Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Congressman Connie Mack (seen here with his wife, Mary Bono), represents the Florida 14th District, the District in which I live.

In my last post, I castigated all of our representatives for the so-called "stimulus" package, which cannot possibly stimulate anything because, among other reasons, the bulk of it won't even be used for this year or the next.

I blamed all of our representatives, including Congressman Connie Mack, even though he opposes the bill and will not (did not - depending upon when this gets published) vote for it.

See, I agree with him.

Nevertheless, I still think he is responsible (as are they all), because, although he is known in congress as somewhat of a pistol, his public persona is very mild and you would never know the vigor with which he opposes this stuff.

That's the point.

If Congress, in theory, works for us, we have to know what goes on in their minds to cause them to vote the way they vote.

When Congressman Connie Mack tells us he "...voiced concern..." over certain things, that seems like gross understatement and does not seem forceful, energetic or earnest.

"Voiced concern" is what you do when something gets your attention and you get ready to find out more about it.

"Vigorously and loudly object, giving cause and reason" is more what I want to hear publicly from my representatives.

Conservatives are in a minority right now, and we don't have the votes to defeat these un-American, unproductive and unworkable, useless pieces of legislation.

It is certainly no help that men and women who pretend to be Republicans are falling in lock-step with the liberals as though they will then be liked by the liberals and therefore not be treated so badly.


The liberal representatives we have now are deceitful, hateful, lying, manipulative, word-parsing wolves who will eat conservatives for dinner every chance they get.

Republicans, in the mean time, are looking like Barack Obama when he tries to "reason" with terrorists...that is, they want to sweet-talk liberals so as not to hurt their feelings, make them mad or make waves.

Most people think that other people's representatives are bad, while their own are pretty good men or women.

At this point, I totally disagree with that and think they are all bad to the core, not because individually they are not nice people (I think Connie Mack is a really good man with good intentions), but because they behave spinelessly and without the image of firm, "stand for something or fall for anything" convictions.

So in the end, your representatives are bad and mine are bad, too.

Isn't there some way we can just start all over?


selahV said...

Joe, I sure wish we could start all over. I like Jim Inhofe from Oklahoma. He's pretty much ticked off about all of this mess, including the first stupid bailout.

We Republicans need to hold our Republican leaders' feet to the fire in the next few years. If they don't stand up and be counted for standing up to the Democrats, then they can kiss a few more seats good-bye come 2010 and we can all just sit back and twiddle our thumbs till the proverbial piggy-bank gets busted.

I'm glad our Republican Congressmen had the spine to vote against this new pork-poaching bill today. Too bad they weren't doing more voting against this stuff a long time ago. Now I just hope the Senators have the guts to vote against it in the Senate. selahV

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

How do we start over? The first thing we must do is wake up from this nightmare.

Mark said...

Mary Bono? Is she Sonny's widow?

We may have to start over whether we know how or not. Obama's "porkulus" plan will bankrupt this country.

shoprat said...

Dave Camp is good and I'd hate to lose him.

Joe said...

selahV: So, how do we hold their feet to the fire?

PCC: Woo-woo! This is all just a bad dream!!

Mark: Yes, she is.

shoprat: So, how has he helped?