Monday, August 26, 2013

World Gone Mad


Glenn E. Chatfield said...

And lemming Americans blindly leap off the cliff.

sue hanes said...

Joe - Ah. We can count on Bill
Whittle to show us how the world has gone mad. He himself has gone mad - and his videos prove it.

Skittles, Iced Tea, Moonbeams, and Unicorns said...

Last Friday, Christopher Lane, a 22-year-old Australian here on a baseball scholarship, was shot and killed while jogging in Duncan, Okla., population 23,000. He died where he fell.

Police have three suspects, two black and one white. The former said they were bored and decided to shoot Lane for “the fun of it.”

As Lane was white and the shooter black, racism has surfaced as a motive. Thursday came reports that killing a white man may have been an initiation rite for the black teens in joining some offshoot of the Crips or Bloods.

What happened in Oklahoma and the reaction, or lack of reaction to it, tells us much about America in 2013, not much of it good.

Teenagers who can shoot and kill a man out of summertime boredom are moral barbarians, dead souls.

But who created these monsters? Where did they come from? Surely one explanation lies in the fact that the old conscience-forming and character-forming institutions – home, church, school and a moral and healthy culture fortifying basic truths – have collapsed. And the community hardest hit is Black America.

If we go back to the end of World War II, 90 percent of black families consisted of a mother and father and children raised and disciplined by their parents. The churches to which these families went on Sundays were stronger. Black schools may have been largely segregated, but they were also the transmission belts of patriotism and traditional values rooted in biblical truths and a Christian faith.

Though such schools graduated hardworking, law-abiding and productive citizens, today they would be closed as unconstitutional.

Indeed, all of those character- and conscience-forming institutions of yesterday are in an advanced state of decline today.

Seventy-three percent of black kids are born to single moms. Black kids who make it to 12th grade may often be found reading at seventh-, eighth- or ninth-grade levels. In some cities the black dropout rate can hit as high as 50 percent.

Drugs are readily available. And among black males ages 18 to 29, in urban areas, often a third are in prison or jail, or on probation or parole, or walking around with a criminal record.

Where do the kids get their ideas of right and wrong, good and evil? In homes where the father is absent and the TV is always on. From radios tuned in to rap and hip-hop. From films where Hollywood values prevail and the shooting never stops. From street gangs that sometimes form the only families these kids have ever known.

What kind of leadership do we see today in Black America?

What can be said for an NAACP that was lately demanding a Justice Department investigation of a rodeo clown running around a bull ring in rural Missouri in an Obama mask, but cannot find its voice to address a black-on-white atrocity in Middle America?...
More proof that racial violence Is overwhelmingly Black-On-White!!

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Of the three killers of Christopher Lane, two were black and the other was like Obama - of mixed parentage. So since he was like Obama, that makes him black also. After all, Obama says he's black, as do all the media.

And Al Sharpton said it was not a racial assault, that there has been no racial motive found. Of course everyone pointed out that there was absolutely NO racism on the part of Zimmerman, but Al Sharpton said it was a clear case of racism. Such hypocrites.

Just Sayin said...

Let us count the ways!
Jobs, no.
Economy, no.
Health care, no.
Transparent government, no.
IRS, no.
Benghazi, no.
Unite America, no (keeps putting blacks against others, example, Zimmerman).
Schools are better, no.
Budget, no.
Trade, no.
US industry, no.
AG, no.
Bin Laden, well not really that infrastructure was from Bush.
Better relations in the Middle East, no. They still think we are Christian devils and want to kill us.
Military, no. Every member of every branch has zero respect for him as the Commander in Chief.

I could go on and on, I think he is a gutless coward.
Why would someone vote for a president just because "he's black"? He has done NOTHING for this country but run it even further into the ground. This man is ridiculous and should be impeached. He is a liar and a traitor! He has not kept his word on a single thing he promised in order to win his first election except maybe the healthcare, but yet America voted for him again?!?! Unless the rumors are true and he fixed the vote. That would explain a lot. He doesnt belong in Office. He never did. And neither does the First Lady.

Whenever someone disagrees with Obama, the liberals automatically brand said person as a racist.Well too bad!

NightHawk said...

The use of chemical weapons in Syria doesn't justify the U.S. murdering people that are not directly threatening us and only makes sense if you buy into the Bush Preemption Doctrine nonsense (which apparently the current President does). Didn't the Liberals get their panties all in a wad about that then? So why is it alright now?

I have to wonder if the Progressive Chickenhawks are going to start volunteering to fight Obama's "Good" Wars this time?

My Conservative Values said...

Last Saturday, we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. march on Washington and the “I Have a Dream” speech. Thousands gathered at the Lincoln Memorial to commemorate the historic event and leaders spoke, including Attorney General Eric Holder, was there to say there is still a lot of work yet to be done. I AGREE.
I agree that the march on Washington was the core of Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech was racial harmony. Yet just over the past two weeks, we witnessed the senseless killing in Oklahoma of Chris Lane, an Australian baseball player, at the hands of two black teenage (and one white) gang members who said they were bored and did it for fun. Rev. Al says he did get involved because it wasn’t racial!

Then the very next week, we heard about the murder of an 88 year-old WWII vet Delbert Belton in Spokane, Washington, again at the hands of two black teenagers who robbed and savagely beat him to death. Let’s not forget about the three black teens beating up a white teen on a school bus in Florida earlier this month. Was Dr. King’s dream and non-violent philosophy taught to these black teenagers? This generation seems to have made the wrong turn in the fork in the road.

Further, unlike with the killing of Trayvon Martin, these three black on white crimes were not plastered all over the news by the Main Stream Media. In fact, few people even know about them. The media’s double standard that says white victims don’t deserve news coverage and outrage is alarming.
So YES, Attorney General Eric Holder, I AGREE, to say Attorney General Eric Holder, to say there is work yet to be done, is an under statement. There is a lot of work yet to be done to stop these maniacs from this senseless killing of people, be it black on black or whatever. A dead person knows no race. We don’t hear anything like this from the white community do we! Blacks have come to accept the fact that the high rate of murders comes from the BLACK communities. It’s the norm, rather then the exceptional. Almost every day, we read it on the news, we hear it on the radio, and on the TV, someone else got shot last night. Gang members fight over territory; drug dealers protect their boundaries; and it goes on and on. This is not the racial harmony Dr. King dreamed of. Rev. Al Sharpton will never tell you this of all the murders being committed 93% black against other blacks. And one of the teenagers charged with the murder of the Melbourne baseball star Chris Lane posted racist tweets saying he hated white people in the months before the shooting..

The Voice of Reason said...
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