Friday, March 10, 2017

It All Depends on Which Side You're On

Children of the Left, have you no shame? Can you not see your own inconsistency? Do you not care? Did you not really say what you really said because you really ignore that you really said it, therefore you did not say it?

Answers: You have no shame, you cannot see your own inconsistency, you do not care and you think that if you ignore what you once said you never said it.

In at least 11 different instances, then President Barack Obama referred to slaves as immigrants. He was not so much as questioned about it. Ben Carson says exactly the same thing and is ravaged for it by the Children of the Left.

Barack Obama:

At a DNC Event in Harlem, March 29, 2011
And so what we wanted to do was adapt to the times, adapt to the 21st century, but also remind ourselves that there are some old-fashioned, timeworn values; that whether your forebears landed at Ellis Island or they came here on a slave ship or they crossed the Rio Grande, or however they got here, they typically had a commitment to hard work and a commitment to community and a commitment to family and a willingness to dream big dreams, and a patriotism that was not rooted in ethnicity but was rooted in a creed and a set of ideals and a belief that in America anything was possible.

DNC event in California, April 22, 2011
no matter what you look like or where you come from, whether you landed here — your ancestors landed here on Ellis Island or they came here on a slave ship, or they just came over the Rio Grande, that we are all connected to one another and we all rise and fall together.

At Commencement Speech at Miami-Dade College April 29, 2011
We didn’t raise the Statue of Liberty with its back to the world; we raised it with its light to the world.  Whether your ancestors came here on the Mayflower or a slave ship; whether they signed in at Ellis Island or they crossed the Rio Grande — we are one people.

At A DNC Event on April 28, 2011
I want a confident America where, yes, everybody makes sacrifices, but nobody bears all the burden, and we live up to the idea that no matter who we are, no matter what we look like, no matter whether our ancestors landed on Ellis Island or came here on a slave ship or crossed the Rio Grande, we are all connected to one another.

DNC Event in Austin, Texas on May 10, 2011
…no matter who you — what you look like, or who you are, no matter whether your ancestors landed on Ellis Island or came over here on a slave ship or crossed the Rio Grande, that we’re all connected to one another, and that we rise or fall together.

DNC Event in Boston, May 18, 2011
…whether our ancestors landed on Ellis Island or came here on a slave ship or crossed the Rio Grande, we believe that we are all connected and we rise and fall together. And that is a strength.  That is the strength of America.  That’s the heart of the idea of America.

DNC Event in Philadelphia, June 30, 2011
The idea that no matter what we look like or who we are, no matter whether our ancestors came from Ellis Island or on a slave ship, or across the Rio Grande, that we are all connected to one another, and that we rise and fall together.

At a Gala for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, September 2011
everybody makes sacrifices, but nobody has to bear the burden alone, and everybody shares in our success; where we live up to the idea that no matter what you look like, no matter where you come from, no matter what your surname — whether your ancestors landed at Ellis Island, or came over on a slave ship, or crossed the Rio Grande — we are all connected, and we all rise and fall together.

Forum on American Latino Heritage, October 2011
We’re connected by the future we want for ourselves and our children.  And we determine our own destiny here.  Whether your ancestors came from a — came over on a slave ship, or crossed the Rio Grande, or were here long before the country was founded, we’re in this together.  And we have the opportunity right now to determine our own destiny.

While addressing a crowd at the National Archives and Records Administration in 2012
We say it so often, we sometimes forget what it means — we are a nation of immigrants. Unless you are one of the first Americans, a Native American, we are all descended from folks who came from someplace else — whether they arrived on the Mayflower or on a slave ship, whether they came through Ellis Island or crossed the Rio Grande.

Remarks at a Naturalization Ceremony at the National Archives and Records Administration
December 15, 2015
It wasn't always easy for new immigrants. Certainly, it wasn't easy for those of African heritage who had not come here voluntarily and yet in their own way were immigrants themselves. There was discrimination and hardship and poverty. But, like you, they no doubt found inspiration in all those who had come before them. And they were able to muster faith that, here in America, they might build a better life and give their children something more.

It probably comes as no surprise, except from the Children of the Left, that Barack H. Obama was even worse than Ben Carson, when it comes to his assertions that slaves were immigrants.


Glenn E. Chatfield said...

There you go with facts again!

In reality, the slaves were immigrants -- just not voluntary immigrants!

Joe said...

GEC: Facts just leave a choke in some peoples' craw. Note: "some peoples'" = liberals. And did you see how the liberals made fun of a kid's hair, calling him Hitleresque? Turns out he has stage 4 brain cancer and is a registered Democrat! What is wrong with these ignorant self-proclaimed "journalists?" Liberals are just too hate-filled, stupid, imbecilic, moronic, un-loving and hair brained to even see themselves. They have to be embarrassed at No.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...

Yeah, I saw that "journalist's" comments. Typical of the LEFT, with all their cries for "tolerance."

Shaw Kenawe said...

Sorry. You're wrong here. In each of those instances, President Obama explicitly points out that slaves came here on slave ships, not as people who freely chose to immigrate to the US. Slaves did not freely choose to immigrate here. They were forced here by slave traders, only in a twisted sort of way are they immigrants.

In the sense of the word that is commonly accepted -- immigrants are people who choose to leave their country and immigrate to find a better life -- no one in their right mind would label slaves as immigrants who came here to find a better life.

Why do people on the right keep twist themselves into pretzels trying to pretend slavery was anything but a scourge on humanity and a particularly ugly stain on our American history.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


I've NEVER seen anyone on the "right" (i.e. conservatives) do anything but denounce slavery for the heinous operation it was. You have a vivid imagination if you think otherwise.

By the very basic definition, even those who came here unwillingly were indeed immigrants.

Shaw Kenawe said...
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Shaw Kenawe said...

Here are the definitions of "immigrant:"

a person who comes to a country in order to settle there Compare emigrant
(as modifier): an immigrant community

Definition of immigrant
: one that immigrates: such as

Definitions of
n a person who comes to a country where they were not born in order to settle there
a : a person who comes to a country to take up permanent residence

The United States is a country of immigrants — people who come to one country from another country, in hopes of having a better life.

Can you honestly say that African slaves cames to this country "in order to settle there and have a better life?" In their lives in Africa, they were free human beings. When they were brought to America, they became slaves, humans living in bondage. NOT FREE.

They were BROUGHT AGAINST THEIR WILL to this country in order to live in bondage for the rest of their lives?

That's not the definition of an immigrant. No matter how much you want to make it so.

Glenn E. Chatfield said...


My very first comment stated that they were not voluntary immigrants.

By your own definitions, slaves still qualify as immigrants. (definitions, not the sentences assisting understanding of the definitions).

Quit your snowflake whining.

Joe said...

OK, SK, how about President Obama's own words. What do you do with them? Do you do like most liberals and pretend he never said them? Do you take the stance that since you didn't want him to say them and have therefore said that he never said them he therefore never said them? That's the way most of the liberals I have encountered think.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy this article Shaw

Mr. Marquez said...

Elin Krantz was a 27-year-old Swedish model that promoted diversity and multiculturalism. She was young, she was beautiful and now she is dead at the hands of an African “refugee” immigrant.
First, let me be clear (in the words of Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah), there is nothing wrong with immigration or immigrants, providing they assimilate into the society that they are immigrating into. However, bringing people into one’s culture that undermine that culture will have devastating consequences to that culture.
Krantz was a member of “We Like Diversity” on Facebook and had referred to herself as “multicultural.” Born a Swede, Krantz was all for unvetted immigration and it didn’t even matter if the people assimilated into her society or not.

However, her life would be forever changed and ended at the hands of an African immigrant who did not share her same view nor values.

According to The Local, a Swedish publication:

Elin Krantz and her alleged killer were riding the same tram to the Hisingen neighbourhood near Gothenburg in western Sweden.

Shortly thereafter Krantz was raped and murdered in a wooded area not far from the tram stop, according to information from the investigation.

…The violence was so severe that it also caused nerve damage in Krantz’s brain, resulting in a lack of oxygen.

The 23-year-old is suspected of having raped Krantz by holding her down and forcing her legs apart. He then allegedly dragged her body over uneven ground and then placed it on a large stone block, according to prosecutors.

She was beaten and raped so badly that her injuries were Too Severe to discribe here.

Here’s the sad reality though, the 23-year-old man that raped and murdered Krantz was an immigrant from Africa to the united States via a marriage to an Ethiopian woman and then immigrated from Virginia to Sweden. Understand that while living in the US, Yohannes “was sentenced to 13 months and 11 days in prison for drunk driving, hit and run and provision of false testimonies. He whined that he’s being mistreated in the USA because he’s black and was granted refugee status in multiculturalism embracing Sweden. To thank Sweden for what she’d done for him, he raped and murdered one of her natives.”

If only Virginia had applied justice!

Anonymous said...

Shaw, you are the definition of an Idiot!

Joe Calton said...

Worried about Joe.

Last comment was back in April. Lots to comment on between now and then.

I disagree with him on EVERYTHING, but I like him and want him to be OK.

Does anybody have any way of getting in touch with him or his wife?

I'm concerned.

Dave Miller said...

Joe... I think he just decided to throw in the towel. At least that's what I hope...