Saturday, July 30, 2011


That's actually what he said!

The vote in the house to "pass" a debt ceiling bill was doomed to be rejected in the Senate, no matter WHAT was in it.

The actual bill contained so many concessions that it might as well have been written by Democrats in the first place.

It looked like a Democrat document, by the time it was passed in the House, with the exception of the balanced budget amendment.

Everybody knows that it is evil to balance budgets.

Businesses don't balance their budgets.

Families don't balance their budgets.

States don't balance their budgets.

Why should the federal government be required to balance its budget.


You say businesses, families and states DO balance their budgets?

Who knew?

Ask a senator directly whether the government should balance its budget.

I mean, say, "Senator Dogbreath, do you think the federal government should have to balance the budget?"

The answer you'll get will depend on which Party Senator Dogbreath belongs to, and more specifically, which wing of the Party he/she belongs to.

Democrats and RINOS will say, "No."

Conservatives will say, "Yes."

Sadly, there are more Democrats and RINOS in government than there are conservatives.

You know what makes me sick?

It makes me sick that they continue to talk about "negotiations" and "compromise."

"Negotiations" to a lawmaker just means "I'll pay you to vote my way on this. Is what I'm offering to pay you enough to make you consider voting with me?" (The pay usually takes the form of some concession to some half-baked idea for someone's district.)

"Compromise" means to invite the opponent to give up some of his/her core principles.

Some of the Congresspersons who were elected to stand for conservative principles, caved on the bill and voted for it, no matter how bad it was.

Shame on them.

Yeah, even shame on West.

President BO, the Child President, was right about one thing: change is needed.

But change is not needed in America.

Change is needed in America's government.

The way they do business needs to change.

That change will only come when the "I'll scratch your back if you'll scratch mine" mentality is changed.

In other words, back scratching needs to be eliminated through an amendment to the Constitution that allows only one subject in any given bill.

Would that slow things down?

You becha!

That's a good thing.

In the mean time, count my support for those who wrote and/or voted for that slimy debt ceiling bill GONE.

If that's the best we can do, God help us!


Scotty said...

The actual bill contained so many concessions that it might as well have been written by Democrats in the first place.

I would hope that conservatives would use that fact in order to use it against the Senate. I know that's too high of a hope, eh?

Tom said...

They're all a bunch of clowns, but they have the country's checkbook...

Ducky's here said...

Just a little good cop/bad cop. Kabuki for Rollo.

Here's what I see The Black Bush signing:

1. Significant cuts in Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid.

2. He'll compromise on taxes. You lose the mortgage interest deduction in return for a decrease in the top bracket rate.

3. After he gives you the old plank an Vaseline treatment you'll still call him a socialist.

sue said...

Joe - I came over to listen to and watch one of your inspirational Sunday morning videos.

Did you sleep in this morning? (;

Joe said...

sue:Just a little slow on the uptake.

Lone Ranger said...

Apparently, some Republicans in Congress still have not learned the lesson of last November. They will have to undergo remedial teaching next year.