Thursday, September 13, 2012


So, see, it was like this.

Some amateur video maker makes a video making fun of "the prophet MO."

As everyone knows, you can make fun of Christ, Bud-ah, Confucius and other religious leaders, but you had better not make fun of "the prophet MO" or you're in deep doo-doo. 

Anyway, this film makes the people of the "Religion of Peace" really mad and they set fire to one American embassy and blow up another, killing an American abbassador in the process. 

One video I saw showed a member of the "Religion of Peace" shaking his fist at the camera and shouting, "If you make us angry, we will kill you!"

Let me get this straight. A correct motive for killing someone is for someone else to make you angry.

What we are really dealing with here is a bunch of prehistoric barbarians, and that might be insulting to barbarians.

I have news for you members of the "Religion of Peace:" Your prophet IS a fake. He was a pedophile, morally corrupt evil man, and those who follow him are morally corrupt evil men.

Oh, and Allah is not just another name for God. It is the name of the Moon god.

You guys follow the Moon god! What a joke!

Here's a video that illustrates what I call: THE ONLY GOOD TERRORIST IS A DEAD TERRORIST. Content warning: This video does not fit the profile of what is allowed on this blog, but it is funny, so watch at your own risk.


Xavier Onassis said...

Joe - "the prophet MO."??>

The prophet's name is Mohammed. Spell it out so it is searchable on google. Don't hide behind abbreviations.

You are talking about Mohammed. Nothing wrong with that.

"Your prophet IS a fake."

Unlke Jesus? Please provide any evidence you may have that Mohammed has any less credibility than your Jesus. Because I would REALLY LOVE to see that!

"He was a pedophile, morally corrupt evil man"

Again, you are going to have to cough up some evidence.

"Oh, and Allah is not just another name for God. It is the name of the Moon god."

And Yaweh is the Two Faced God of Terrorism.

Joe said...

XO: "... you are going to have to cough up some evidence."

No. I'm not.

You are confusing this blog with some sort of pseudo-thesisiastic college paper, a very narrow way of looking at it.

Did you like the video? Because it was really pretty funny.

And, of course, who Yahweh is has absolutely nothing to do with who Allah is, and your "accusations" are meaningless to the point of the post.

You might as well have said, "And tomato soup is made of a vegetable" (that tomatoes are a fruit, notwithstanding).

"The prophet MO" is intended to be a term of disrespect and ridicule. If you already know how to spell his supposed name, why do you even care? Surely you know how to google him using the name you prefer...right? You don't seem to care whether you ridicule Jesus.

You may call Him "the 'savior,' JE" if you like. I won't be offended. He can certainly be offedned for Himself, if He wants to be. Besides, He will still love you and invite you to His presence.

What Joseph P. Farrell, Scott D. deHart have to say about Biblical quotes is of no interest to me and I neither have nor want a Kindle.

Lone Ranger said...

XO, the "prophet's" name is Muhammad. There is no "o" in Arabic. If Muhammad was a prophet, list some of his prophecies. Tell us about some of his miracles. Where is your evidence that Muhammad was anything other than a bandit, anti-Semite, slave trader, racist, pedophile and terrorist.

If you all recall, I predicted four years ago that if Obama reached out to Muslims, he would pull back a bloody stump. And here we are. EVERY prediction conservatives have made about Obama has come about.

Here's another prediction. Obama will mishandle this just as he has mishandled everything else. When the first "protestor" popped his head above the embassy wall, some Marine should have blown it off.

Joe said...

LR: He never made a single prophecy.

In order to be qualified as a prophet, one must prophesy. Then, all of his prophecies must come to fruition or he is a false prophet.

XO just does not get it. He is colored by his bias and his agenda.

As to PBO(tcp)...well you know what I think.

Mindy B. said...

Two of our embassy's are attacked on his watch, on the anniversary on one of the most infamous days in our nations history, and you are out campaigning in Las Vegas begging for cash. What a pathetic excuse for a Commander in Chief!

With Obama, it is always someone else's fault.

What an idiot we have for a president. But if you dare to criticize him, or you dare to disagree with his agenda, policy , you must be a RACIST!

Well then I guess that I am!

Anonymous said...

Did you see the video? It says Muhammad was a bastard - what i would call ironic, considering...

Joe said...

Mindy B: "With Obama, it is always someone else's fault."

These attacks are obviously Bush's fault.

Anon: Yeah. Ironic.

XO: "The prophet's name is Mohammed."

Really? Are you sure about that?

You seem very sure.

I guess you googled it to find out.

Anonymous said...

So what!
Do you kill 4 people for that?
No you don't, but animals don't think, they just run wild!

Lone Ranger said...

XO is not colored by his bias, he's colored by his hatred and bigotry. He's no different than the terrorists we fight, which is why he's constantly defending their behavior.

Craig said...

Your God's better than their God. So why don't you follow the teachings of your God. I would order the military to blow Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran off the map. I don't recall anything in the Book about Jesus advocating genocide to deal with his enemies. You're 4 times worse than Ahmadinejad. I know you don't give a damn about human beings once they're born, especially those of the Muslim variety but what about all those fetuses you'd destroy?

Yeah, J.C.'s Old Testament Daddy ordered brutal genocide a bunch but those voices in your head aren't God's.

I'll grant you, there are far more violent, crazy Muslims than Christians. It's a draw when it comes to just crazy. Still, it's a small % of the 2 billion Muslims who will react violently when their religion is trashed. I defend the free speech right to do it but what's the point? Remember when we were trying to win hearts and minds? That was part of the Petraeus (right wing demi-god) counter insurgency strategy.

If all 2B Muslims were what you say they are, we wouldn't stand a chance. You show typical cowardly bluster posting religious bigotry on your blog. No one gives a rat's ass what another phony Xtian, fat septuagenarian, anti-government toad sucking off the public teat, thinks. Posting a crappy movie that was heavily promoted by Super Xtian, Terry Jones is only meant to incite. You and Jones and the moron who made the movie can be reasonably safe here in the U.S. The people trying to do something constructive in a dangerous and complicated part of the world suffer for your ilks stupidity.

Not poking a hornets nest isn't appeasement, it's a matter of life and death. The movie maker got the reaction he wanted and 4 more Americans are dead. At least you can say, 'I told you so'. Feel better, Joe? None one ever accused you of being self aware.

which is why he's constantly defending their behavior.

When has XO ever defended their behavior. Do you ever think before you type or does it come straight from your ass onto the screen?

Craig said...

I see you loosened the language restrictions for this post. You see, I didn't abuse the privilege. I kept the expletives mild.

Lisa said...

Bin Laden is Dead and the Muslim Brotherhood is Alive.

The Debonair Dudes World said...

Lisa said...Bin Laden is Dead and the Muslim Brotherhood is Alive.

Good one Lisa, you can add that the Ambassador is also dead.

Xavier Onassis said...

Seriously people, where DO you get your "news" from?

What we know so far is that the protests against the ridiculous YouTube video and the attack on the Embassy were TWO SEPARATE INCIDENTS.

The attack on the Embassy was planned well in advance by a heavily armed group of militants who have been carrying out similar attacks against Western diplomats in the region for some time.

They simply used the spontaneous, grass roots protest against the video as a diversion to carry out their attack.

Although I am picking up a lot of chatter that the video was actually funded, produced and distributed by radical, right-wing, conservative Christians and released this close to the election for the express purpose of stirring foment in the Middle East.

With bin Laden feeding the fishes and our soldiers home from Iraq, the Republicans needed a foreign policy failure they could string around Obama's neck.

The fact that a U.S. Ambassador and several Foreign Service staff members became highly publicized and emotional collateral damage is just gravy to them.

Whatever it takes to defeat Obama, right? Isn't that your mantra? What is the death of some Americans if it helps to achieve your goal?


Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

XO Obama just honored the time-line that the Bush admin set for pulling out of Iraq. He didn't single handedly end that conflict. And killing Bin Laden is like giving Nixon credit for the moon landing

Lone Ranger said...

Whatever it takes to defend Obama, right? Isn't that your mantra? What is the death of some Americans if it helps to achieve your goal?


Lone Ranger said...

Seriously, XO,where DO you get your news from?

The Obama administration now says the attack on the embassy was NOT planned in advance and it was just PURE coincidence that it happened on the anniversary of 9/11.

Things are pretty bad when even XO - the American Baghdad Bob - can't keep up with Obama's lies.

So, which is it, is Obama lying or is XO a fanatical nut? (Both answers will be accepted.)