Wednesday, September 19, 2012


So, where are the riots from "Christians" after their savior (Jesus) was depicted by "artists" as being urinated on, dipped in urine, and so many other disrespectful iterations?

As a religion, Islam is as phoney as a two dollar bill. These people rioted in a planned series of attacks and then tried to blame it on a stupid, poorly produced, joke of a movie.

They are liars, frauds, imbiciles and barbarians.


Leticia said...

No matter how many times the Libyan government has said to the press and the Obama administration, Obama will deny it.

As for the gentlemen who's identity was revealed by our government, God help him. He has been placed in grave danger.

Once again, our government stomps on our 1st Amendment rights.

And more thing? How many more innocent people are going to have to die before people realize we have a coward and Muslim sympathizer in office?

Xavier Onassis said...

Those of you who can actually read, should read "The Myth of the Muslim Tide" by Doug Saunders.

Regarding the Coptic Christian who produced the INCREDIBLY ridiculous movie trailer that incited all of this crap, Doug says...

"The guy who made it was a bit obscure, but the people who've promoted it and circulated it are part of a very well-organized and very, very well-funded network of activists who've received funding from mainstream conservative foundations," Saunders tells Fresh Air's Dave Davies.

In his new book, The Myth of the Muslim Tide, Saunders says an increasingly influential group of writers and activists believes immigration and high birth rates will make Muslims a majority in Europe in coming decades — and that their hostility to Western values makes them a threat to Western culture, democracy and security.

Saunders argues that these fears are based on inaccurate assertions of fact, and he says the fear of Muslim immigration in the U.S. is similar to past chapters in American history about other immigrant groups."

"What we find is the level of religiosity, of religious observance among Muslims when they come to the West, tends to fall fairly quickly to approximately the level of religious observance of the people around them. So when Muslims come to France from the Arab countries of North Africa, they tend to become not very religiously observant. About a fifth of them become outright atheist, which is similar to the rate of French Christians, and only about maybe 5 percent of them attend a mosque regularly. When they move to the United States, they become about as religious as American Christians are, which is fairly religious.

"So, yeah, about 47 percent of American Muslims will say, 'I think of myself as Muslim first and American second,' but that's almost exactly the same rate that non-Muslim Americans say, that American Christians say. Just shy of half of American Christians will say, 'I think of myself as Christian first, and American second.' So they tend to be loyal to their faith at about the same rate as Christians do in whatever country they arrive in."

You people are so misinformed. Read a book.

Z said...

Of course most people knew this a thousand years ago!!

I remember being in a fiacre in Vienna and the 'driver' trotted us through a beautiful park toward a statue of King Eugin...he said "Well, this is the king who drove the Turks out of Austria..but it didn't work, they're baaaaaaack"...

ya, they're everywhere...

and people are STILL touting the hackneyed meme from the White House "IT"S THE VIDEO!" :-) So was 9/11, I guess? NOBODY IN AMERICA knew that video...muslims know that.
THe cunning must be realized soon/ naivite is going to be our end.

And WE are uninformed? :-)

Joe said...

Leticia: Whether he is acually more Muslim than Christian I don't know. But PBO(tcp) certainly does sympathize with them

XO: "...ridiculous movie trailer that incited all of this crap..."

That might have been a trigger, or it might just have been used as an excuse, but it did not incite the riots.

Riots are caused by their participants at their choice.

You have insulted me many times, but I have never rioted over it.

You have insulted my "religious leader" more than once on this blog, but I have never incited a riot over it.

They are stupid, barbaric people who elevate killing in the name of Allah and the "prophet MO" to unspeakable levels.

Z: The MSM, through words and inflection of words, places the blame for these riots squarely on "the film."

If that were so, it would be a stupid response to a stupid film.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

It is you who needs to read a book. It's called the Qur'an. Then there are some good books demonstrating that the history of Islam has always been one of murder and mayhem, because that is what their book teaches. Those who claim otherwise are deluded.

Lone Ranger said...

One thing that XO can't refute is that in EVERY country in the world where a sizable number of Muslims live alongside ANY other culture, there is bloodshed. The only reason it has not happened in the U.S. yet (except for attacks on 9/11 and at Fort Hood, etc.) is that Muslims have not achieved that high number.

Ducky's here said...

Chatfield, we have asked several times, where have you studied Islam?

Tonto's Catcher, folks like yourself haven't changed since the Know Nothing's of the 1850's. The bigots have always been with us.