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Is Hilary laughing over liberals' latest
ploy to deflect questions about

Every liberal knows that Benghazi is just some sort of smoke screen fabricated by Republicans to get even with President BO (the amateur president).

Why, no lesser characters on the political scene than straight thinking Barbara Boxer and even President BO (the amateur president), himself now are trying to throw the blame for something they have tried to convince us never happened on Republicans.

After the now famous 94 emails have been read, studied and shown to have altered the story line at least 12 times, over a period of weeks, even months, they have spoken out.

Now the emails themselves teach us that what the White House and the State Department have been saying about Benghazi was a pure, unadulterated lie…that is to say: it was not true.

Having been caught in a series of deliberated lies that went on well past the time when the Administration and his political flunkies knew exactly what had happened, they now try to blame Republicans for “budget cuts” that kept them from doing what they wanted to do…save those at the Consulate.

Barbara Boxer, appearing before the Senate, forcefully asked, “Who cut the funds from Embassy security?” Then, throwing her hand in the air to look authoritative, she said, “The republicans in the House, that’s who. Hundreds of millions of dollars." She went on, this time throwing her other hand out for emphasis, “So I think that Benghazi scandal, in quotes (I think she meant, “quote: scandal, close quote), starts with the Republicans looking in the mirror," (whatever that means). Then she asked, incomprehensibly, “Mirror, mirror who’s the fairest of them all?”

What? “Who’s the fairest of them all?” What does that even mean. I've watched Snow White a dozen or more times (the Disney version, of course) and ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall” has absolutely nothing to do with spending money.

“They ought to ask,” she continued, “Mirror, mirror, who cut the funding?”

Huh? Talk about your malapropisms!

Then President BO (the amateur president) weighed in.

“I’m intent on making sure that we do everything we can, uh, to prevent another tragedy like this from happening.”

Why? It wasn’t that big of a deal (or so say the liberal commenters on this blog). If it was no big deal, why try to keep it from happening?

“But,” said he, “We’re not gonna be able to do this alone. We’re gonna need Congress as a partner. I’m calling on Congress to work with us to support and fully fund our budget request to improve the security of our embassies (his word, not mine) around the world.”

So, since the rest of their deflections didn't work, they now try to blame lack of funding.

One of the talking points from the liberals after the Benghazi attack persistently blamed an obscure, seldom watched video for the attack. They wouldn't let it rest. They even apologized for it, for Pete’s sake! They really, really wanted us to think the video was the culprit here.

So, the item conveniently NOT answered in the emails was, “Who pushed the videos?” Who thought Americans were so stupid that they would accept on its face the claim that that poorly made, meaningless video caused the death of four Americans because Islam was so offended?

Susan Rice certainly pushed that idea, over and over again. Why? Who told her to do that? Do you think she did it on her own? If you do, I have a proverbial bridge…oh, never mind. You liberals are incapable of learning, anyway. You’ll just keep on saying that the whole Benghazi thing is a tempest in a teapot.

There is another question that is not cleared up by the emails. Who made the decision to order the troops to stand down and not go to Benghazi? Who did that? Did they do it without consulting with their Commander in Chief? Well, did they?

If they did not, then the Commander in Chief is culpable. If they did, then heads should roll.

So, what WILL ACTUALLY happen?

The liberal Democrats have already signaled what will happen: They will NOT accept responsibility (Hilary Clinton’s proclamation to the contrary notwithstanding), but will gladly push the blame on Republicans.

Interestingly, that was not their first response. They chose to blame a video first. Not until now did it occur to them that they might be able to use the fiscal approach.

Either this is disingenuous, or it is a desperate attempt to change the subject.

I suspect both, don’t you?


Ducky's here said...

"You still don't get it, do you? He'll find her! That's what he does! That's ALL he does! You can't stop him! He'll wade through you, reach down her throat and pull her damn heart out!"

I'm Here To Tell You said...

Lets look at the video tape. (So to say)The cumulative effect of discovering lie upon lie is sure to dog this presidency for the duration of its term. Here is a short list of the building blocks that reveal the true heart of this administration:
The Obama administration is harassing conservative non-profit organizations. In February 2012, several conservative groups complained on FoxNews that they were being targeted by the IRS.
This is a massive abuse of governmental authority under this administration.
The Obama administration lied to the public about the attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. On September 11, 2012, just before the presidential election, the US Consulate was attacked and four Americans, including the US Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens, were murdered.
Instead of telling the obvious truth, UN Ambassador Susan Rice lied and told the world that the attacks were a spontaneous reaction to the release of a YouTube video and not a planned attack by terrorists.
The world knew differently and now the truth is being heaped on the head of the Obama administration like hot coals. As reported by Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard, we now know that the CIA report was altered twelve times to shade the truth of the attack removing references to the Ansar al Sharia Brigade responsible for the attack, or terrorism. Recall Obama’s campaign slogan for his 2012 re-election bid: “General Motors is Alive; Bin Laden is Dead.” Admitting that terrorism was still on the move did not fit into the re-election campaign narrative and so the administration, the president included, lied for months after the attack. The truth is still not in them.
On Capitol Hill May 8, 2013, Gregory Hicks, Deputy Ambassador to Libya, testified on Benghazi and said, “my jaw dropped. I was embarrassed” when Obama appointee and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice lied on national television that the attack was the result of a spontaneous rally protesting a YouTube video. Hicks and his staff knew otherwise, reported the Detroit News. Despite the unraveling of the truth, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the target of the US administration and the maker of the YouTube video “Innocence of Muslims,” is still in jail today under the pretext that he violated his probation for bank fraud.
The cover-up continues. Stevens died; Obama, Hillary & Rice lied.

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