Friday, November 8, 2013


For those liberals who can't really understand English because they keep changing words' meanings, I present the following translation.

"I'm sorry that what we 'intended' to do didn't happen because we are so incompetent."

"I'm sorry that we, the most articulate, smartest, Constitutionally savvy, suave, sophisticated, intellectually astute people ever to hold office, couldn't find the words to properly express ourselves before thrusting this abysmal plan on the nation."

"I'm sorry people find themselves in these terrible situations based on assurances they got from me. They really should have known better. It's their fault."

"I'm sorry we have to work hard to make sure 'they' know we hear them, even though we don't really want to hear them. They make us very nervous."

"I'm sorry we're going to have to do everything we can to deal with folks who find themselves in a tough position because of the fact that we wanted them in a tough enough position that they would have to enroll in our 'exchanges', even though they were happy with what they had and thought they were going to get to keep what they had."

"I'm sorry that the fact that the plans we offer are so much better than the ones they had that they have to have premiums 40%-80% higher than the premiums for the plans they actually wanted to keep."

"I'm sorry that millions of people are going to loose their health care coverage so that millions can have health care coverage. I sure hope they don't discover that the whole thing will be a net wash in terms of numbers of people  covered. If they do discover it, I'll be sorry for that, too. I promise. And you know how I keep my promises."

"I'm sorry that everybody didn't get moved into better plans because they want them, as opposed to being forced into them by us, which is what we really wanted to do."

"I'm sorry you found out that I said you could keep your health care plan if you like your health care plan, when I knew I was lying about it."

"I'm sorry you heard me say that I never really said you could keep your health care plan if you like your health care plan but said it was tied to whether or not insurance companies made any changes to your plans."

"I'm sorry we were hijacked by a website. Even though it was our web site, designed and developed by our people, we didn't mean for you to find out that we knew all along that it was not ready for release."

"I'm sorry you are hearing me now trying to make you think I'm sorry I misled you, even though I'm really saying I'm sorry you didn't hear the stealth words I meant that were never once included in my original promise."

"I'm sorry you don't like me for lying. I really, really need you to like me. I'm worth liking, you know."

"I'm a sorry bunch of trash and lies, but I'm sorry you have discovered that, and if you haven't I hope you don't. If you don't you're probably a liberal."


We The People said...

Obamacare is 100% pure crap and liberals, progressives and socialists are running away from it, using any desperate line of bull they can concoct to blame it on others.

They are now trying to blame this Crap Sandwich on the government shutdown, They were lying.
Once the “shutdown” of 17% of the government came to an end…they were exposed.
Obamacare was exposed for what is is...A Crap Sandwich .
Obama’s lies regarding “if you like your plan…If you like your doctor…You can KEEP them…PERIOD” were exposed.

This obscene LIE has been exposed.
MILLIONS of Americans are being kicked off their existing coverage was exposed.
And the liberal/socialist scumbags in congress who voted for Obamacare and defended Obamacare for the last 3 years are also to blame.

Joe said...

WTP: Yeah. That's kinda what I said.

Xavier Onassis said...

Ya gotta love the way conservatives and Republicans keep desperately grasping for anything they can possibly lay their hands on to hammer Obama and they just keep failing!

Remember all that talk about how Obama was destroying the economy with bailouts and TARP?

Guess what? It worked! The U.S. Government actually wound up turning a profit on the deal and the economy is on the rebound from the DISASTROUS policies of the Republicans that almost destroyed us.

Remember how they yelled and screamed that Obama was leading us into another war in Syria?

Oh,guess what? Obama's policies forced Syria to agree to give up its chemical weapons! Another dictator defanged, another war averted.

Remember how they claimed Obama was soft on terrorists?

OH SNAP! He killed Osama bin Laden!

Whether it is the idiotic birthers claiming he wasn't born in the U.S. or the people claiming he's a Muslim or a Socialist, or Benghazi conspiracy nuts, it goes on and on and on.

And none of it is true, none of it "sticks" because those of us who voted for Obama TWICE prefer to see an adult in charge.

When we can't vote for Obama, we'll vote for Hillary.

Whatever it takes to keep the idiots out of power.

Joe said...

XO: "It worked! The U.S. Government actually wound up turning a profit..."

So...the government is a for profit organization?

Obama's policies forced Syria to agree to give up its chemical weapons!"

Uh...that would be the European nations, et. al.

"He killed Osama bin Laden!"

Actually, Navy Seals did that.

He said what he said, he didn't say what he said he had said and he apologized for the people being so dumb as to fall for it.

Fits right into your mold.

sue hanes said...

Joe - I'm sorry that you think that Liberals are a bunch of phonies. I'm a Liberal and I'm not phony.

Joe said...

sh: There is an exception to every rule.

Duckys here said...

Joe, while you're hating on Obama, a couple of things.

Do you give him any credit for the recent effort that successfully disarmed a major rebel force in Congo?

Do you believe the health policy controversy is being thoroughly reported?
I believe one failure is that the news media are quick to point out that people are having policies cancelled but are deficient in reporting the full story.
The policies are clearly terrible with huge deductibles and copays and not a lot of covered events and the insurers are NOT telling people they have an option to use the exchanges where they can get much better coverage for roughly the same price.

Only for profit insurers and bankruptcy attorneys would object to that ... or incorrigible Obama haters.

What is coming out and what some in the media are trying to mask is that the insurers are a big part of the problem.

Duckys here said...

Joe, any idea why the reporters who screwed up the Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi 24/7 story on 60 Minutes weren't canned like Dan Rather?

Shouldn't you be calling for their dismissal?
Since we are on the topic of truth.

Joe said...

Yes...I do

Radical Rebel said...

There's only one option for obozo. He must tell congress to repeal obozocare and then resign.

Joe said...

RR: I wouldn't hold my breath, but it's a good idea.