Monday, June 14, 2010


So, what's wrong with this?

Isn't this the way ALL liberal congresspersons are supposed to react to citizens?

It's the Chicago way.

But wait! That's not Chicago!

It's North Carolina!

Hey! This is America!

In America, students have no right to ask questions of congresspersons, project or no project.

It's the proud, liberal American way.

(Thanks to Gregory Dail of The Orange County Conservative Examiner for putting me on to this video.)


Shaw Kenawe said...

Oh Pleeeze.

A jerk congressman misbehaves, and you declare "it's the proud liberal American way."

Okay. Just like George Allen called an American of India-Indian descent a "macacca." So that's the proud conservative American way?

And Senator John Ensign of Nevada cheats on his wife and pays his lover's husband off. That's the proud conservative American way?

And Senator Vitter of Louisiana is on a house of prostitution's list of customers. That's the proud conservative American way?

Don't go there Joe. There are proud American jerks on both sides of the aisle.

Calling attention to one side only gives the other a chance to show how corrupt the other one is.

Joe said...

SK: What is the ratio of jerk liberal congresspersons misbehaving to jerk conservative congresspersons misbehaving?

BTW: Macaca[1] is a pejorative epithet used by francophone colonialists in Central Africa's Belgian Congo for the native population.

There is some thought that it might have something to do with an African word for "monkey," from which we were all descended (according to some), therefore should not be considered pejorative at all.

John Ensign is, indeed, a jerk.

But I submit that agressively grabbing a student trying to fulfill the requirements of a report approaches physical violence and is even jerkier.

It is also more typical of what we have been seeing lately from liberals.

Want me to post a series of videos evidencing that?

You wouldn't watch them anyway, now, would you?

Besides...on my blog I pretty much go where I want to go. Even when warned not to go there.

I am an equal opportunity jerk eliminator.

I think every politician who has ever been proven to have committed and act or acts of immorality of any kind, be it robbery, rape or gross stupidity, should be removed from office.

That would leave precious few in DC to run the country.

How is that a bad thing?

Leticia said...

Good grief!! That was pretty intense. Poor kid.

That congressman was way out of line! He had absolutely no right to put his hands on the youngman.

Joe said...

Leticia: I tried to e-mail him a scathing letter, but he does not accept comments from outside his district.

I tried to fax his office, and he has a code to receive faxes.

I don't think he really cares to hear from his constituents or anybody else.

Z said...

This doesn't bother me as much as the fact that the media's barely picked it up.....if this guy had R after his name, they'd be demanding his resignation and liberals know that.

Lone Ranger said...

Sounds drunk to me.

bluepitbull said...

Funny how your first poster had to admit that they are on both sides of the aisle. That's a HUGE admission, good job, Joe.

Trust me, were this a Republican, especially one that threatened the progressive House of Cards or the very Roman-like Senate, they would be set upon by msm hounds.

This congressman should step down and should face assault charges. It's time we sent a message to the "let them eat cake" crowd who think themselves powerful enough to assault a man on the street for asking a simple question.

And what about Shaw's beloved Barney Frank who allowed (no doubt participated in) a homosexual brothel. What about Cynthia "Do you know who I am?" McKinney assaulting a DC cop for doing his job ala Naomi Campbell. What about Charlie Rangel's debacle with his many financial troubles? What about brother Bill C. and his tawdry affair? What about Pelosi charging the taxpayers $18K a month for a San Fransisco office? What about the dems who brought Code Pink members into a brief to shove their hands in Rice's face? The list goes on.

The party of spending's days are numbered. Thank you president obama for showing us how impotent a leader you truly are. Thank you Bob Ethridge for showing us your frustration over the eminent collapse of liberalism.

Joe said...

SK: If you do not do as Susannah suggests, then you will be guilty of inconsistancy at best, hypocracy at worst.

See, liberals are predictable. That's all there is to it. We know how you think, 'cause you tell us. We know what you think, 'cause you tell us and we know how you will think, 'cause you always have, do now and probably always will.


As for the Navy and the Coast Guard, they have done little SINCE the spill.

They have staggered this way and that, tried this and tried that, none of which has been effective, and they have made excuses, which accomplished the sum-total of everything they have done = NOTHING.

Admittidly, they have followed exactly where President BO has led them...nowhere.

Guess what. There's oil washing ashore along the northeast coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

Where's the international help that's been offered? Turned down, that's where.

Where are the world-wide oil-spill experts who have offerd help? Turned down, that's where.

Now...55 days+ into this fiasco, and President BO is CONSIDERING allowing them to help.



SK, you're on the wrong side of this one.

Time to swallow the pride and admit it.

Had this been Bush doing exactly the same NOTHING President BO has done, you would have personally had his head long before now.

We know that, because you are careful to be consistant in your attitude toward Bush.

Debra said...

LMAO, A jerk congressman misbehaves,and A jerk congressman misbehaves,and A jerk congressman misbehaves!
The story of the liberal congress.

Obama on responsibility: "A white CEO in the suburbs not wanting to pay taxes...."

This is what Obama should say in his speech tonight.

"My fellow Americans, I humbly come to you tonight to say that I am in way over my head, I was ill-prepared for this job, and had no clue just how difficult it was. I resign immediately. Oh, and to George W. Bush.....I'm sorry, I had no idea how hard this job was while I was bashing you.

Leticia said...

Jo, I don't think any congressman, senator, etc. ever read or care to hear our comments, so don't feel too bad. They don't give a rats-rear-end about us or how we feel.

He was out of line and that kid has a lawsuit if he were to pursue it.

If that would have been my child he was manhandling, blood would be spilt.