Tuesday, December 28, 2010


So I'm at these peoples' house for dinner and the husband starts out of nowhere, "The Republicans want to lower taxes! How on earth are we going to pay down the deficit if we lower taxes? They don't even want to tax rich people. Why, they SHOULD pay more taxes. They're rich. They'll never miss it!"

I didn't respond, because I didn't want to get into a heated argument on what had until that point been a very pleasant afternoon and evening.

So, let's say you have an electric bill this month. It's the same size it was last month. I could have gone up, what with climate change snowing everybody in and all, but it didn't. It's the same as last month.

Question: Did you lower your electric bill in the scenario above?

(For those of you educated in government schools, the answer is "No.")

Keeping taxes where they are instead of raising them is not lowering taxes on anybody. They're the SAME...don't you get it? The SAME!

My wife comes home and says she saved $50.00 on a new outfit. I look at my bank account and the balance has gone down!

I ask you...did she save me any money?

Answer: Not one penny. In fact, she cost me money.

I went to work today.

Funny thing...the person I went to work for has and makes a lot more money than I do. If he did not, he would not be able to pay me a salary.

I'm glad he's rich, and I hope he stays that way.

Where did the idea come from that if you make a lot of money through taking risks, shrewd investing, and hard work someone somewhere should take some of it away from you because you'll never miss it?

When you take what you have not earned or do not own, isn't that called theft?

(For those of you educated in government schools, the answer is "Yes.")

So who started the idea that it is OK for the government to take what they do not earn and do not own?

Where does this insane jealousy toward the people who have earned a lot come from?

By the way, how rich is too rich?

Who gets to set that amount? You? Me?

The fact is that you and I have exactly the same opportunity to be just as rich as Bill Gates if we are willing to do what Bill Gates did to get as rich as he is...have a great idea, market it well and hire lots of people to help you develop, promote and sell it.

You can do that.

But be warned...if you do, there will be those who think it is OK for someone, somewhere to take some of it away from you just because you'll never miss it.

Those people are called liberal/progressives, and they are a scourge on our society.

Frankly, they should be ashamed of themselves for promoting theft.

Has anyone ever heard of expanding the tax base by putting more people to work in the private sector...reducing unemployment to say, 4% or 5%?

Can we do that by taking money from the public and then paying the public to work (as in a government job)?

(For those of you educated in a government school, the answer is "No.")

See, the economy is dependent on productivity (ever heard of the gross national product?).

The government produces nothing (except stupid little electric cars that don't do what the government said they would do [surprise there, right?]). The government only costs. And the only way they know to pay those costs is by taking money from people who earned it.

When will we ever learn?


Teresa said...

Great post Joe!! Those who promote class warfare out of jealousy should be ashamed of themselves.

Scotty said...

I didn't respond, because I didn't want to get into a heated argument on what had until that point been a very pleasant afternoon and evening.

That is usually the stance I take also, when I hear statements like that. Generally most anyone that would make a statement like that, anything I say isn't going to change their minds.

An old attage I heard a long time ago...."when the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

As I grow older,I just don't bicker/argue/debate like I would have in the past. With people like you mentioned, Joe, it just a waste of time!!

Fredd said...

I agree with Scotty, no need to engage these liberal retards.

They are hopeless, we only need to defeat them. Not argue with them.

To argue with them is much like squabbling with the Wolfman: not much productive chitty chat, and leave it at that.

BetteJo said...

There are a lot of things money could do for me. But I have never looked at it as something available to be given to me. It's something I have to work for, and I do. And I do not begrudge anyone the money they have - good for them!

What happened to parents teaching self-respect and self-reliance? We have to turn this trend around.

selahV said...

Joe...super post. Whatever the government gets in taxes is never enough. They don't know what a budget is. They've been spending money all year without a budget in place. They have no idea where all the money has gone--even in the stimulus packages.

We need to spend less. I say they ought to do away with the IRS and Education Dept. That would be a great start in cutting the budget. Let the states handle their own money. Federal unfunded mandates are killing us and that is exactly what they keep doing with these earmarks and healthcare laws.

It's nuts! selahV

Lisa said...

This is what the Tea Party is about and it's exactly what the governmnet needed a wake up call.
Another great post Joe!

In Conservatism We Trust said...

I agree with you 100 percent, the trick is, not to even bother with these people at all.
People keep talking about the level of rage coming out of the blogs lately. They should remember that old saying, "what goes around, comes around".
The level of ignorance displayed is heartbreaking. This is a very dark day for America & it seems to be getting worse. People want to pretend that all “liberal” ethics, morals, concerns, conspiracy theories & propaganda are always 100% completely justified but anybody who disagrees is racist, ignorant, redneck & totally wrong. That’s plain stupid.
You leftist turds keep thinking that way, and see where it gets you!
These are the same people who pretend to believe in equality, justice, free speech, etc. yet their actions show the exact opposite: They want those things but would deny them & slander anyone of a differing opinion. Pathetic. Disgusting. Frightening. For all of the education & activism, today’s self-professed liberals are downright scary because they’re every bit as judgmental, totalitarian, intolerant & narrow-minded as their targets, maybe more.

The only ones bringing racism into this, IS the DEMOCRATS. The only ones being PAID to attend and attack is the DEMOCRATS (ACORN - SEIU)

Shove it thru
You can't have an honest debate, you'd lose. There is nothing wrong with our healthcare. There is however a lot wrong with health insurance, FIX THAT. Healthcare should not be free, everyone should pay something for what they get. Welfare is what IS wrong with this country, and the crooked politicians who are trying to buy their votes by giving the people free everything. You won't need to worry about a 2012 election, we won't have a country in 2012.

Leticia said...

Glad you didn't get into the debate, it would have turned pretty ugly.

In most cases, the wealthy have worked for what they have. They made sound investments and scrimped and saved, and worked long, exhausting hours. They should reap what they sowed.

And another thing, I detest the death tax. That is going way too far in my opinion. It is cruel and unjust to punish someone for working their entire lives and wanting to provide for their loved ones when they pass.

This entitlement bologna must stop. If you don't work, you don't eat, period.

I believe the truly disabled and retired people should get government assistance, and to some degree single parents.

Joe said...

Teresa: Thanks. They won't be.

Scotty: It would have led to blows, and I'm allergic to being hit.

Fredd: Defeat is the answer (not to be confused with the feet are the answer).

BetteJo: Motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar, said, "You can get anything you want out of life if you help enough people get what they want out of life." It's true.

SelahV: The government wants to eventually take it all and decide who get's what based on their worth to society. Where have I heard THAT before?

Lisa: Let's hope they don't get lulled back to sleep.

ICWT: Oh, don't worry. Health care will not be free, especially not with Obamacare.

Leticia: Too many people believe they are entitled to their entitlements just because they exist.

ablur said...

It amazes me how willing people are to take things from someone else, while refusing to give up anything themselves. They fail to realize that each of us has something that someone else may want. Sooner or later what we hold dear could be on the take list.
Freedom seems to be the thing taken most from me.

Susannah said...

I think he must have meant "pay down the National Debt."

'Reducing' the deficit is done by STOPPING the SPENDING!!!

(yee gads!)