Monday, December 29, 2014

Race Relations Improve Under Obama!

 As the recent race riots in Ferguson confirm, Obama has served as a magical bridge who would promote mutual understanding between whites and blacks.



Glenn E. Chatfield said...

So Jet Blue is racist?!?!?! The real racists are those who make that claim!

Obama has proven to be a rank racist. First, he sat under the teachings of a rank racist for 20 years. Second he refuses to acknowledge that he is not "black" any more than he is "white." He is half white/black and should not hold one heritage over the other.

His continuous interference with police every time a black criminal gets shot is also rank racism.

Mista Anonymous said...

This administration has made their priorities pretty darn clear.
Thugs die, and Obama and Holder can't do enough, can’t say enough, can’t send enough. Cops die, and they send Joe Biden, the National Joke.

Obama sent three White House officials to Michael Brown’s funeral the “Un-Armed” Gentile Giant Missouri teenager! And yet snubbed Margaret Thatcher’s Funeral.

Joe said...

GEC: Had PBO been a leader in 1964 I would not have walked with him.

MA: JB is the national joke, but PBO is right there with him.

Remember, anarchy is the prelude to dictatorship.