Monday, September 24, 2012


Let me get this straight.

First Harry Reid has "reliable (but undisclosed) information"  that Mitt Romney has not paid income taxes in over 10 years.

Then Mitt Romney releases his tax returns.

They show he HAS paid income taxes.

So Harry Reid apologizes and says his sources must have been in error, right?


Instead, he starts this "he must be hiding something" stuff. He also says, "(Romney) is manipulating something."

Then the MainStream Media complains that Romney paid TOO MUCH income tax!!!!

You know what I think?

I think Harry Reid typifies the thinking of Democrats in general and liberal/progressive/leftists in particular.

I also think he is intrinsically evil to the core.

It's actually breath-taking.


Anonymous said...

Joe your comment on Geeeze. Blog was Great.
Thank you.

Xavier Onassis said...

Romney has NOT released the last 10 years of tax returns. He released his 2011 tax returns which were carefully crafted to make them as palatable as possible.

Lets see his tax returns going back to 2001. What is he hiding?

Joe said...

DB: Thank YOU!

XO: I'm Sorry. Did I say Romney had released his returns from the last 10 years? I re-read my post and could not find that part.

Please show me where that section is.

What Reid said was that he had not paid income taxes for the last 10 years.

2011 falls within the last 10 years (if my math serves me correctly), which makes Reid's statement false even if Romney did not pay income taxes for the 9 years previous to that (which he did).

I have not seen your tax returns going back to 2001. What are you hiding?

But you did live up to my assessment of typical liberal/progressive/leftist thinking.

Thank you.

Craig said...

There's nothing in Mitt's Friday dump that refutes Reid's claim that someone told him. Let's say Reid is lying and that makes him evil to the core. What's that make Romney for saying Obama eliminated the work requirement for welfare (it doesn't) or he's gutting Medicare (it extends the solvency for 8 years)? According to you, Romney's evil.

Then Mitt Romney releases his tax returns.

He released one year, for a total of two, and a note from the accountant he pays. Just trust him. Mitt didn't trust Ryan, he was required to give Mitt 10 years of tax returns. Mitt plays by a different set of rules.

Then the MainStream Media complains that Romney paid TOO MUCH income tax!!!!

They are pointing out that Romney manipulated his return to comport with his earlier promise that he pays at least 14% every year. Fine. A couple months ago He said,

I don’t pay more than are legally due and frankly if I had paid more than are legally due I don’t think I’d be qualified to become president. I’d think people would want me to follow the law and pay only what the tax code requires.

By mitt's own standards, he's not qualified to become president. Also too, there's nothing to stop him from filing and amended return down the road to recoup those deductions. You can bet he will, if his 2 years have shown us anything, it's that he will wring every last dollar he can from loopholes designed to benefit elites like him.

So, what's he hiding? How does he get $90M in an IRA when the limit is %30K a year? Has he filed Foreign Bank Accounts forms with IRS? They aren't in his released returns. So many ?'s he could easily clear up.

Fredd said...

Harry and his ilk are rotten to the core, and evil truly describes him, his motives and his personality.

You'd think that Romney's release of another year of tax returns would create some sort of speed bump in Dingy's credibility: nope, his constituents believe Harry can do no wrong.

I am convinced Harry is congenitally incapable of doing right.

Dave Miller said...

Joe, I wish people were not si quick to throw that evil to the core charge around, be it from the left, or the left.

I've found that usually people that do so have little direct involvement with those of whom they are calling "raca" or maligning.

As a long time resident of Nevada, I have had the occasion to deal with Harry and his staff. Without his help, I would certainly still be dealing with some major IRS issues in a case of mistaken identity.

Is he sometimes wrong on the issues? Yes he is. Is he evil to the core? You'd be hard pressed to find even his critics here in Nevada going that far.

Dave Miller said...

BTW, any thoughts on Romney's quote that if he paid more than was legally required in taxes, he would not be qualified to be president?

Anonymous said...

Well good for you, next time to have the ocassion to (deal) with him tell him that we republicans think that he's a lying piece of CRAP. Thank you.

Craig said...

tell him that we republicans think that he's a lying piece of CRAP.

I'm sure he already knows.

Xavier Onassis said...

51I'll tell you why Romney won't release his tax returns. It's one of two things.

1. Romney's Mormon Faith REQUIRES him to tithe 10% of his income to the church. It's not an option, it's not a suggestion. It is a REQUIREMENT to be a Mormon in Good Standing and have access to the Temple. Maybe he's been short changing the church all these years. He can lie to the church, he can't lie to the IRS. How much Right Wing, Christian, native Mormon support would he lose if it became known that he was stealing money from God?

2. He's been paying his full 10% tithe to the church, claiming it as charitable contributions on his taxes with a net result of owing NOTHING in taxes or, wait for it...GETTING HUGE TAX REFUNDS!

I absolutely guarantee you, one of these scenarios is true.

Joe said...

DM: I've been in "trouble" with IRS in the past. Glad he helped.

He is still rotten to the core, just like Crabby Appleton.

Evil is the only word we have in the English language that describes Harry Reid and his behavior in the Senate.

Joe said...

Two things liberals can't understand: I don't work 24 hours per day and I'm off on Tuesdays.

Hence I can delete things every day, if I want to.

Ducky's here said...
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Ducky's here said...

Speaking of Governor Olympics, Kos has a nice article on his response to Ann's recent airline accident:

Mitt Romney wants airplane windows to roll down in case of fire so people can breathe more easily

Just all kinds of awesome and fail in one.

Does the call center know your on the web during work hours, Joe?

Ducky's here said...

XO, aren't you in accounting?

Mittens has taken several hundred thousand in deferred deductions.

How do they function?

I'm hopeful they keep pounding on him to release the ten years. He's probably worked a few grifts over a sustained time span and Ann's recent breakdown indicates it's all getting to them.

Hi Joe !