Tuesday, August 13, 2013


The New York Times recently ran a headline: “Obama, Before a Military Audience, Vows to End across-the-board Cuts. President Obama stood at this desert base on Wednesday before nearly 3,000 Marines, sailors and their families — and a captive audience of two Republican adversaries from Congress — and vowed that he would fight to end across-the-board budget cuts that have shaken the military.”

The reason this is significant is that this is the very same president, President BO (the amateur president) who thought up the idea of a pending sequester. In fact, he insisted on a sequester for the very reason that it cut military spending more than any other budget item.

Does it not seem odd to you that someone would propose an agenda that would cut military spending and then turn around and promise the military that he would end the military spending cuts?

That does not seem odd to you?

You must be a liberal. Only a liberal, a water carrying liberal, would be unable to see the problem.


Xavier Onassis said...

Joe - The idea behind the sequester, as you well know, was that it would be a Budget Nuclear Option. An idea so horrible and so abhorrent, that it would force congress to reach a budget compromise to avoid such deep,indiscriminate, across the board cuts to the military industrial complex that the Republicans worship so deeply.

But in true, ignorant, self immolating Republican fashion, they decided that they were too stupid and intransigent to reach a compromise.

They decided that they would willingly decimate not only the military but the entire economy in the hope that they could convince gullible conservatives that this whole thing was somehow the president's fault.

You took the bait, Joe. Need any help getting that hook out of your cheek?

sue hanes said...

Joe - Yes - it does seem odd to me and I'm a Liberal.