Monday, December 8, 2008


So, Congress has decided on a 15 billion dollar "bail-out" for the auto companies.

But this one will work.

After all, it requires that the auto companies be accountable to the taxpayers.

Accountable to the taxpayers?

Since when is a corporation accountable to taxpayers?

Accountable to stockholders, yes.



Oh, but wait!

They get government help.

That changes all the rules.

I've said before, what the government pays for, the government controls.

See, from Nancy Pelosi's point of view, the government equals the taxpayer.

Or something like that.

Accountable how?

No longer may the auto companies engage in the activities and practices that got them in this "mess."

Does that mean they can't hire union workers any more?

Oooo. That would be a good thing.

Alas, it does not mean that.

In fact, there is no clarity about exactly what it means, except that the head(s) of these corporations should no longer be the heads.

So says the government.

Since when does the government get to say who can head a corporation?

Since they decided to give the corporations taxpayer money, that's since when.

We are in a downward spiral into depression, emotional and economic.

Brought on by our friends in Congress.

I guess there is no accounting for government action.


Tapline said...

What does "Nationalize" and be run by a "Federal Car Czar" Mean...Hummmmmmm, Me thinks we are beyond Socialism?????

Mark said...

Socialism raises it's ugly head again. And again and again and...

When the government controls the corporations, the employees will work for the government. Does that mean they won't have to pay taxes? Oh, the complexity of all this gives me a headache.