Friday, October 4, 2013


Well, well, well! I see that although the House passed bills to re-fund the essential parts of the government, Dirty Harry has decided not to cooperate.

Let's be clear: the bills were there. The opportunity to "reduce the pain" of shut down was there. Nothing was in the way of funding what needed to be funded. Nothing.

If the Senate had gone along with the re-funding, essential service would have been re-funded by now.

So, he went along...right?


Dirty Harry decided that he would rather shut down the entire government than to give in and fund what needed to be funded.

He had the bills, OK? They were there to be enacted. All he had to do was to do it.

But he refused.

And of course, it's the Republicans' fault that Dirty Harry refused to bring up the funding bills. He is n not to blame for not bringing up the funding bills in the Senate. Just because he is the one who did not bring them up is no reason to accuse him of not bringing them up! (???)

As I say, there are folks who cannot think straight, but who think they are thinking straight. There are folks who cannot draw a proper conclusion from a set of facts but who think they are drawing the right conclusions. There are folks so corrupted in their thinking that they cannot see the stupidity of their thought processes. There are folks whose DNA prevented them from doing all of these things from birth.

They are called liberals.


Xavier Onassis said...

The tantrum-throwing Tea Party idiots don't get to slice the government into chunks and decide which parts they want to fund.

That is not how our government works.

There is nothing to negotiate here. The only question is whether the petulant children in the House of Representatives will turn the United States of America into a deadbeat country in order to pander to the knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing, uneducated, misinformed miscreants who voted them into office.

Pass a clean CR, fund the government or resign your seat and go home.

After the government has been funded you can submit all of the Bills you please via Regular Order.

Craig said...

So, the Dems aren't going along with the Repubs plan to release the hostages one at a time. The popular hostages, the ones that make Repubs look bad. Boehner can release all the hostages right now. The votes are there for a clean CR but he won't because it would damage his speakership, which is more important than a functioning govt.

You're good with governing by extortion. Solid thinking, Joe.

Dave Miller said...

Joe, why is the GOP and Speaker Boehner unwilling to bring a clean CR, funded at essentially the Ryan budget amounts to a vote of the full house? Can someone answer that?

Reid is obstructing because he does not believe budgeting line by line is effective.

Dave Miller said...

Regarding your last post... are you saying no govt workers are out of work, or are you saying they have not yet not been paid?

There seems to be little disagreement right now that they will not be getting back pay for this furlough...

Joe said...

XO: "That is not how our government works."

Actually, it is exactly how our government works.

Craig: "...the Repubs plan to release the hostages..."

That's a false analogy. I thought a many of your brilliance would know that. I guess I was wrong.

DM: "Can someone answer that?"

Yes. Because it would then allow for the most destructive force since the formation of the country, ObamaCare.

All essential government workers (military, VA, TSA, Control Towers, SS, Medicare, etc) will be paid immediately. If the Senate allows it, so will all of the others. If the Senate remains unmovable, there could be problems. That's in their laps, now.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

It's all about their pet project, Obamacare. The Demokrats are willing to destroy the country with it, and to destroy the country if they don't get it.

Demokrats have one agenda - to make this a socialist nation.

Duckys here said...

No Glenn, it's about the Affordable Care Act.
This habit of trying to smear something you DO NOT understand by changing the language is an Alinsky tactic. Oh my, Glenn read "Rules for Radicals", who knew? I thought he was verboten.

What this is about Glenn is the destruction of American democracy by a rump group of ideologues.

Throw in a frightened speaker who cares more about his position than his country and you have this brinksmanship.
I know, Joe, this is the spot where you step in and start the spiel about a "republic not a democracy" and I'm not going to argue common usage with you.
But we should all know this. We are not a government meant to be controlled by a rump minority group from safe gerrymandered districts (thanks to the repeal of the Voting Rights Act).

And these crazies like "Green Eggs and Ham" Cruz and Louie Gohmert will take it down if they can.

All but the most selfish among us like Glenn who has his GOVERNMENT PAID health insurance and bump everyone else (oh, Joe has government paid insurance also?) agree that health insurance being made more available and affordable is a sound goal.
We know it cannot be done quickly and revisions will have to be made along the way but we have a goal.

We can't meet that goal by "negotiating" with the Baggers.
An Indiana Rep. was on NPR and explained how to compromise. Pass the austerity budget with a rider to repeal the medical device tax. There it's done.

Of course then we come back in a couple weeks for the debt limit "negotiations" and more of the ACA is eliminated.

We know how this works. We understand your lack of vision.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Ducky again shows his far-left liberal ideology. The whole Demokrat stance is in support of their messiah Obama bin Laden and his Cloward-Piven agenda to take the U.S. into total marxist-socialism.

Um, I have my health insurance PARTIALLY paid for by my employer, as do just about everyone else who has employer-paid health insurance. So I was a government employee - so what? Not all government jobs are worthless and unconstitutional as DHS, TSA and their ilk who spend more on bureaucracy than on security.

Obama Care, euphemistically called the "Affordable Care Act", is not a bit affordable. But that doesn't matter to the LEFT, as long as deadbeats get something "Free" paid for by everyone who actually work for a living.

Duckys here said...

Obama Care, euphemistically called the "Affordable Care Act"

For the ages, folks. For the ages.

Man the live in a vacuum.

Duckys here said...

Glenn, what makes your situation any different than a person applying for insurance on an exchange?

Other than the fact you feel entitled.

sue hanes said...

Joe - At this point I think that Liberals and Republicans need to take a look at themselves and get our government back in action.

I think both are to blame for the shutdown.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Let's see,

You take a job with an employer who says he will pay you a certain amount of money, and then he says with the pay you will also have health insurance (no dental or vision care) partially paid for by him, and you will earn vacation and sick days. So, with that as your incentive, you take the job. Therefore you are indeed entitled to what the employer offered you as a condition of employment. Along with that, the employer took a percentage of your pay to hold in a retirement account and promised to pay that to you after you retired, and promised that you could also continue having him pay for part of your health insurance premium. Yes, with that contract to be employed, you are indeed entitled to the conditions of the contract.

Yes, I'm entitled.

Now, the problem with the ACA is that there are mandates for the employers to provide what the GOVERNMENT says should be provided under health care. And all insurance companies must now cover things they never covered before, which means they pass along the costs to the insured. So just to satisfy the ACA, they have made it unaffordable by causing those of us with health insurance to have our rates doubled or more!

There is nothing affordable about the ACA except for people who get it for "free" (paid for by the rest of us.)

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Who shut down the government? The Demokrats.

While they could pass the bills funding everything else and haggle about Obamacare later, they refuse to do so. They hold the entire country hostage over the funding of Obamacare.

Dave Miller said...

No Glenn, you are wrong. The ACA, or Obamacare as it is known has already been funded and falls under mandated spending. The GOP asked for a specific amount of Federal Dollars to be spent in the next year, approx 970 billion. That was the Ryan Budget. The Dems and the Senate based GOP in a 100 to 0 vote approved a CR at about 985 billion. So the difference is only 15 billion. That 985 billion budget is way below what Dems originally offered and very close to the proposed Ryan budget.

Why won't the GOP accept their own budgeted amount? Why won't the House GOP allow a vote on a clean CR? Because it would pass, that's why. The GOP led House would now end the shutdown if their leaders would allow a vote.

Get your facts straight.

Can you ever recall a time when Congress decided to defund a law they did not like as part of the budget process? Probably not because it's a stupid way to govern, no matter who does it.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


Here is why I'm right. You drink too much liberal kook-aid

Dave Miller said...

Sorry Glenn, as many in the GOP have admitted, Krauthammer notwithstanding, there is no way to defund Obamacare without a repeal. It is already funded and money is already being spent.

Even Cruz has admitted he has no plan after learning his idea to defund could not work. We have also seen plenty of GOP members say this is about pride and that they need to get "something" out of this. Why is that?

You never mentioned why the GOP leadership won;t allow a clean CR to come up, especially now that every day more and more Republicans say they would vote for it, thus guaranteeing passage.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

So you can't NOT fund something any more just because it has previously been funded? And if Obamacare isn't in the bill it is not a "clean CR"?!?!

Some peoples' logic doesn't make sense.

Demokrats are whiney babies. Just remember, a government which forces you to purchase health care can also force you to purchase anything.