Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Prior to 1885, if you had suggested to scientists that rabies could be prevented by injecting dead, dried rabies material into someone bitten by a rabid animal, you would have been laughed out of your science university.

Scientists believed in and taught "spontaneous regeneration," the theory that malevolent entities came into being in the form of disease out of nowhere.

Since they were scientists, their theory was trusted and everyone interested in science learned the "truth" of spontaneous regeneration in school.

When Louis Pasteur proposed injecting someone bitten by a rabid animal with actual rabies material, he was scorned and ridiculed in scientific circles.

Then, on July 6, 1885, the very first rabies vaccination for postexposure treatment was given to a 9-year-old boy by the name of Joseph Meister.

Joseph Meister had been mauled by a dog infected by rabies. Two French scientists, Emile Roux and Louis Pasteur, developed the first vaccine and administered it to the boy.

Joseph Meister recovered and lived until the age of 54.

Science had been wrong. Dead wrong.

Millions of people are alive today because Roux and Pasteur refused to bow to conventional thinking. They were truly open minded scientists who looked for truth, not political agenda.

Russian scientists have discovered that some of their oil wells have seemed to "refill" themselves over time.

They attribute this to a theory that refers to "abiotic oil," that purports that oil occurs naturally by the result of continuous chemical, heat and pressure conditions present in the earth's mantle.

Could they be right?

They are not wrong simply because they are Russians, are they?

Pasteur and Roux were French.

Is it possible that scientists have taken the same type of stand that they took prior to Roux/Pasteur and are mistaken about the origin of oil?

Is your mind opened enough to consider such a possibility?

What would be the ramifications if such a theory proved true?

Could it be that oil is a renewable resource?

Does the earth continue with the oil replenishment process?


Mark said...

"Does the earth continue with the oil replenishment process?"

We'll never know. If it did, prices would plummet.

But you already know that.

Lone Ranger said...

Everything liberals believe is wrong. Everything liberals touch is poisoned. World food prices are shooting up because people would rather pour corn into their cars than into starving people. Rain forests are being ravaged to provide room for palm oil plantations. There is more evidence to support this theory than there is to support Darwinism.

ablur said...

What a great thought provoking topic. If oil is the result of dead and decaying matter processed over time through pressure and heat under the surface of the planet, when did things stop dying and decaying hence stopping the production of oil?

Even if we apply the original theory of how oil came to be we find significant flaws.

Anyone remember the "oil from anything" project? You may want to look it up and be amazed at what you are not being told.