Monday, December 20, 2010


Gridlock is a dirty word to some people.

Not to me.

I actually think gridlock would be a good thing.

With some 600 bills waiting in the wings for consideration and more being added all the time, there will come a time when we will have more laws than we can keep up with...a time which may have already come.

The result would be (or is) utter legislative chaos.

With earmarks and all, we get so many new...mostly unnecessary...laws in one bill that it boggles the mind.

So here is my solution:


That means no "bridges to nowhere" added to a bill about mayonnaise.

If a congressperson thinks his state should get some federal funds for some project, fine. Just introduce a bill and let the congress vote on that bill all by itself.

Better yet, let that congressperson run for state office and introduce the bill in his own state, using his own state's tax money and keep the federal government out of it.

So there you have it: ONE BILL - ONE SUBJECT. PERIOD.

Don't hold your breath, though.


Scotty said...

I think it funny when I hear folks complain that both houses have so much time off.....I love it when they're outta Washington, they can't do any damage then!!

I agree about slowing 'em down and like you said, won't happen. I don't see the ban on earmarks lasting long either, if at all......

January could be the start of something great but, I'm a bit of a pessimist when it comes to promises made.

tammy said...

Amen - to your post and to Scotty's comment!

Lisa said...

What? you mean make that big mean corrupt machine operate like the rest of us?
Ditto on holding my breath Joe.

John said...

I sure hope that Nancy and Reid retain their posts up til the 2012 elections That would be the best that the conservatives to hope for. After Barry, those two clowns will be the downfall of the Dem's dreams of holding on to the white house.

Stephanie said...

I had just toured the lefty blogs and as usual, I was not disappointed by the typical spinning of the news I read there.
Oh no, it's all about THE OBAMA and how HE LOST his agenda of smacking down the rightwing millionaires or as he sees it the families that make over $250,000 a year. And now the lefties have a new slogan...right wingers are now Reich wing TERRORIST. how bout that one folks.

What they fail to say is that we are the friggen people...WHO WORK FOR WHAT WE HAVE!

And how cute it was to see the OBAMA lovers so angry that he had to COMPROMISE on something that the right wingers wanted.

PSI Bond said...


Let them read Obama's HealthCare bill.

ablur said...

Most of those in DC can't handle complex thoughts that cover multiple topics. This is why they never read a bill. They have there interns read them and give them a brief summery.

There was over a million words with "and" and "the" being most used. Most of it wasn't grammatically correct but it was under a trillion dollars.

Under a trillion? It must be a bargain.

No wonder we have problems. One Subject - One Bill. Keep It Simple Stupid.

Anonymous said...

PSI- lol

Joe said...

Scotty: Out of DC is the best place for them.

tammy: Thanks. visited your blog and enjoyed the digital Chritmas!

Lisa: Yeah...not any time soon.

John: They're a pair, aren't they?

Stephanie: We even work for what THEY have.

PSI Bond: That'll take 'em a while, those who can read, that is.

ablur: KISS is the watch-word.