Friday, March 3, 2017

Moron Fake News

Liberals just love a good story, written by one of their favorite people, especially when that story makes one of their most hated people look bad.

That bastion of fair reporting, CNN, wrote an article purporting that now Vice President, Mike Pence, used personal email to conduct state business while he was governor of Indiana and that email was hacked in a phishing scam.

WOW! And to think he dared to accuse Hillary Clinton of the "same thing." Only it wasn't the same thing, not even close.

As reported in The Right Scoop:

What CNN doesn’t tell you in this article is that Indiana law doesn’t require public officials to only use government email. Here’s an excerpt from a more thorough and accurate NPR article:

Under Indiana law, public officials are allowed to use personal email accounts… As the Star notes, the law is “generally interpreted” to require public officials to save any emails related to official business in order to follow open records laws. A Pence spokesman says the vice president complied with that requirement.

So it was completely legal for Pence to do this. Why didn’t CNN include this fact?
While CNN is perfectly happy to call what Hillary Clinton did "perfectly alright," even though what she did violated federal law, they did not bother to tell you that what Pence did was perfectly legal under the laws by which he was governed at the time.
CNN also failed to point out that then Governor Pence actually turned over those emails voluntarily. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, had to be forced to turn over her federally illegal emails, and we don't really know whether all have yet been released.
In the end, any fool could see, even a liberal Democrat fool, that Pence violated no law and took steps that were not required to verify that he had not violated any law.
But don't think for a moment that will stop CNN from reporting stories falsely. Like GEICO Insurance policy holders saving money, it's what they do. 
CNN is astonished that anyone could think they purvey FAKE NEWS, and then they go right out and do exactly that. When they get caught the feign innocence and get all huffy about being accused. 
How long will it take liberals to realize how they are being manipulated and deceived by the very news sources they explicitly trust?
Answer: Forever.


Dave Miller said...

As a point of fact, there was no federal law mandating HRC use a government email during her term as Sec State.

Guidelines? Yes. A law? No.

I think the issue with Pence runs like this... he criticized HRC for using a private email server on the grounds that it could be hacked. While he used a private email acct that was hacked, or successfully phished.

Also, apparently like HRC, Pence used his private acct to maintain control over his private emails. And like her, he had a third party review his docs before submitting them to FOIA requirements.

There do seem to be a lot of similarities between the two.

Joe said...

DM: The issue with Pence was fake. The issue with Hillary was one of constant evasion, multiple lies, and lack of cooperation...not to mention the law.

Joe said...

DM: Oh. And you might try reading the Constitution concerning interactions with foreign powers. Now, there were no emails when the Constitution was written, but the principles are very clearly laid out and would apply regardless of the mode of communication.