Saturday, December 27, 2008


I have visited several "liberal" blogs recently.

They have been writing about the economic mess we are in, and each one has tried to make the case that unregulated capitalism is dead, because that is what led to the mortgage lending crisis.

So, what do they do with the fact that bad loans were made to unqualified people because the federal government forced lending institutions to reach a quota of loans, which the feds then guaranteed if something went wrong?

I mean, do we just ignore that part of the equation?

Do we just pretend that didn't happen?

Are liberals convinced that if they just say it didn't happen that makes it so?

Are they really that dumb?

Are they really that arrogant?

Are they really that hypocritical?

Or are they just blatantly dishonest, with themselves and us?

Without being forced under penalty of federal law, lending institutions would have NEVER loaned money to those they knew could not pay it back.

They are in the business of making loans that they KNOW can be paid back.

How many times have we heard the old saying, "To borrow money you first have to not need to borrow money."

That's because financial institutions have to know that those to whom they lend money can pay it back...that's HOW THEY MAKE MONEY!!

I challenge liberal politicians (and you liberal bloggers, by the way), to for once in their lives to be honest and to tell the WHOLE story, not just the part they want to accept.

Capitalism has worked, does work and will always work, because it generates opportunity, and rewards for those who engage in it untethered by the intrusion of the federal government.

It was REGULATED capitalism that did not work.

The feds got involved, under the guise of, "We just want to help the little guy have a piece of the 'American Dream.'"

Well I have news for you.

The American Dream is not for all of the people.

It is not for those who will not work.

It is not for those who will not educate themselves.

It is not for those who have an entitlement mentality.

The American Dream is an opportunity to get educated, work hard, make personal and family sacrifices and to stretch through adversity, stumbling blocks and hardship to achieve one's goals, no matter what those goals are.

When it is just handed to people, it is neither a dream nor a reality.

It is a farce, perpetrated on Americans by the very government charged with the responsibility to, "...promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity."

Did you get it?

" secure the blessings of liberty...," defined by the Constitution as freedom from excessive government intrusion.

It is, after all, inspite of BO's desire that it tell what government can do for us, a document that tells what the government cannot do.

And, oooo, it's so good!


shoprat said...

They will never admit it just like they will never admit that global warming is a farce. They feel that they must have power and any idea, true or false, that helps them is good.

David Wyatt said...

Shoprat is so right. Hope you are feeling well today bro. Joe! May the Lord bless you richly!

Olentangy said...

Latching on to the "the goverment's low income housing incentives caused the economic mess" is so lame. It is a right wing talking point. The low income loans were such an infinitesimal part of this whole mess it is laughable. You might want to do some research on your own to find out what is really happening out there,and stop blindly accepting manufactured talking points as the truth. But, ignorance is bliss I guess..

Joe said...

Olentangy: If ignorance is bliss, do you feel blistered?

Tell me, did the government, or did they not require lending institutions to make a quota of loans to people who were unable to get them any other way?

Did or did not Barney Frank claim that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were in no trouble at a time when we now know that they were?

Did or did not Maxine Waters exalt the leadership of FM & FM?

I don't use "talking points." I take my information from primary sources, such as the Congressional Record.

Maybe you can figure out how to do that, too.

If you have a fact to offer (which I seriously doubt), I'll be happy to go to the primary source to check it out, too.

Typical of libs, you just smear a big blob of negative slop over facts and hide behing the blob.

BTW: When you say, "The low income loans were such an infinitesimal part of this whole mess..." you are either ignorant or lying.

Which is it?