Saturday, February 18, 2017

Who is a Fascist?

I am a proud member of the political right. I believe in the smallest possible government, states  rights, and individual liberty. I am anti-abortion, pro-rights for everybody (civil, religious, speech, assembly, press, etc.) until those rights step on the rights of others. I believe in three co-equal branches of government: Legislative, Judicial and Executive.

In some circles I have been called "Fascist." So was George W. Bush, so was Barack Obama  and now so is Donald Trump.

Neither I, nor any of the others mentioned above, have met the definition of Fascism. Trouble is, most people, liberal and conservative, don't seem to have any idea what Fascism is. They seem to think that anybody who disagrees with them is Fascist. Or that anybody who takes an extreme stand on something is a Fascist.

Doesn't anybody know what Fascism is?

Benito Mussolini, Italian, journalist and political leader, was the founder of Fascism. He formed the Party in 1919. Its official name was "Partito Nazionale Fascista." Since he founded it, he gets to define what it means. He certainly practiced what he thought it meant. He used its principles to name himself the dictator of Italy.

There are three main tenets of Fascism:

1. "Everything in the State." The government is supreme and all of those under it must conform to the ruling body of the state.

2. "Nothing outside the state." The country must grow both geographically and politically. Fascism's ultimate goal is to rule the world and to have every person submit to the government.

3. "Nothing against the state." No questioning of the state is to be tolerated. Those who do not agree with the state, and give expression to their disagreement, will not be allowed to live, lest they taint the minds of the rest of the complying citizens.

Those are the three main tenets of Fascism. There are many corollaries, but those three are its core. Fascism is the domain of ruthless dictators.

American ignoramuses need to stop calling each others' politicians Fascists. There just are no politicians high up in government who subscribe to Fascism, nor do their actions or words lean them toward Fascism.

So I say, "Stop it! Just stop it! You are only proving your own small-mindedness and your own lack of education. STOP IT!"

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