Monday, October 7, 2013


He is narcissistic, self centered, tyrannical, unthinking, uncaring, unsympathetic, boorish, a bully, unresponsive, unwilling to compromise (although he keeps saying he is willing to work with the "other side" if they would just do things his way), a complete fool and the worst example of what a president should be and do of any person ever to grace the White House, In fact, he not only does not grace the White House, he disgraces it.


Lone Ranger said...

It just boggles the mind that liberals aren't the least bit embarrassed by the antics coming out of the Spite House. They shut down the Amber Alert site, but keep Michelle's health site open. What's THAT all about?

Fred Weintroub said...

"The latest stroke of ignorance! Obama Shuts Down Amber Alert"
Wow! How Pathetic is That!!
If it wasn't so Pathetic, it would be funny! The whole country is laughing at you Obama. You don't even merit the term of President to me anymore. What a joke you are!

So now the administration's temper tantrum extends to a War on Children? Can the death of a kidnapped child serve as a weapon to beat the Republicans with.

The Democratic/Liberal/Progressive Party.. "The party of compassion" yeah right! Obama is literally holding the Amber Alert System, ( Kidnaped Children) hostage to his demands! What low class Out of Control Scum this party is!.

Craig said...

There's at least one honest Republiklan (kute, eh Glenn?). Peter King told Kris Wallace,

“We are the ones who did shut the government down,” he insisted. “You don’t take the dramatic step of shutting down the government unless you have a real strategy.”

This is what Tea Bagger America looks like, Joe. Stop whining.

Lone, Amber Alerts are still being issued and investigated. The federal site is just an aggregate of Alerts. You'll still see amber alerts in all the usual places. More phony outrage to get the rubes riled.

sue hanes said...

Joe - I'm beginning to wonder about the president. He is not doing the best for our country. But then neither is Congress. They are being stubborn about all of this.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


"Demokrat" is used because that party is about as socialist as they can be at this moment in history. Republicans are not socialists.

Duckys here said...

Come on Glenn, you mean Godless Communists.

Don't mince words.

José Conservative said...

Yes, the libtards are out of control. Thank you Joe for showing us what disgusting creeps they are. Obummer should be thrown out of office after this outrage. He's shown hisself to be someone willing to hurt CHILDREN so that he gets his way. Obummer is too good a name for him!

Lone Ranger said...

It seems that all outrage against democrats is "phony." I'm still outraged about slavery and segregation. Phony. I'm outraged that the government tried to keep WWII vets away from their memorial, yet allowed a rally of illegal immigrants on the National Mall. Phony. I'm outraged that this regime cut off death benefits to families of our fallen warriors. Phony. I'm outraged that Obama is cancelling military church services and threatening to arrest chaplains who conduct services, while keeping military golf courses open. Phony. Yup, it seems that any criticism of the liberal demi-god Obama is phony.

Craig said...

Lone, Lone, Lone. I don't think your outrage is the least bit phony. I think you're riled up. Someone told you that the federal Amber Alert website is down and you and people like Fred think, " Obama is literally holding the Amber Alert System, ( Kidnaped Children) hostage to his demands!"

The people reporting the Amber Alert story know damn well the Alert system is functioning normally. Their outrage is phony and they also know damn well there are plenty of Lones and Freds they can rile up.

The Republicans in the House shut down the govt. They've admitted it. My Michelle Bachmann has a new spring in her step. How many R's have said the shutdown is no big deal (it's a 'Slimdown'), then in the next breath express outrage that some things are actually shut down. Phonies. Their demand to nullify a passed law by defunding it, even though it's already been funded, would set the most dangerous precedent I can imagine. A few petulant lawmakers can shut down the govt or risk the full faith and credit of the U.S. because they don't like a law. "Nice govt. ya gots there. Be a shame if sumpin should happen to it." See where this is going?

The Republicans shut it down. The people telling you otherwise know that. Your outrage is real and totally misdirected. Your grip on reality has failed. The phonies riling you up count on it.

Craig said...

Knock, knock. Joe, everything okay in there? You alright? I'm worried.