Friday, January 16, 2009


Thanks to the heroic efforts of the cockpit crew, the now famous water landing (crash) of a US Airways Airbus was a huge success!

The plane stayed together and the passengers and crew were safely extracated and taken to a drier environment.
For this, they can all be grateful to God.

Lest you think, however that all was peaches and cream, let us not forget that there was significan loss of life in this unfortunate event.

On takeoff, the plane seems to have intersected the flight path of a flock of geese.

Now these geese have been around since whenever the imagined evolutionary forces brought them into being.

Geese have rights, you know.

They have the right to be hatched, the right to learn to fly, the right to waddle, the right to be used as watch-geese by farmers, and the right to be where they want to be when they want to be there.

Whether or not they have the right to be the featured attraction on a Christmas feast, as outlined in "A Christmas Carol," by Charles Dickens, is still up for discussion. I would be the last one to deny them that right.

In fact, I might be the first one to help them fulfill that right.

These geese were innocently flying in air space they had occupied long before LaGuardia Airport was ever built.

Just flying along...flap, flap, flap.

Suddenly, like the roar of lightening and a bolt of thunder here comes this huge, silver monstrosity of an object, coming at them at break-neck speed.

The lead goose tried to direct the flock out of the way! But, alas, there was no time.

In less time than it takes to read the next word, or the next one, or...well, you get the idea.

Two of the hapless geese had been turned into gooseburgers and fast fried into forever.

This is a story you won't read in the Mainstream Media, unless they can figure a way to connect it to the last days of the Bush Presidency. You will only read it the blog that keeps you aware of the things that really matter.

Expect to hear from PETA soon, though.


Tapline said...

Joe. O had heard a comment similar to the one you made about Peta coming to look at the situation and enviornmentalist looking at the gas spill...Nasty....nasty....sark on...The avaiation industry is going to be taken to task for such...sark off A miricle, that's what it was and I didn't hear the athiests or agnostics crowing about the prayers being uttered to God in a public place, by the people onboard that jet.....opening the door to heaven because they were about to meet their maker,who instead, in his infinate mercy, saw fit to keep them all on this earth a while longer. I ramble...stay well...Outstanding post....

Anonymous said...

Funny how YOU are the only one commenting on the geese. Always looking for the negative Joe. Such a godly man. And I'm pretty sure that they can thank the pilot not God. So, according to your theory, if they had all died, they'd also have to BLAME God. You won't post this because you and your lot are afraid of opposition.

Joe said...

Anonymous: Actually, Rush Limbaugh comented on the geese, too, so I'm in really good company.

"Thanks to the heroic efforts of the cockpit crew..."

I think I gave the pilot all the credit due him, and, by the way, the First Officer deserves as much credit.

We live in a fallen world, so God is not blamed when bad things happen, 'cause it's our fault, not His.

There is nothing wrong, however, with thanking Him when things go right. It's kinda like polite.

But that is surely a foreign concept to you.

Uhh. I did post it and I am not afraid of you.

I only reject comments that are disrespectful to my other commenters.

Interesting, though, how you managed to pick the pieces and miss the whole point of the post.

Any idea what the whole point is?

Probably not.

People who are wound too tight usually miss dry humor.

shoprat said...

This will give the left the excuse they need to ground all planes except Air Force 1 for Obama.

Mark said...

While FOX news and Hannity, and Rush were calling this a miracle, NPR was calling it a "near tragedy". Kind of like the proverbial half full/half empty analogy, eh?