Tuesday, October 29, 2013


According to liberals, if you say something that is not true, and you know it's not true, and have known from the beginning it isn't true, you are not lying, you just meant something other than what you said.

 So far, over 200,000 people in Washington State have received notices that they can not keep their current plan. And that has happened in state after state after state.

 President BO has lied about everything he promised about the AHA. He is a consumate liar, a polished liar, a consistent liar and a filthy liar.

 President BO is a greasy, slick nasty politician whose slime surpasses that of LBJ, RMN, WJC and JFK.

 I would retract all of those accusations if they were not true, but they are true.

 Now we learn that in 2014, those who have health insurance through their employers will now have their benefits counted as taxable income. How do you like them apples? (Check out box 14 on your W-2.)

My company just sent out notices about the decrease in benefits and increase in deductibles and co-pays in order to conform to the AHA.

 Whoo! Whoo! Go Obama! (You'd better go now, because when rank-and-file Americans find out what you really did and how different it is from what you said you'd do, they're not going to be kind to you.


Dave Miller said...

Joe, where have you heard that health benefits are now taxable?

It simply is not true, which by your def, makes you a liar, albeit not greasy or queasy...

Here's a link proving your lies so you do not have to Google it as you urge us to when we request a link or back up for your fantastic stories...


sue hanes said...

Joe - I am beginning to wonder about the man I voted for twice.
I haven't given up on him completely but I'm beginning to wonder.

Duckys here said...

Your company told you they had to decrease benefits in order to conform?

That's quite odd and I notice you offer no details.

I'll call TILT just as you were called on the taxation of insurance premium benefits.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got several comments about that when I posted about the George Zimmerman trial). I imagine this is a movie they'll come out against too. We are, however, still living with the legacy of slavery (racism). I would say that the denials by Conservative of this fact are racist.

I signed up for emails from WND awhile ago... and have received a number of links to stories about "Black mobs" since the GZ case was decided.

But then again, who the hell cares anymore, we are all going to hell in a handbasket due to the "Commander In Chief"

Joe said...

DM: Think as you like. Come back and tell me I was wrong about February or March of 2014.

sh: You can't deny that we tried to tell you.

Ducky: I have no scanner, but I have the notice in my hot little hands.

Joe said...

DM: Or maybe I was just thinking like a liberal and said it but didn't really say it, or if I did I didn't mean it.

Orrrrrr. Maybe I was just right.

EzzZee said...

First of all, the name of the program ObamaCare is a political name given the program so the Republicans who wish this program would fail and are doing whatever they can to make it fail. And Democrats don’t even realize this or they would have not allowed this name to stick. . President Obama should have nipped this in the bud right away, but something with his name on it got the best of him, being the attention getter that he is. . The correct name is “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”, and that’s what it would be called. PERIOD! It should be known as the “ACA”. People do no not like nicknames for important programs and the less educated people do not understand the term. Second, there is no specific exemption for Muslims in the ACA; there are some allowable waivers for some church groups but each must be approved individually. Third, I support the ACA as it affords those without medical insurance the opportunity to seek and get much needed medical care. You folks that are rich and buy any medical insurance program you want, those of you with free medical insurance and those of you who are provided medical insurance through your employment help get medical care to everyone that need care. It is not Socialism; it is the American way. Fourth, the data input problems are usual problems associated with new computer monitored programs. Remember garbage in garbage out; you only get the quality you pay for or relative to the overall management of the program. In conclusion, let’s get behind the program and help Americans that need medical help. We will catch some of the crooks; some will figure to make big profits, i.e., politicians, hospitals, doctors, insurance companies and groups (like AIG whom we, the people, had to bail out because of bad investments), just everyday people who are looking to beat the system and make a little money and let us not forget the scam artists; but nothing is ever perfect. Individual cost for the medical coverage is the most misunderstood item at this time, but things will change as this factor is sorted and applied properly. You should not listen to rumors or assumptions about what an ACA plan will cost you; you need to go to the ACA site and compare costs with what you currently pay. OK, so there were some glitches with the website at first, but this happens with NEW programs all the time.

EzzZee said...

I believe we can overcome these problems. There is a lot of negative advertisement out on the ACA cost for individuals and families; get the facts; go to the experts and get the truth. There still appears to be some unknown cost factors associated with age and current health insurance coverage.
I recognize the bias of these fear mongering by these NAY-Sayers. A delay of maybe three months might be appropriate, but what about those who expecting health care coverage because they have none and need it to survive. The ACA will provide medical care for pre-existing conditions for thousands of Americans and it will provide medical insurance to 15 million Americans that do not have medical insurance. As a result of the ACA hundreds of clinics have opened across the United States. The GOP/Tea Party members and lovers have resorted to outright lies and twisted truths concerning ACA; do not listen to them; talk to your friends and other people and tell them the advantage and truth about the ACA. Maybe implementation of the Medicaid portion might be appropriate for those poor people or those that cannot afford the cost at this time. It is apparent that some adjustments are needed, but the ACA intent and purpose is still a sound way to take care of America. The ACA cost may be less than you expected. Remember the GOP is still trying to take funds away from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the GOP is really pushing negative ads and incomplete information with the intent of bringing the ACA down; a lot of the GOP rationale is that Obama is black and the racists in the GOP resents will do anything to discredit Obama. They use the “N: word behind his back and among themselves because they fear reprisals for the racists and bigots they really are. God help the GOP if and when a woman starts kicking their asses in 2016 to get things done; they will be crying bloody murder for their for help.

Joe said...

EzzZee: "...the data input problems are usual problems associated with new computer monitored programs."

So it takes the government three years and 10 months and millions of dollars to design a web site that is down about 70% of the time, provides wrong information, requires registration before access to prices and policies, sends information to the wrong places, uses words that even the government does not know how to define, and is so illogically laid out that a person with a doctorate could not understand it, let alone the average layman is OK with you?

WOW! You must be really stupid.

So now the Obama says he is bringing in the "brightest and best" to fix it. (Why did it need fixing if it wasn't broken?) So, why didn't he use the "brightest and best" to begin with?

Common, EzzZee, how much cover up can you do before it becomes embarrassing? How much?