Monday, February 7, 2011


I love football.

I loved Vince Lombardi and so I leaned toward wanting Green Bay to win, but I really just wanted to see a good game.

It wasn't too bad.

There were some stupid penalties.

I have never understood why grown, educated professionals either don't know or can't follow the rules.

Then I look at President BO.

He's a grown man, although very immature for his age and position.

He either doesn't know the principles of our rule book or just can't bring himself to follow them.

A Florida court (the referees of our American "game") says he broke the rules.

His response...I don't care. Surely a Supreme Court as brilliant as we have will see that I am right.

If he keeps loading it up with lefties, he might be right about that, anyway.

Fact is, he is wrong about being right.

The Constitution (our rule book) is designed to restrict the power of the government.

He does not like that, so he ignores it, saying that it is a flawed document because it does not say what the government can do.

The Constitution is not really a mystery.

It's pretty straight forward, much like the NFL rule book.

When you violate NFL rules, the referee throws a flag, the other referees get together and clarify what rule has been broken and who broke the rule.

The courts are designed to do the same kind of thing.

The Supreme Court (sort of the instant replay head referee) then determines whether a rule has been broken.

They have not always gotten it right (witness Dread Scott and "Women's choice" with regard to abortion), just like the NFL referees don't always get it right.

But I have a feeling that our present Supreme Court will see the importance of getting the "Obamacare" rulling right.

President BO would rather ignore the rule book on this one.

Color him Pittsburgh Steelers.

He is a looser.


Teresa said...

"Color him Pittsburgh Steelers."

As a Pittsburgh Steelers fan I object to comparing BO with the Steelers. BO gave the Steelers the kiss of death. He's a dream killer.

It was a good game. Would have been better if the refs weren't asleep at the switch and so obviously biased against Pittsburgh the first half. But, that was only part of the problem Pittsburgh was slow on the playing during the first half also. They needed some 5 hour energy drinks or something. But, they did comeback pretty fiercely the second half.

Mark said...

I almost posted some thoughts about Obama's indecisiveness today.


Then, I heard Christina Aquilera's butchering of our National Anthem and couldn't help expressing myself about her lack of talent and/or respect for our country.

I know I'm not the only one who feels that way. Just look at the video of her performance on youtube and read the comments below.

Joe said...

Teresa: I'm so sorry. I really didn't mean to diss the Steelers. I really meant to diss President BO.

Mark: She was not the bomb, she just bommmmmmed, big time.

David Wyatt said...

Bro. Joe,

I had no idea the Dean of my college could sing. But every year, as a class graduated, he would sing "Precious Memories" & it never failed that there was not a dry eye in the house. He sang nicely, but the power came in the feeling he put into it. It was genuine. I tell this, because I wish they'd choose someone like our dean to sing, someone who sings nicely, but who genuinely loves the USA & expresses it, rather than a so-called star who couldn't care less about the USA but just wants a paycheck they don't need. Just my 2.000487 cents worth, factoring in inflation. Congrats Packers. God Bless.

David Wyatt said...

Of course I was speaking of singing the National Anthem.

Leticia said...

Hey! I take great offense in comparing that moron to the Steelers. There is more intelligence in a football being kicked by Steeler than there is in all of Obama's entire body.

Mark, I concur. What a mess.

Susannah said...

Very nicely done, Joe! Impressive tie-in with sports of the week...

Wanted to come by & say hey, anyway. Hope you're doing okay this week!