so - the most barbaric acts against human kind. Do you even read the news?!?!?

It wasn't Christians who started the Crusades, it was the Roman Catholic Church, which has always been more of an empirical organization than it has been about representing the real Christ.

Wow, such a divergence from the topic of the post!

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

How about listening to REAL women tell about the so-called "war" on women.


Joe said...

GEC: I wouldn't count on the likes of XO, Ducky et.al. paying any attention to the link. After all, they already know all they need to know. Further learning would just get in their way.

Anonymous said...

Good link GEC. Those are my sentiments too.
Thanks for giving XO a history lesson for Christianophobiacs.
Joe all learning begins and ends with lefties

Lisa said...

Sorry that comment was mine

Xavier Onassis said...

G.E.C. - During the time Muslims ruled over Moorish Spain, there was peace among Muslims, Jews and Christians. Muslims didn't punish Christians for being Christian and even worked with the Jews. When Christianity took over under the King and Queen Fernando and Isabel they exiled many Jews and Muslims and then establish the Inquisition, which interrogated, tortured, and killed many Jews along with Muslims.

When the Muslims first took over Jerusalem they allowed Jews to live and freely practice their religion there.

When the Christian Crusaders arrived during the First Crusade they slaughtered every non-Christian, Muslim and Jew alike in Jerusalem down to every last woman and child. The streets of Jerusalem were knee-deep in the blood of butchered Muslims and Jews at the hands of the Christian Crusaders.

This was the Muslim 9/11. This incident is just as fresh and raw to every Muslim in the world as The Twin Towers is to us.

It is you, who have no grasp of history or reality.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


Thanks for the revisionist history with the normal exaggerations. And it wasn't Christians - it was Catholics. And that is not always the same.

Try reading a bit more about the history of Islam instead of sucking up the liberal propaganda. I'll give you an easy book to start with: "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)," by Robert Spencer. You might also try "God's Battalions" by Rodney Stark. Just those two should give you enough facts to rebut all your liberal, Islam loving nonsense.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

I suppose this is because of the Crusades?


Lisa said...

So XO is justifying 9/11? How liberal of you. Ward Churchill would be so proud.

Dave Miller said...

Lisa, your inability to understand that an example is not a justification is as amazing as your using false facts.

Where exactly in his comments did XO justify the 9/11 attacks?

Lisa said...

Put it this way Dave ,XO like most liberals are more swift to condemn the crusades and not 9/11 . To me that's justifying it.

Xavier Onassis said...

Who is Ward Churchill?? I'm going to have to google that. Never heard of him.

Dave Miller said...

Lisa... so the swiftness with which some responds to an issue or not, signals justification?

Is that true in all cases, or just when it is a liberal?

Dave Miller said...

Glenn, and in one statement, you sever a centuries long link between Christianity and Catholicism. I see this daily in villages across Mexico where uninformed people and leaders have demonized the "other" for years.

It is interesting that people like you who discount that link then turn around and appeal to those centuries of theology when they suit your purpose.

The argument typically goes something like this... You liberals, or revisionist people cannot disregard thousands of years of church belief to simply change theology.

And yet when you wish, you simply disregard those statements.

Very John MacArthur like of you...

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Dave Miller,

you who discount that link then turn around and appeal to those centuries of theology when they suit your purpose.

The Romanist Church is a corrupt organization which left the Bible behind in the 4th and 5th centuries as they began adding traditions of man to supplant what the Bible says. There are Catholics who are Christian in SPITE of Romanist teachings, because there is enough of the truth that it can be found. But you will never see me “appeal to those centuries” of Catholic theology except to demonstrate how apostate and heretical they are.

I appeal to what the BIBLE has said for thousands of years (5000 for the O.T., 2000 for the N.T.)

So your statement is nothing but a bald-faced lie.

What is it about John MacArthur that you find problematic? His truthfulness in exposing false teaching? I disagree with his Calvinist doctrines, but other than that he is an outstanding theologian.

Dave Miller said...

No Glenn, my statement is not inaccurate. You appeal, as many of us do, to a certain understanding of the bible that is primarily rooted in the Reformation but then altered to fit the American theological context.

What many ascribe to today, what they call biblical teaching, is far from how the early church fathers understood what Jesus was about and what he expected of us.

To insist, as many conservatives do, that how we understand today, words and phrases found in the ancient texts, is the same as it was 5000 years ago is absurd.

It is this type of scholarship that drives wedges into the family of believers and I believe, saddens God.

Not only, IMHO, is it wrong, many only use it when it agrees with their pojnt of view.

Over time words and their meanings have changed drastically, and each passing day yields new scholarship. With that, our understanding changes. God's word never changes, but our ability to understand it does.

That should, indeed must, lead us to examine anew how we lead our lives.

Regarding MacArther, if you disagree with his Calvinism, a central pillar of his theology, how can you support him at all? It is illogical to call someone an "Outstanding theologian" when you disagree with the central doctrine that informs that theology.

Aside from that, I dislike, as many of his students do with whom i have interacted over the years, the divisiveness that he brings to the church. I am sure he sees it as separating the wheat from the chaff, but the manner in which he does so can hardly be considered humble.

The same can be said for much of the Protestant church in Mexico. Do they[we] have significant disagreements with the Catholic church? Yes of course they do. But the dismissive manner in how they deal with this, much like MacArthur with people with whom he disagrees, is anything but a Christlike model that considers others, even sinners, worthy of our sacrifice and better than us.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Dave Miller

You appeal, as many of us do, to a certain understanding of the bible that is primarily rooted in the Reformation but then altered to fit the American theological context

You couldn’t be more in error. My understanding of the Bible is based on proper hermeneutical exegesis, not what anyone else tells me it says.

Many of the “early church fathers” left the Bible behind as they brought in Greek philosophies, and corrupted much of what the Bible said. Augustine was one of the worst in this regard.

It is not absurd to suggest that we can understand the Bible in the same way Jews and Christians have understood it any more than it is absurd to say — as liberals do - that we can’t understand the U.S. Constitution today as it was understood by those who wrote it.

Calvinism may form MacArthur’s central theological viewpoint, but Calvinism only address a small portion of overall Christian doctrine and understanding of Scripture. Yes, he brings divisiveness among the church - he divides the wheat from the chaff, just like Jesus and Paul did. It divides the church when false teachers don’t like being called out — it divides the sheep from the goats and the wolves from the shepherds.

People like you accept false teaching in the name of peace - something neither Christ, nor any of the prophets or apostles of the Bible would condone.

Now, how about dropping this side issue and address the topic of the post.

Dave Miller said...

Glenn... regarding Joe's post... there's no response necessary. Joe's title clearly expresses that this is his perspective.

Since he finds no need to value, or respond to anyone else's perspective, clearly, any response would be met with derision.

Joe, like many conservatives, has already determined his views, and no amount of empirical evidence will sway him.

Indeed, like Lisa, many conservatives will not accept any facts that challenge their viewpoint on anything Obama. That is why she has stated that she can use "False Facts."

Regarding your exegetical methods, I applaud your hubris and certainty. I've never met anyone who in one statement can favor MacArthur and denigrate the church fathers at the same time.

Why are you not teaching at a seminary?

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Dave Miller,

Joe's perspective happens to be right on target. IT is the liberals who never met a lie they didn't like, and whose champion is our Liar in Chief Obamanation.

Lies are what the whole leftist philosophy is built on.

By the way, I only "denigrate" the "church fathers" when they departed from Scripture - the same thing I "denigrate" MacArthur for (his Calvinism). Too bad you never learned proper hermeneutics.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

How many really have signed up who didn't lose previous insurance?