Friday, September 20, 2013


President BO (the amateur president): I've drawn a red line. Oh, wait! I didn't draw a red line. So...which is it? Did we all miss something? Has there actually been justice served on those who killed 4 Americans? Why on earth do you liberals still trust this piece of pond scum? Do you feel more at ease when people continually lie to you? How many lies does it take to be counted as a liar?


Anonymous said...

I've heard of a Free Thinker
I've EVEN heard of a IRRational Nation, but what the hell on God Earth is a Freaken Captain Frog?

The Question Man said...

The right likes to claim that Obama set race relations back, but in my opinion, he has helped move race relations forward by forcing the racists out of the woodwork and exposed the virulent bigotry that still infects too many Americans.
The internet has also helped to expose the extremists by giving them an anonymous platform to spout their divisive, racist rhetoric, but the interminable ugliness of their words tends to turn people off in the end.
The world is moving toward a new struggle between civilization and barbarism, and the racists are on the wrong side of history.
Some people advocate muzzling them, but I think that allowing them to spout their rhetoric will better reveal them for what they are.
The right-wing demagogues and extremists today remind me of the McCarthy era, and I think that the public will again reject the stunted diet of hate and intolerance that the right wants to impose on the US.

He is not a Communist. Feel free to point out how he has taken private industry and possessions away from everyone and divided them between everyone and then resigned his Presidency.
Barack is a Big liar but his lying is not pathological, I’ll admit that, but you scumbags have NO right to call Obama a liar considering how you use tired old GOP talking points smear job lie about President Obama over something!

No, the President does not hate America and the President is not destroying America! Since he has taken office, unemployment is down the stock market is up. Our military is still stronger than the next 15 countries combined. Perhaps you could be specific about what you think he has destroyed. And remember, in most cases, Congress has to do it first.
You all may chose to ridicule progressives like Shaw Kenawe. The Field Negro, and Malcolm Bondon, but that only goes to show how dumb, bigoted, and prejudiced you are.
No doubt about it! anyone who hates this man IS a racist, I believe that firmly!

Joe said...

Anon: Are you on something?

QM: "...Obama set race relations back..."

And that has what to do with the post?

Your comment is nothing more than an attempt to make a speech, one that is totally unrelated to the post.

Unless you can demonstrate some relationship between your comment and the post, I will delete your comment today.

sue hanes said...

Joe - Judge Jeanine brings up some good points. I don't agree with everything she says - but she is right about the red line and about attacking Syria. We would be getting into another war if we did and nobody wants that.

President Obama has gotten himself into a bad situation - that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

But what did judge Judy say?

Duckys here said...

Obama's "red line" statement may well have been a mistake.

Putin stepped in and Obama has apparently had the very good sense to be flexible and possibly turn this into a positive. He certainly hasn't made that sorry situation worse.

Judge Judy should know hat but the quality of TV judges has declined miserably since judge Wapner left the bench.

Jack Torrance said...

Obama's "red line" statement may well have been a mistake.

Obama's "red line" statement may well have been a mistake.

Obama's "red line" statement may well have been a mistake.

Obama's "red line" statement may well have been a mistake.

Obama's "red line" statement WAS A MISTAKE!.