Tuesday, March 1, 2011


My sister and I were having a discussion one day when she made a most remarkable statement about "truth."

She said, "Truth is what actually happened."

That's about as close as one can come to defining that seemingly ethereal concept of "truth."

Some people think truth is relative...what's true for you might not be true for me.

But that is utter nonsense, steeped in sophomorism.

If I say my car is green, and you say that I said my car is chartreuse, you have not told the truth, regardless of the actual color of my car.

Like the "Bush lied" lie, in which Bush (and almost everybody else) was told that Sadam had weapons of mass destruction, thought he were being told the truth and repeated the idea and then was accused of lying.

That bit of stupidity is used by people whose motives are impure or who are just plain liars, themselves.

With regard to what's happening in Wisconsin, we are being constantly lied to by the MainStream Press as they tell us the governor is trying to "bust the unions," and "take away their collective bargaining rights."

That's a lie.

Many of you (especially you liberal/progressives) believe the lie, because your emotions get pumped over the thought that union members should have what they want, when they want it, where they want it, for whatever reason they want it and hang the costs to the company.

First of all, there is no such thing as a "right" to collective bargaining.

Collective bargaining was forced upon corporations by a group of socialistic leaders who believe "workers" should rule the world.

That is a concept born of a totally different philosophy from Americanism.

I, for instance, work for a company as an "employee," not as a "worker."

Those are two different concepts, the difference between which is not taught in government schools in this country.

Secondly, public sector unions in Wisconsin are not being asked to give up all collective bargaining, rather they are being asked to give up those parts of it that suck financial resources from the non union citizens of Wisconsin without providing any return, financial, moral or otherwise.

It is the sucking of those kinds of resources that have brought this country to its present level of economic strife, whether by public sector unions, government ineptitude or by excessive taxation.

"Well why hasn't he applied the same rules to 'first responders?'"

Because the police, firefighters and emergency personnel give back to the taxpayers in the form of unique service, something the run-of-the-mill SEIU member does not do.

What Governor Walker was elected to do was to bring Wisconsin to a position of fiscal responsibility.

To get that done, the public sector unions leeches have to be curbed...as do others who suck the public coffers dry with no return.

He is doing something most liberal/progressives don't understand: the responsible thing.

You will not have been told any of this by MSM, and therefore you will conclude that it is not true.

But as my sister said, "The truth is what actually happened."


tammy said...

You explained this perfectly.

Ducky's here said...

the truth will be known when the last witness is dead.

Ducky's here said...

Sorry, Joe, but I'm in Boston. Lot of Irish cops and these bums will steal anything that isn't nailed down. They sit on their butts all day and perform no especially useful function.

The Boston fire department union is under several federal investigations and is virtually a criminal organization. Fires are way, way down and their numbers are way up. Another bunch of Irish thieves.

Your "truth" isn't nearly as clear as you think.

Joe said...

Ducky's here: That is an issue Bostonians ought to deal with, but never have.

Do I understand that in principle, and in cities and counties like mine all across the country where the majority of police, sheriff's deputies, firefighters and EMTs are hard working men and women trained from the average citizenry, they do not offer something of value to the communities they serve?

Most of the US is not in the least like Boston, Chicago, New York or Los Angeles.

I lived in Massachusetts and spend some time in Boston.

It is not like other places (and I would NEVER choose to live there).

Z said...

Gad, DUcky, I'll bet they'd be the first people you'd call if you were robbed or your house was on fire, and you'd get help. Amazing, huh?
Joe, super post. and "TRUE" :-)
I heard a video of an AMerican punk Communists saying he felt that the fast food restaurant he works in isn't democratic because he has to take orders from the owners.
These people VOTE, Joe!

Z said...

oh, and by the way, we have some fantastic cops in the L.A> area.

Lone Ranger said...

Yes, what actually happened is the truth. Where the truth gets muddled is when you delve into why and how something happened. Liberals seem to be totally incapable of such reasoning.

For instance, it is the truth that Reagan left office with a deficit.

So, the truth to shallow-thinking liberals is that Reagan's tax cuts put us in debt. They actually believe that. It is their truth.

Well, here are some other truths.

Presidents are not authorized to spend money, only Congress is authorized to spend money.

Not a single one of Reagan's budgets made it through Congress. In fact, one year the democrats transported Reagan's budget to Capitol Hill in an ambulance to signify that it was dead on arrival.

Reagan's tax cuts nearly doubled revenues to the treasury.

For every dollar that Reagan brought in, the democrat Congress spent $1.73.

That's the truth. And even after explaining it, liberals will cling to THEIR truth.

Liberals feel, conservatives think. That's why you can have two radically divergent versions of the truth.

Joe said...

Z: It characteristic of many young people today to think that they should not have to work and if they do, they should not be told what to do, when to do it or how to do it.

LR: Liberals feel, alright. They feel entitled, they feel put upon, they feel hatred, they feel owed, they feel smarter than everybody else.

My question is, why can't they feel as stupid as they act.