Friday, July 8, 2011


A little girl is dead. That much is factual.

Sadly, Americans are woefully ignorant about what makes up the American justice system.

Being found "not guilty" says nothing about innocence or whether Casey Anthony killed her daughter.

No one has EVER been proven innocent in an American court of law, because innocence is assumed until guilt is proven.

It rightly says that the prosecution could not PROVE she murdered her.

Killing and murder are two different things.

If I kill you for invading my home in a way as to cause me to fear for my life, that is not murder.

I believe Casey Anthony killed Caylee. But I also believe she is not guilty.

She is not guilty, not becuse she did or did not kill Caylee, but because it could not be proven.

There was duct tape. That was a fact. But the prosecution could not prove who put it there or when.

There was hair. But the prosecution could not prove how it got where it was.

The prosecution could not prove motive (not necessary in a murder case, but helpful), only that Casey was a slutful playgirl.

That does not prove either motive or murder.

The prosecution said they presented "all of the evidence," which they did.

But the evidence did not prove murder.

How do I know?

Because the jury said so...and that's how it works.

Were they right or wrong? They were right, because they are the ones charged with making the decision, not you, not me and not the media.

Personally, I hope Casey Anthony gets run over by a Greyhound bus.

But that's just me


Xavier Onassis said...

This is a case where you and I are in complete agreement.

The presumption of innocence is something that every American citizen rightfully assumes and expects will be extended to them if and when they are ever charged with a crime.

Yet it is an assumption that they seem to be unwilling to expend to anyone else. Especially if Nancy Grace scowls and uses phrases like "common sense" and "everyone knows".

Did Casey Anthony kill her daughter? Probably. Maybe. I think she did.

Did the prosecution prove their case? Absolutely not!

Being charged with a crime means nothing! Anyone can be charged with anything. I can charge you with war crimes. A Grand Jury can indict a ham sandwich!

But, ultimately, a Prosecuting Attorney has to be able to prove to a jury that you actually commited the crime.

If the state can't prove go free!

Better that 10 guilty people should go free than a single innocent person should go to jail!

tha malcontent said...

Good job here Joe, I'm in agreement with you here.

I totally think that she and yes perhaps her Father who everyone thinks is such a "Saint" has some guilt here as well. I just don't believe him not do I trust him.

A beloved Grandfather does NOT go out and shack -up with a member of his search party when he is so distraught about his missing grand-daughter.
As far as Casey is concerned, I feel that she is as guilty as sin. But there was not proof beyond a reasonable doubt.
It's a real Pity. But you can't convict someone for murder on the basis of "common sense"

Joe said...

XO: Let the universe take note! You and I agree on something!

In just over a week, Casey will go free.

While it is not a miscarraige of justice, because the justice system said whe was not guilty, she will spend the rest of her life "watching her back," as many people will not accept the verdict.

I predict that eventually she will do something that will land her back in jail, because that' who she is...a self-centered, spoiled, I want what I want, when I want it, and I will do anything to get it.

Sooner or later, she will get what she deserves.

sue said...

Joe - Very well thought out and well written.

I'm with you 100% on this one.

Fredd said...

Exactly right, Joe.

And I can curse this jury and their houses with a pox, as those numbskulls blew this one.

But I would not want it any other way.

To have my guilt on any transgression of mine, whether actual or fabricated, determined by the government or the media is what the alternative would be, and is the source of all the cacophounous roar from everyone we hear out there.

God help us if our jury system were to be changed. It's the best, fairest in the world, OJ, Michael Jackson and Casey Anthony notwithstanding.

And a bus accident is too good for Casey. I would prefer some unknown person wrap her in duct tape, throw her in a swamp and let the worms chew on her for a month or two. Now THAT would be justice.

But that's just me.

Lone Ranger said...

Obama seems intent on wrecking our economy. When he attacks corporate jet use, he also attacks the people who design and build the jets, the people who service them lease them, even clean them. Tens of thousands of jobs that could be lost if corporations cut back on jet use. Remember how he hurt Las Vegas tourism when he bashed people who vacation there?

And now, he has ended our manned space flight program. That kills at LEAST 23,000 jobs in Florida alone. And there are again thousands of jobs at risk all over the country at companies that manufacture components for the shuttles.

He has absolutely no idea how an economy works.
Yet, his brain-dead supporters don't see a thing wrong as the ship of state slowly sinks.